Best Boy Bands of the 1990s


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Take That - England
Take that are always the best. They mean a lot to me. Love them since 1992 and I always will. They are just perfect. My Stars. My life. My everything. Thanks god for havin them. Thanks take that for your brillant music. For your awesome Shows. What would be the World without takd that.. ;)!? Take That for ever, always and longer. Love from germany.
I'm a big fan already from the beginning and wish the come next year to belguim
There's no one like them... Not in the 90's, and not today. Not even when they "were no more"!

2Westlife - Ireland
The four of them are the most down-to-earth lads you will ever meet.
Very talented lads, they sound even better live.
My heroes, my role models, my idols.
Westlife is the bet boyband in the world they have the most number 1's and sold out croke park in 4 min nobody can do that
Will always be number 1 in my heart! I was lucky enough to go to there last concert in Dublin and flew all the way from New Zealand to get there :-)
[Newest]They're suppose to be #1!

3Backstreet Boys - United States
I like all in this list though A1 is not here whom I really love. But in this list Backstreet Boys is the best for me. I like all their songs especially Tearing up my Heart and Get Down.. Hoping for a reunion concert again!
They started in 1993 (i wasn't even born) and they became huge names until now. They are all awesome. Brian is my fave <3 he's cute.
They had everything, they were cute and sang very well they sounded just like the record I love when they sing a acapella it's amazing. Love them!
[Newest]All Backstreet Boys fans please listen to "I Still". It's an underrated song, but it's awesome.

4Nsync - United States
They are one of the hottest bands in the world! LOVE them to death and beyond! Still love them to this day!

5New Kids On The Block - United States
Donnie is my favorite member 😘

6Boyzone - Ireland

7Boyz 2 Men - United States

8Wet Wet Wet - Scotland

9Five - England

1098 Degrees

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12A1 - Britain

13Titanium - New Zealand

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