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I love V. He is adorable. I love to watch his videos all day long. I love listening his singing, love watching his dancing. He is so cute. I love his smile. So much to say...

I love you V you are my favorite in BTS I love you so much.

I love V, because he is really talented, so handsome and has an unique rich voice! He is the most natural, behave like an usual person towards fans, and I think it's great! I have so many good words that I want to say about him, but it's rather difficult to convey my thoughts...He's really good person with a great personality!

I love this dork. He always being himself without afraid looking ugly. Watching him goofing around with the other member always made my day. Love his smile, personality, everything

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To be honest I don't even know how I fell so hard. I recall Dope being my first ever BTS MV. I remember the ever so familiar "Welcome, first time to BTS? ". I remember snickering childishly because YES, it was. Then, Jungkook basically jumped out of nowhere and literally left me breathless.

He's so YOUNG. He's 18, as of the time of writing, he's 18. Yet, I can safely say that he is the most multi-talented member of BTS. He can sing, dance, rap and he even has the looks. A lot of BTS fans may complain about him hogging the spotlight all the time. I do agree that sometimes it'd be nice for other members to take centre stage. But it doesn't mean you have to bash Jungkook.

He's a teenager. He debuted at 15. At 15, he had to go without seeing his parents for long periods of time. At 15, he was expected to work long hours and still give a stellar performance when he's supposed to be getting his sleep at 15. Today he's majorly popular in S. Korea. He's ranking high in the 'Who ...more

He is what attracted me to Kpop and he is what made me stay. His voice is like honey and listening him sing to any song immediately makes me melt like butter. Not to mention his dancing, he knows how to move and how to make his moves look good. Now you can't leave out his rapping, obviously rapper line is way better, but he could easily become the main rapper if you put him in a generic idol group. Plus this boy has the cutest baby face, but put him on that stage and he just aged by 5 years. His face can be the cutest little bunny you've ever seen, then you look at his body and all kind of logic just flew out the window. Also he debuted SO young, he was only 15! And he's still only 18 international age. The amount of achievements he's made at such a young age is not something you disregard.

Honestly I don't know why I think Jungkook is the most attractive of all the bts members, because all the bts members are good looking. I remember watching fire and I just thought to myself Awwwe he's so cute. And I saw him in that policeman costume in Dope and literally died. After that I just giggle and swoon at any movements he does. How can a guy be so cute and then become so hot in like a few seconds.

He can do any things which make him my favorable in bts

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When I first got to know BTS through the Fire MV/performances, Jungkook caught my eye because he is just so talented and charming. He still is, but slowly as I watch their variety shows and Bangtan bombs, I noticed Jimin. He has such a cute smile, he's hyper/funny but most importantly, I noticed the way he treats the members. His heart is a heart of gold. He never fails to look out for the people around him, always telling them to be careful whenever they are doing something dangerous, showing care & concern for the members who feel down. He always notices when there is something wrong. He hides his own feelings because he doesn't want others to worry about him. He once said something like this when asked about the members' teasing and stuff like that, he said "it's okay as long as they are happy". I mean how can anyone not love someone who is so selfless? Apart from his beautiful personality, his dance skills just blow my mind (do not tell me that Hoseok is the best Dancer etc. it's ...more

Jimin is a hard-worker; he puts a tremendous amount of effort in everything, and always tries to improve himself. He is so nice to the other members, and cares about ARMY A LOT. I respect him..

He is my bias because when it's time to get serious he is on it and when it's not time to be serious he is just so funny. Also he is so sweet to all of the members and his smile makes my day so much better


just saying

but he's literally the bottom for all ships

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Being the oldest, he takes care of everyone and he has great vocals. Although he never gets the spotlight and gets ridiculed all the time, he still works twice as hard. I love his positivity and attitude. He definitely deserves more spotlight.

I love Jin so much, and I think be deserves more credit than he gets. Though he may be the older, he has amazing vocals and should be given the spotlight a lot more

I love them all equally! I don't really think this should be a list, BTS is a seven member South Korean boy band and they are loved all around the world by millions of ARMY's. There is no "best" member in BTS because they are all successful and super hard-working. They make me happy, and I love them all so much! #BTSFighting

I love jin a lot because he is not the type to go show his abs at any time he is very respectful

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I love BTS and its members but I admire Jhope for how he's happy and cheerful although there are times when he's emotional and gets teary eyed easily but this man always makes me happy and reminds me to enjoy every moment and that you can be cheerful no matter what situation you are in. He really is Hope! Love BTS members for their unique and lovable personalities and how hardworking, talented yet humble and really relatable they are.

He is the perfect guy, he could totally be visual of the group with his forehead. That hairstyle needs a comeback

He is so loving, is more concerned about others than about themselves. His name suits him, his voice carries the hope it continues!

He's absolutely lovely

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His attitude, his love of sleeping, how he looks, his rapping, when he sings BTS I Need U - what part of it can you hate?

His lyrics are so mature, and the typical high pitched sound while he raps is 'daebak'. His maturity keeps bts in line, but he is funny too! Love his attitude and he is equally cute. Maroon 5's "Sugar" dedicated to you Suga

Great rapper, song writer! Love you...

Suga is mature and raps really well...AND HE IS ADORABLE!

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7Rap Monster

He's the most hottest BTS member in my opinion. He's the first who caught my eye when I discovered this group. He's intelligent, calculated and has a huge responsibility cause he's the leader (an amazing one), but still manages to be entertaining. His character and his deep voice make him more sexier than it's even possible and his rap is the best one from BTS. He's for sure the most underrated member of the group. He doesn't just need, he deserves a lot more love than he already gets.

I think people don't give him enough credit. His self esteem is also low because of it. The truth is they choose him to be the leader and I believe they made the right choice. Scripted or not, he is always calm and collected when he has to announce something serious. He always addresses things politely and to the point at endings of a show or interviews. He is truly a leader and I hope he see this supportive comments for him. Namjoon, your fans truly loves you and we hope you never feel left behind because you are in actuality always in the front, as a leader should be.

I liked rap with listening to him

He is amazing and hot too - YOUnique253

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I love you gus so much and you are in my heat

9Bang Shihyuk

I agree Bang Shihyuk isn't talked about enough I mean have you seen him, it's such a shame he doesn't get the amount of attention the other members receive.

He's hot,young, talented...Its just a shame he is underrated just becouse he's not you typical ''korean idol''.

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