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Cinnamon Toast Crunch
How can you not love with whole heart the wonderful goodness of this. The cinnamon embraces your mouth, and takes to a dream... A dream of sweetness, of sugar, cinnamon and bright sun-shiny mornings in which you sit at by the window, the familiar ring of your most favorite childhood cartoon ringing back in your ears... The wonderful milk at the bottom, the sweetness giving you a wonderful smile. But lucky charms has still been pretty darn good for a while so it should probably be number two... Nevertheless captain crunch it is a wonder if it should honestly be ahead of cinnamon toast crunch.
When I first came to NY, I didn't know which cereal to choose. One day, I went to Sam's club and was looking at Cinnamon Toast Crunch; a gentleman next to me, finding me inspecting, assured that this is the best. I was little unsure. So, I gave a try. And it was... Delicious. I've tried Kellog's, Cheerios and many more. But this one is the best. It's because it's crunchy and tasty as opposed to many Kellog's cereal( though I like Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes, but this one is better).
Yum the best by far.. Eat it all the time and have it stocked in the house
[Newest]Way too sweet for me!
More comments about Cinnamon Toast Crunch

2Lucky Charms
Cinnamon toast is awesome but it gets old after a while.. So I prefer lucky charms they are magically delicious! Special k red berries is good two though... Yum
Yummy I love the marshmallows! It is delicious. I always ask my aunt if I could have some for breakfast. Come and get it! It is the greatest out of all of them from my opinion. Others are good like frosted flakes and fruit loops but lucky charms beat all of them!
this cereal tastes great..


[Newest]They are the best

3Captain Crunch
The cap'n is related to chuck norris and will stomp your ass out for not eating his cereal. That's also why it tears up your mouth.
I live in Canada, we get the original capn crunch, I went to USA, I'm like, WTF they have like 5 different kinds, and I bought all of them, Nothing, I mean nothing beats this cereal!


Without a doubt, the greatest Cereal ever created. CRUNCHATIZE ME CAP'N.
But the hard part, is picking which flavor is best. Ima go with CRUNCHBERRIES.
[Newest]Number 1 without a doubt and I'm Mexican

4Frosted Flakes
They're great! Delicious powdered sugar on the top of HEALTHY corn flakes. The milk left behind is also part of what makes it super-good. And they taste good soggy also, if that's what you like.
the milk along with the cereal taste amazing. it's a SWEET and TASTY way to start a day
My dad eats this every single day and it's the only cereal he eat
[Newest]It is the best😋

5Fruity Pebbles
OMGGGGGG, THIS CEREAL MAKES MY MOUTH WAter and its so crisp my mouth screams for this cereal!
Incredible how the flavor spreads throughout the entire bowl. I like them best when they are between crispy and soggy. When you get to the end, the milk is very sweet and the flavor is fantastic. THIS IS THE BEST CEREAL OF ALL TIME!
I've been eating fruity pebbles since I was a little kid and I still love it. I'm in college now
[Newest]Add like a little bit of milk so its like soggy but crunchy. It's so good THIS IS MY CHILDHOOD

6Reeses Puffs
Reeses Puffs is hands down the greatest cereal ever made! Plus you get protein because of the peanut butter. Come on Guys there is no competition here...
Come on! It's the Reese's peanut butter and chocolate taste we all know and love! Let's get this beast in the top 5 and make Reese's make an underdog!


This one is absolutely number one cereal in the WORLD! I love Reese's and I've tried everything that is made up of Reese's, and this cereal is the best! An amazing cereal!
[Newest]Peanut buttery Chocolate Flava!

7Fruit Loops
I love it. I would eat it for breakfast-lunch and dinner if I could. One time I told my friend that I eat cereal at night. He said he does not like cereal at night. He doesn't understand people that do that. All I know is that I am glad to be apart of that population. Fruit Loops is my #2 out of my top 5 favorite cereal. I don't eat it with sugar. If worst came to worse I could eat Loops with water. Some times I eat it as a snake.
It's amazing I love all the different colored loops and if you add milk it make them a little soft and that is the best... EVER!
What? I can't believe it's in 13th place. This is the best cereal I've ever tasted. The rest suck compared to this one.
[Newest]My favorite are the blue fruit loops

Why is Captain Crunch at the top. Cheerios being #6 doesn't make sense. Cheerios are delicious! Anyone who hasn't tried any doesn't know what they're missing out on!
I love honey nut Cheerios. They're the best cereal in the world! Thank you buzz for adding the honey to the Cheerios! I don't understand how captain crunch is #1? Nobody eats that these days. Honey nut Cheerios should be #1
Honey Nut are the best! and good for you!


