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S4 - Indonesia


They're Very Pleasant Men, Talented and Have a great Debut
They are different form any other boybands in Indonesia, their quality is upon all of these boybands and their skill is almost PERFECT! Just watch them and you will LOVE them without any doubt... I can't love any other boyband in Indonesia except them! So extremely handsome and their skill is just AMAZING! Without any plastic surgery and lipsync on their performance! LOVE THEM A LOT!
Very talented, each of them have their own charisma and character, hard worker, great discipline.. But also good attitude, polite.. And also good looking... Love them... Proud to be Indonesian...
For me S4 is the best boyband in indonesia... The first boyband that had a complete skill... They have amazing voice and have a good skill in dance and piano, guitar, etc
They are the best boybands in Indonesia that I have ever seen.
Voice, dance, song and no doubt their attitude.
Their quality is really nice, and I am proud to be S4US, which is always a happy little family :)
We love S4
S4 so amazing I like them so much.. S4, S4, S4 Love so much.. You are the true superstar. Fighting!
They are best boyband from indonesia, mix culture beetwen indonesia and korea
They're very talented and have a good looking too... But the most important thing that the
Y have a good attitude
4 Handsome and amazing talented young man, both individually and groups
Because they are multytalented and their song was really incredible
The Great Boyband.. All member have a Strong character, , ,
S4 So amazing! They have great talent, and have great voice and dance.. Everyone have know them!
So talented...
The best idol group from Indonesia...
They are great packaging, vocal, dance and face.. OH My GOD you should Choose them. You also can see them In ChannelV, MTV, and KBS World.
I'm proud to be Indonesian, because Indonesia has this boyband. Absolutely proud :D
Their performance always amazing, cool and incredible.. Great voice, great dance and good attitude. So of course they are must be top boyband (y)
They have great talented. Beside they are so handsome, they have good attitude with their fans. I'm sure, they will be the best idol group.
S4 is perfect ;) they are so handsome and friendly for me ;) I LOVE THEM
S4 is super cool. M favourite in S4 is alif rizky and firly firlana. S4 is quite popular. In Indonesia and Korea.
S4 daebak,... They're the real superstars with : great voices, great ettitude, multitalented, and good looking...

The best boyband is S4... Fighting
S4 is a idol group amazing from indonesia. I like them!
S4 amazing group! So proud of you guys!
S4 is the best for me.. ^_^
Every they performances, they did it with no lypsinc. They make us (Indonesian) proud. Why? Because they're the first idol group in Indonesia that each member can sing very well. I love them. And Indonesia must be proud to have them. That's the reason why they deserved to be one of top ten idol goups or boybands in Asia.. ^^
S4 The best GrupIdol! From Indonesia

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