Top 10 Cartoon Network / Adult Swim Shows

This doesn't include reruns played on Cartoon Network or Adult Swim.

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1Ed, Edd n Eddy

Best show ever. Why don't they play this anymore and things like Kids next door, Camp lazlo Fosters home, code lyoko and grim adventures of billy and mandy. I hate the stupid shows they play now like scardy squirrel. BRING THE OLD STUFF BACK

Oh. My. God! I love this show! Ed, Edd, and Eddy are three of the greatest trio of boys I know! It was probably my favorite show on Cartoon Network besides Hamtaro and Kids Next Door! And besides, it's quite challenging to find a quality show(like The Legend of Korra on Nick) when there is nothing but reality shows and other garbage on the television. It quite disappointing of what the 'television media' has done. This is why I watch Lifetime movies with my gran gran now.

This was my favorite kids show while I was growing up, and it was an absolutely amazing cartoon. It's REALLY sad if you look at the network now, because all the new shows are complete garbage compared to shows like this.

Ed edd n eddy is the best cartoon ever

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2Dragon Ball Z (Toonami)

One of the best shows ever. My brother and I used to fight quite a lot when we were little and this show was the one thing we could agree on. I remember sitting on the floor in front of the T.V. , waiting eagerly for Toonami to start so I could watch this. Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT have shaped me for the better and have taught me to never give up, always stay true to myself, and to give even your worst enemies a chance.

A turning point in my childhood

The best ever series that made me an addict and the all characters are the rocking no words to mention those things

Best show ever created. Everything is thought out and the story is great for people of all ages. I've seen every episode and was never disappointed. The only reason this isn't number 1 is because most people won't give it a chance but if you watch just one episode you will love it too!

It's not the best, and it shouldn't be number 2 either, the best show on Toonami is Gurren Lagann, even though Gurren Lagann is not for all ages, it's way better than DBZ, The characters are huge, Simon is the size of Earth, and Gurren Lagann is bigger than a galaxy and when he's super, he's bigger than the WHOLE UNIVERSE! And he tears the heavens and drills them with his Giga Drill, no other anime will ever match Gurren Lagann, you should've seen it and then you would've loved it better than DBZ, DBZ is more popular, but that doesn't make it the best/ - nelsonerica

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3Courage the Cowdly Dog

This is the most funniest yet sometimes scary cartoon of the entire history of cartoon shows. However it is becoming a bit lame nowadays. I prefer the first episodes.

greatest of all time, Ed Edd n Eddy is a sure second - roblist

Doesn't anyone get it that this cartoon was the spoof of all those stupid hollywood horror films? The sarcasm was awesome. And the computer in the attic. Brilliant. "stupid dog, you made me look bad"

I a girl from high school love this dog and I want to...

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4Family Guy

It's one of those shows that you really have to have a sense of humor to enjoy. You can't take it seriously at all. It's like South Park, only not as good.


I'm pretty sure most people on this site are 12-16 so they really don't watch Family Guy, there parents won't let them. - Zindondiddlybop

I'll be allowed when I turn 15. I'm currently 12 and I watch The Simpsons instead. - Goatworlds

Family guy makes you laugh even though we know we shouldn't

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5Naruto (Toonami)

This introduced me to the world of anime and I am so thankful for that. It is an amazing anime and I am always watching it on the computer. I like it better in Japanese instead of in English for some reason. I think it's awesome. - SasuNaru315

Naruto is the best cartoon "believe it" positive character teaches never ever give up and true meaning of friendship

This show was the first anime show I ever watched and led me to so many more. It has many different lessons in the show, has humor, and also who doesn't love action? This should be number 1

It's just awesome that toys turn into mutants! Good anime that ended I miss that anime

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10/10 masterpiece. This is my best Cartoon Network show ever. I loved to see ash beat gym leaders, his rivals, I loved the movies, this even has best movie ever (Pokemon heroes) every season was great

Pokemon is NUMBER 1. If you think pokemon is stupid, you should think that digimon is stupid. Pokemon would be way better. I like the first season best because it's funny, but black and white has weird pokemon.

