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41M72 LAW

I'm so glad that barely anyone uses this gun, it's fantastic. With a silencer and scavenger pro I can "own". It's very easy to use and I find myself using it on almost every map. It doesn't need grip or a site to be a very nice weapon. It's size is deceiving, it looks like a pistol. But it packs a lot of punch, making it my favorite weapon in the game.

I always use this gun because it is just as good as the AK74u with a silencer, maybe even better. - cronaldorockz

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Amazing gernade launcher hope they put it in Call of Duty ghosts with a map pack or BO2 with a map pack


OHKO, if you trow this boy literally below their feet, plus if you lucky, you can get few guys die together


Great sniper. If it doesn't put them in fight for their life at least in the first shot they deserve to live.

PSG1 is awesome I mean sometimes it's hard to 1 shot kill them but besides that it's great

Higher! This is the second best sniper rifle which says a lot!

I love the psg1i got a 70 and 4 game with it so yeah

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Has good clip it shoots really fast and takes 2 shots to kill someone

It's a sick gun... Heavy so can't sprint but you can lay off at least 2 kills every death qs it just its through everything in its path... Leaving nothing behind apart from death and kills

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47Camera Spike

1. Find a good place to put it.
2. Find a good hiding place.
3. When you see someone, sneak up and knife them.
awesome equipment!

1. Good for camping
2. You can see wear people are sneek up on them and kill

48Double-Barreled Shotgun

Good weapon with a lot of damage especially the sawed off counter-part - bman1994

Availiable only in the Rezzurection pack in is a wall weapon. It is by far the strongest wall gun in the zombies series maintaining a 1 shot kill up ti level 20 and a 2 shot kill up to level 40. PaP is 1 shot kill up to level 30 and 2 shot up to level 46.

The Olympia is just that old fashioned double whammy 12 guage shotgun


Awesome kills and awesome performance


Recon its great with a spas 12 or something because when you ruin out of bullets you can quickly change to the cz75 just have it on automatic otherwise doesn't work

With full auto attatchment this pistol is easily my favourite. Capable of killing someone dual wielding smgs before they get you in a one on one situation. It doesn't take many shots to kill either so I can often pick up a couple of kills in fight for my life with it too.

56Nova 6

This gas is boss, it is like A lethal grenade cAuse it does damage and it is also like. Tactical grenade becAuse you can't see that well through the gas




Easily the best. Great irons and amazing with Extended Mag. Great all-purpose LMG

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59Stick Grenade
60Zap Gun

They are only in zombies sadly but are very fun to use and they are uber fun to use when you attach them together

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