Top Ten Bruce Dickinson Solo Songs


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1Tears of the Dragon

Amazing Lyrics. Amazing high pitch voice.
The guitar solo just takes you away somewhere.
It just gets me high.


Best song by him, LET IT RAIN!

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3Darkside of Aquarius
4Accident of Birth
5The Alchemist

Amazing vocals here. And lyrics are so deep. I love to sing this, such a great melodies

6The Tower
7Devil On a Hog
8Trumpets of Jericho
9Tattooed Millionaire
10Book of Thel

Come on this song is so underrated, it's gotta be one of his top five songs. The riff rocks and the chorus is catchy as hell

Bruce used Shakespear in this song enough said

(I know Tyranny of Souls has also lines from Shakespear in it) but this song is magnificent

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?Kill Devil Hill
?Machine Men
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11Man of Sorrows
12Road to Hell

For me this is better than Jerusalem and deserve the second place after the Tears of the dragon. Also man of sorrows should be higher.

14The Magician
15The Breeding House
16Born In '58

I wonder if it's called this because it's the year Bruce Dickinson is born in. - IronSabbathPriest

17Back From the Edge
19Chemical Wedding
20King In Crimson

One of the best guitar solos of history. I really love this one and it's a great opening of The Chemical Wedding album.

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1. Darkside of Aquarius
2. Jerusalem
3. Tears of the Dragon
1. Trumpets of Jericho
2. The Alchemist
3. The Tower



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