Best British Punk Rock Bands From the '70s and '80s

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The Top Ten

Sex Pistols
The inspiration for almost every British punk band (including The Clash). They did what punk bands are meant to do - burn up after their first album.
What the hell would we be listening nowadays if the sex pistols never happened, I still listen to never mind the bollocks weekly,
And the live album from their 1996 Finsbury park filthy lucre tour,
If you ain't heard it get yourself a copy quick
the sex pistols were the real definition of punk rock... everyone else on this list is great, but the sex pistols just took it to a whole other level.
Whether it's your favorite UK Punk album or not, this is the one that started it all.

2The Clash
These bands are all great but you just can't beat the clash
The clash was revolutionary for punk. They took punk to new places. The clash are the gods of punk. Go the clash you deserve number one!
The Clash are well deserving of this spot, just listen to London Calling album and their debut album. America has Ramones and England has Clash!
Once I got London calling when it came out, I had to have all their stuff.

3Siouxsie & The Banshees
Spellbound is a masterpiece and whenever I'm born way after the 80's I'm in love with this band. I sometimes wish I was born in the 80's to see them live and hear them on radio.
Out off this world thanks to the kings the pistols

4Joy Division
The music is a not anger and energy but mood and expression.

5Stiff Little Fingers
Best punk band of all time.
Still best live band going
Slf very underrated

6The Damned
Classic versatile group that have proven to inspire many modern groups with there lyrics and still popular today on the goth punk scene.
To top it all the unique voice of Dave Vanian!
The Damned brought out the first TRUE punk record, New Rose. Full of energy, full of bite and great beat to pogo to. What more do you want?
Once again, I bought "machine gun " then backorderef "damned damned damned" took six weeks from England but I got it.

7Public Image Ltd.
John lydon is the king of punk.

They stuck to their punk rocky values!
The clash, the adicts, the damned and crass

Unique lyrics, catchy beat and just enough anger to quench your rage.

10Sham 69

The Contenders

11Dead Kennedys
Dead Kennedy's aren't British, they're American


Great band. Great sound brilliant

14The Stranglers
Put their later material to one side for a moment... Anyone who saw The Stranglers in their early years would've witnessed 'punk' at it's very finest.

15The Fall

16Abrasive Wheels

#1. Still together today. Way more integrity than short lived junkies.

18Peter and the Test Tube Babies
They play hard and hateful.

19The Ruts

20X-Ray Spex

The longest surviving punk band with the original line up! Should be way higher!
The adicts should be way higher up the list dude!


23The Exploited
What? The Exploited not even in there?! Troops of Tomorrow, enough said and the band are still going strong, better, heavier and with more attitude than ever before. OK so the rawness of the true punk sound is long gone but I challenge anyone to find fault in creating anarchy. Wattie you are THE ANTI-HERO!
Punks not dead, super heavy weight champion of the world punk album ever! FACT!

24Cock Sparrer

25Havana 3am

26The Partisans

27The Adverts
Songs that mattered to a teen in the late 70s still sound good now

28The Only Ones

29Cockney Rejects

30The Vibrators
Great stuff! Many many fine punk pieces!

Awesome uk 82 punk what a vocalist
Portsmouth based punk band
Album.. Greatesy show on earth
Single.. Brain strom E. P

How are they not even nominated?
Top 5 contender easy
Iconic. Darby Crash was hardcore Lou Reed.

33Richard Hell & the Voidoids

34Ian Dury and The Blockheads
One of my all time favorites! Wore out the album, New boots and panties.

35The Drones
Only had one album released called Further Temptations. Included great songs like City Drones, Sad So Sad, and Lookalikes. On my Top 5 list for Best UK Punk Lp.

36The Pogues
Should be way higher, love the earlier stuff. underrated

37The Jam


The best Finnish hardcore/dark post-punk band with a wonderful female vocalist Saku.

How madness and the pogues make the list and the Skids be omitted is beyond me...

41The Toy Dolls
I have never heard anyone like him play solos and rhythm together, saw him 3 times in France last year. superb
Absurd Ditties is their best album, and maybe the best punk album I have ever heard.
Truly an amazing band. Listen to Olga's guitar playing. He plays lead and rhythm like a god in their recordings and live. Truly the best.
Totally unique in evey way!

42Charged G.B.H.

43Adam and the Ants
The best punk / new romantic band, underrated

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