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121 Nigel Benn

Ali was not even close to the greatest of all time, got caught way too often only his chin saved him, he leaned back, he threw no body shots, we are all victims of believing his own hype he was great but not that great, top 20 though.. Hopkins Toney Calzaghe should all be in the top 10

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122 James Driscoll

A true great who was world champion in all but name, it's a pisstake list, half the morons on list not within. Top 1000, - dazter

123 Andre Ward

When he fights Canelo or triple g then I will say something good - mountainhawk

124 Charles Martin V 1 Comment
125 Jeff Fenech
126 Buck Smith V 1 Comment
127 Ray Mancini
128 Lucia Rijker
129 Román Gonzalez

He has never lost a single fight. - juan101

130 Tony Halme
131 Joan Guzmán
132 Tom Cribb

British and World Champion for 11 years. The worlds first sporting superstar. Invented 'Milling On The Retreat' amongst other techniques, effectively inventing modern boxing.

133 Ceferino Garcia

First and only middleweight champion from Asia. Made famous the bolo punch. Fought the likes of Barney Ross & Henry Armstrong.

134 Carl Froch

Pleas move him up One of the best UK fighters ever best comeback knockout ever over Bad Intentions - mountainhawk

Absolute warrior thought the best consecutively, will go down as one of the besr British fighters

135 Adrien Broner

This dude is a clown just Money May a real Poser - mountainhawk

136 Benny Urquidez

Oh my god, you people have all these nobody kickboxers and you don't have straight up the guy who is nicknamed after a Jet! Come on! The guy was and still is faster than anyone I have seen. Ever since him fight Jackie Chan? LOOK WHAT HE DID TO HIM! HE BASICALLY OWNED A LEGEND WITHOUT TAKING A SCRATCH! Now, that you have been told, I believe I have a meeting with Chuck Norris today. If I'm late, he'll stop time and he will kill me over and over by blinking

137 Jiri Demeter (Pucak)

Jiri has won most fights. One of the best boxers in Czech Republic.

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138 Young Stribling

He was such a gentleman that it affected his killer instinct in the ring. A hometown hero that died before he achieved greatness.

Look this guy up - the most fights as a HW - most fights in one year 55 - most knockouts 127. Career bouts 286 -12.
What is amazing he died aged 28

139 Kelly Pavlik
140 Henry Cooper V 1 Comment
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