This is just the older seasons that are the classics, the newer ones are terrible! Iris, from what I've seen, is even worse than Dawn. The older ones are pure genius! I think its best to put this show to rest and just show reruns of the older seasons.

The show is on the top of this list

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7Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack is awesome! It is fairly basic art but shot in such a brilliantly cinematic way that it more than makes up for any of it's shortcomings.
The music and sound is beautifully epic too, just a pity the series was never finished-bring back Jack!

They seriously need to make another season where Jack goes back in time and beats Aku. Then my life will be complete


I wish they continued samurai jack, It was my favorite show.

Was this on Cartoon Network or adult swim? - Puppycutsies

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8Robot Chicken

Just give the show a chance and you'll find out that it is the best show ever!

I was travelling with some friends once. We got to our hotel room at night, and one of them turned on Robot Chicken. We were laughing all night.

You little kids can go and take your Dragonball Z and Edd edd and eddy with you, Robot Chicken is true comedy - Razor79

It's a hilarious show and more well made than other shows

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9Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Most of the Cartoon Network cartoons are really lame, but this is one is extremely creative and hilarious. I mean, there aren't many cartoons that feature the Grim Reaper as a main character, especially not if it's a kid show, but "Grim" is very funny and is easy to relate to. People used me in elementary school, just like how Billy and Mandy use Grim, but we both try to make the best of our lives. For those of you who are Invader ZIM fans, this is basically the Cartoon Network version, since they are both black comedies. Even so, this show is full of creativity, and shows that take risks are a winner in my book.

This show was one of my favourites of all time, I loved it so much I wanna jerk off, that's how my penis always reacted

This and fosters home for imaginary friends define my childhood. They should take off level up, incredible crew, and almost naked animals and replace them with the good stuff!

Billy was so funny. - Connor360

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10Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

The show, I must say was very creative. I remember when I was little; I would come home everyday for elementary school and turn on cartoon network and watch that show. Those days were the best.

It's so creative that it can't even be described.
It's one of those shows that makes you wonder why it wasn't thought of before.

The number one show of my childhood

This show made me laugh a lot

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11Dexter's Laboratory

Suprised this has no Comments! I love this! - Ededdneddyfan55

12American Dad

I like it better than family guy and I think it should be higher on this list.

I say is goes robot chicken beats American dad

13Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

This show is AWESOME. It mixes nonsense and adventure concept. I know many people would argue about bringing the old cartoons back, but this show, to me, is the best CURRENTLY aired in Cartoon Network.
This is a show that doesn't seems to be what it looks like, because that's a dark past inside this cartoon (Mushroom War), it's so epic, every song in the cartoon have sense, and all those jokes are made for both Teenagers and Adults, I personally think the creator of this show is a total genius.

Adventure Time is one of the most epic animated shows in history. The only other show on Cartoon Network this awesome is Regular Show, but Adventure Time is better.

Adventure Time is one of those shows that just when you see it, you know it's special. With a simple but clean art style, great music, logical continuity, crazy but lovable characters, amazing facial expressions and clever humor, I believe this is the show that got Cartoon Network in the right direction again!

I'm Going To Pretend This Show Isn't On This List.

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14Codename Kids Next Door

I grew up with KND. My sister and I are now teenagers but when we were younger this was our go to show, and it still would be. The very few times that they show this nowadays are the best times ever. I remember watching the last episode ever, and crying at the end. Only show that's ever made me cry. I will miss this show forever. There were so many great characters and episodes, but I think the best episodes were the ones where all the adults got together to get back at knd and excluded the toilet guy and the other best episode is when numbah 4 goes to the all girls school. Also when numbah 4 plays dodge ball, that is a good one two. But overall the best episode is and always will be the last episode when you find out that numbah one's dad... Never mind. I won't spoil it. There are so many classics I can't name them all and I will always miss and always love KND. Oh no... I am crying just remembering the great times watching this show as a child. Just such a good show I miss it all the time. KND is the best. Should be NUMBAH ONE! Mr. Warburton is my hero. Miss you and love you KND.