[Newest]This was my absolute favorite as a little kid!

9Apple Jacks
This stuff... Is the BOMB! I mean, really, who wouldn't want to have such a delectable cereal for breakfast? I love to get a mouthful every morning and sometimes have a bowl after work. It is the way I keep my edge in the morning. I recommend anyone who hasn't tried this cereal to do so as soon as possible!
I love how sometimes you get lucky and get four-six apple jacks stuck together right when you open the bag!
[Newest]Yes on Apple Jacks!

10Frosted Mini Wheats
Tastes great with its great sugar and it has great dietary fiber. Frosted mini wheats are 16th! It tastes awesome
I seriously can't get enough of this cereal. I go through several large boxes every week. I can eat 2-3 bowls even when I'm full. I practically stuff myself to the point of hospitalization. Good GOD I love this cereal. Frosted Mini Wheats, will you marry me?
I can't eat them they have gelatin! Boo hoo!
[Newest]They just taste amazing. This is literally heaven for my taste buds. Nothing is better than getting the ones with extra frost on them.


The Contenders

11Coco Pops
Coco puffs are the best and I love the way the milk turns chocolaty and when you are done with your cereal you drink it and I tastes so good and you feels like you are not even eating cereal
Coco pops? Are you sure they don't mean puffs? Anyway, I love this cereal! It's chocolatey and makes the milk in the bowl turn into chocolate milk so it's like solid and liquid form of chocolate into one thing,
I love my coco pops with warm milk, it helps turn the milk chocolately quicker, and it warms you up too
[Newest]This should be in the top 10. Literally, the 2nd best cereal.

12Count Chocula
This needs to be available all year round. To bring it out only during Halloween is a sin. It's basically like chocolate Lucky Charms with chocolate marshmallows. Love it!
Count Chocula is awesome, wish they had it other than at Halloween!
They still sell it

13Honey Bunches of Oats
I eat honey bunches of oats every morning! I don't only eat it in the morning. I usually eat it like 2-3 times a day! I <3 honey bunches of oats!
Honey bunches of oats- with almonds is the best cereal I've ever tasted! It has a great flavor, and the real sliced almonds inside make this cereal so delectable!
What, why is this at number 17. Has anyone ever eaten Honey Bunches of Oats. It's really delicious and comes in a variety of different flavors. Plus, it's healthy.
[Newest]Honestly the best cereal I had!

14Honey Nut Cherrios
So sweet... Enough said
I can't stand plain cereal. The sugar in these makes it taste amazing!
I eat this all the time :) well ok, maybe not all the time but you catch my drift.

15Cocoa Puffs
choco puffs are so chocolatey!
Cocoa Puffs are AMAZING! PSYCH! This cereal is the worst. How could people say their good, they taste like poop!
Tasty cereal chased down with chocolate milk... How can you go wrong
[Newest]Cocoa puffs should be the number one cereal

An aunt introduced me with this cereal when I was 10 and not for long since then I stoped eating it because my mother wont let me eat it. But now I'm an adult I can't find it anywhere but online. All and all this is one of my favourite cereals ever.
I live in Canada and they don't sell it here anymore. I concidered driving just past the boarder just to get some.
It's available right now for Easter. You can get Chocolate Trix too, I think.



Baha, its grreatt(:


17Raisin Bran
What Raisin Bran #10.. It's delicious and healthy at the same time no matter what time of the day you are eating them..
I'm eating it right now! Deliciousness in a bowl.
I am also stunned that it's in last place.
This is the greatest cereal ever. What is wrong with people? This cereal should be #1 At Least #3'
[Newest]It gives you iron and fiber.

Pop's are the best! They're not too sugary and not too bland. You could even eat them plain.
Pops should be the winner
I eat Pops every single day! I even eat it at midnight!
[Newest]Mmm, I'm eating some right ow.

Love krave. Bet it would be number 1 if it weren't so new. Lot of people haven't tried it yet. Tastes amazing w chocolate milk rather than regular milk. But either way amazing cereal.
This is the best cereal I've ever had in my life, it's so tasty I mean it tastes like heaven in my mouth
Double Chocolate Krave is good in milk or straight out of the box. The amazingness that is Krave Cereal is practically indescribable. It should be so much higher on this list. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is great, but I truly believe that Krave is that much better.
[Newest]Krave is so awesome the chocolate melts in your mouth and goes great with milk

20Cookie Crisp
Cookie crisp is awesome! Love the cookie flavor as fist crunches and then melts I your mouth! It should totally be at least in the top 10!
I have never had the chance to try this (lousy Canadian selection). But I sure want to!



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