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1Call of Duty: Ghosts

Or any Call of Duty game is boring - ikerevievs

2Sonic the Hedgehog

This game is too gilcthy you fall off a cliff in water because the game feels like it - ikerevievs

3Sneak King
4Five Nights at Freddy's

It's just Slender but with robotic animals.

There's one thing he's actually right about. - xandermartin98

5Metal Gear Solid 4V1 Comment
6Clash of Clans

I hate this game. I also hate how everyone loves it. - letdot52

I hate this game because all it does is tries to make you spend money on it so you can do better - Jonerman

7Bubsy 3D
8Ninja Golf
9Five Nights at Freddy's 2

The Contenders

11Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
12Pokemon Snap
13Towtruck Simulator 2015

Overrated and boring. Do I miss old Minecraft? No. Do I like Minecraft a little bit? Yes, I like the creative concept and I love Minecraft Trolling Channels but that is all. Do I like new Minecraft? Noo. Did you ever like Minecraft? Used to be obsessed with it...not anymore. Do you play it occasionally? Only if my little cousins force it in my face or if my older cousins and I are VERY bored. - peaceswagtv

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16Metroid Prime 2: EchoesV1 Comment
17Angry Birds

It's not boring. The physics in this game is almost flawless. How can you hate that? - Kiteretsunu

18Desert Bus

How is this not number 1. It is the exact definition of boredom. Seriously.

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19Superman 64
20Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders
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1. Five Nights at Freddy's
2. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
3. Ninja Golf
1. Call of Duty: Ghosts
2. Sonic the Hedgehog
3. Sneak King



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