I always thought this was the coolest show ever. I still think it's terrific, if a bit immature.

This show is so much more than a kid's shows. I just adore everything about it: the art style, the plots, the music, etc. Also, the characters get so much development throughout the seasons it's really amazing. The series finale was absolutely perfect.

Some seriously kid-tough tech. The one show I'll remember all my life. - sameera62

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15Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aquateen hungerforce is awesome season 1 THERE RATED TVPG AND TV14 is okay for tweens and teens its very tame season 2 THERE RATED TVPG AND TV14 is okay for tweens it got a little more mature but still tame season 3 14+ is okay for tweens but got way more mature with swears and bloody gore season 4 got more mature bad episodes grim reaper gutters all the 18+ episodes good boost mobile rated TVPG ALL THE TV14S MAYBE DICKESODE BECAUSE ITS RATED 14+ IN CANADA NOT MOONAJUANNA SEASON 5 GOOD ROBOTS EVERYWHERE THE REST IS 18+ SEASON 6 14+ TIME MACHINE SHE CREATURE TVPG 2 AND A HALF STARWARS OUT OF FIVE CREATURE FROM PLAQUE LAGOON SEASON 7 14+ MULTIPLE MEATS HANDS ON A HAMBURGER RABBOT REDUX SEASON 8 14+ WI TRI VAMPIRIOUS LAST DANCE FOR NAPKIN LAD THE CREDITOR LASANGA JUMPY GEORGE 18+ FREEDOM COBRA ALLEN PART 1 ALLEN PART 2 SEASON 9 AQUA SOMETHING YOU KNOW WHATEVER BIG BRO 14+

Every time I watch this show, I am always laughing and repeating their AMAZING quotes. All the characters have something funny about them.

I love this show because it is weird and bizarre! :D

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16Ben 10

I do like all 3 of Ben 10 series. Can't wait till the fourth coming out. Oh, did you know Ben Tennyson teams up with Rex from Generator Rex? They appearred together in a 1-hour episode only on Generator Rex and they teamed up to defeat a half-alien, half-EVO monster. That episode was bad-ass awesome!

BEN 10 IS THE BEST! I AM HIS BIGGEST FAN! I do like all 3 of Ben 10 series. Can't wait till the fourth coming out. Oh, did you know Ben Tennyson teams up with Rex from Generator Rex? They appearred together in a 1-hour episode only on Generator Rex and they teamed up to defeat a half-alien, half-EVO monster. That episode was bad-ass awesome!

I don't know why this show isn't #1 it has everything a good T.V. series needs it has action, comedy, adventure, sci-fi, and it has lasted for 8 years (so far), and the series has the veiwer in suspence the whole time!
I think the original version is best, and everyone else thinks so too, and now they are going back in time and feutering new adventures of 10 year old Ben, and the 16 year old Ben! I also love the new artwork in Ben 10: Omniverse, because like the original series it has a bright theme to it and seems much funnier than, Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. Stay tuned for the new Ben 10 series Ben 10: Omniverse (Coming to Cartoon Network in September 2012! )

17Total Drama Island

This show takes all the concept from the survivor series and make it work into a fantastic cartoon series with memorable cast of characters. - Larrysegale1990

This is my favorite show on cartoon network and it is because it is just funny and I don't know why but heather is my favorite just because how smart she plays the game she is bad ass!

This show was EPIC! Why isn't it in the top ten? I loved the drama that happened and the totally SWEET challenges

I hope this passes Family Guy soon. - Turkeyasylum

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18Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry should be higher than Ed, Edd, and Eddy. - Stephen2

This show was basically my show I would watch everyday. It is and will be my favorite cartoon of all time. Better than looney toons.

Tom and Jerry are the BEST! I like Jerry better than Tom!

It is funniest cartoon.

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19One Piece


Not as awesome as Gurren Lagann, the show about galaxy sized robots and giant robotic wars, no other anime ever matches it, it beat One Piece by 1000000000000000000%, One Piece is nothing compared to Gurren Lagann. - nelsonerica

20Fullmetal Alchemist
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