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Cinnamon Toast Crunch
How can you not love with whole heart the wonderful goodness of this. The cinnamon embraces your mouth, and takes to a dream... A dream of sweetness, of sugar, cinnamon and bright sun-shiny mornings in which you sit at by the window, the familiar ring of your most favorite childhood cartoon ringing back in your ears... The wonderful milk at the bottom, the sweetness giving you a wonderful smile. But lucky charms has still been pretty darn good for a while so it should probably be number two... Nevertheless captain crunch it is a wonder if it should honestly be ahead of cinnamon toast crunch.
When I first came to NY, I didn't know which cereal to choose. One day, I went to Sam's club and was looking at Cinnamon Toast Crunch; a gentleman next to me, finding me inspecting, assured that this is the best. I was little unsure. So, I gave a try. And it was... Delicious. I've tried Kellog's, Cheerios and many more. But this one is the best. It's because it's crunchy and tasty as opposed to many Kellog's cereal( though I like Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes, but this one is better).
Yum the best by far.. Eat it all the time and have it stocked in the house
[Newest]One of my favorites
More comments about Cinnamon Toast Crunch

2Captain Crunch
The cap'n is related to chuck norris and will stomp your ass out for not eating his cereal. That's also why it tears up your mouth.
I live in Canada, we get the original capn crunch, I went to USA, I'm like, WTF they have like 5 different kinds, and I bought all of them, Nothing, I mean nothing beats this cereal!


Without a doubt, the greatest Cereal ever created. CRUNCHATIZE ME CAP'N.
But the hard part, is picking which flavor is best. Ima go with CRUNCHBERRIES.
[Newest]Awesome this should be the best

3Lucky Charms
Cinnamon toast is awesome but it gets old after a while.. So I prefer lucky charms they are magically delicious! Special k red berries is good two though... Yum
Yummy I love the marshmallows! It is delicious. I always ask my aunt if I could have some for breakfast. Come and get it! It is the greatest out of all of them from my opinion. Others are good like frosted flakes and fruit loops but lucky charms beat all of them!
this cereal tastes great..


[Newest]They never get old.

4Frosted Flakes
They're great! Delicious powdered sugar on the top of HEALTHY corn flakes. The milk left behind is also part of what makes it super-good. And they taste good soggy also, if that's what you like.
the milk along with the cereal taste amazing. it's a SWEET and TASTY way to start a day
My dad eats this every single day and it's the only cereal he eat
[Newest]It's so delicious perfect amount of sweetness I like to eat it while shoving it up my ass

Why is Captain Crunch at the top. Cheerios being #6 doesn't make sense. Cheerios are delicious! Anyone who hasn't tried any doesn't know what they're missing out on!
I love honey nut Cheerios. They're the best cereal in the world! Thank you buzz for adding the honey to the Cheerios! I don't understand how captain crunch is #1? Nobody eats that these days. Honey nut Cheerios should be #1
Honey Nut are the best! and good for you!


[Newest]I love Cheerios cause they're just so tasty

6Fruity Pebbles
OMGGGGGG, THIS CEREAL MAKES MY MOUTH WAter and its so crisp my mouth screams for this cereal!
Incredible how the flavor spreads throughout the entire bowl. I like them best when they are between crispy and soggy. When you get to the end, the milk is very sweet and the flavor is fantastic. THIS IS THE BEST CEREAL OF ALL TIME!
I've been eating fruity pebbles since I was a little kid and I still love it. I'm in college now
[Newest]I went over my cousins house and tasted I for the first time. love at first sight

7Reeses Puffs
Reeses Puffs is hands down the greatest cereal ever made! Plus you get protein because of the peanut butter. Come on Guys there is no competition here...
Come on! It's the Reese's peanut butter and chocolate taste we all know and love! Let's get this beast in the top 5 and make Reese's make an underdog!


This one is absolutely number one cereal in the WORLD! I love Reese's and I've tried everything that is made up of Reese's, and this cereal is the best! An amazing cereal!
[Newest]I'm allergic to peanuts.

8Coco Pops
Coco puffs are the best and I love the way the milk turns chocolaty and when you are done with your cereal you drink it and I tastes so good and you feels like you are not even eating cereal
Coco pops? Are you sure they don't mean puffs? Anyway, I love this cereal! It's chocolatey and makes the milk in the bowl turn into chocolate milk so it's like solid and liquid form of chocolate into one thing,
I love my coco pops with warm milk, it helps turn the milk chocolately quicker, and it warms you up too
[Newest]Don't you mean Cocoa PUFFS

9Apple Jacks
This stuff... Is the BOMB! I mean, really, who wouldn't want to have such a delectable cereal for breakfast? I love to get a mouthful every morning and sometimes have a bowl after work. It is the way I keep my edge in the morning. I recommend anyone who hasn't tried this cereal to do so as soon as possible!
I love how sometimes you get lucky and get four-six apple jacks stuck together right when you open the bag!
[Newest]Cinnamon is what caused what people call "addiction".

10Fruit Loops
I love it. I would eat it for breakfast-lunch and dinner if I could. One time I told my friend that I eat cereal at night. He said he does not like cereal at night. He doesn't understand people that do that. All I know is that I am glad to be apart of that population. Fruit Loops is my #2 out of my top 5 favorite cereal. I don't eat it with sugar. If worst came to worse I could eat Loops with water. Some times I eat it as a snake.
It's amazing I love all the different colored loops and if you add milk it make them a little soft and that is the best... EVER!
What? I can't believe it's in 13th place. This is the best cereal I've ever tasted. The rest suck compared to this one.
[Newest]This and Trix are both equal, I find, since they taste almost exactly the same.

The Contenders

11Frosted Mini Wheats
Tastes great with its great sugar and it has great dietary fiber. Frosted mini wheats are 16th! It tastes awesome
I seriously can't get enough of this cereal. I go through several large boxes every week. I can eat 2-3 bowls even when I'm full. I practically stuff myself to the point of hospitalization. Good GOD I love this cereal. Frosted Mini Wheats, will you marry me?
I can't eat them they have gelatin! Boo hoo!

12Honey Bunches of Oats
I eat honey bunches of oats every morning! I don't only eat it in the morning. I usually eat it like 2-3 times a day! I <3 honey bunches of oats!
Honey bunches of oats- with almonds is the best cereal I've ever tasted! It has a great flavor, and the real sliced almonds inside make this cereal so delectable!
What, why is this at number 17. Has anyone ever eaten Honey Bunches of Oats. It's really delicious and comes in a variety of different flavors. Plus, it's healthy.
[Newest]Best cereal ever yo, why is it not number 1?

An aunt introduced me with this cereal when I was 10 and not for long since then I stoped eating it because my mother wont let me eat it. But now I'm an adult I can't find it anywhere but online. All and all this is one of my favourite cereals ever.
I live in Canada and they don't sell it here anymore. I concidered driving just past the boarder just to get some.
It's available right now for Easter. You can get Chocolate Trix too, I think.



Baha, its grreatt(:


14Honey Nut Cherrios
So sweet... Enough said
I can't stand plain cereal. The sugar in these makes it taste amazing!

15Raisin Bran
What Raisin Bran #10.. It's delicious and healthy at the same time no matter what time of the day you are eating them..
I'm eating it right now! Deliciousness in a bowl.
I am also stunned that it's in last place.
This is the greatest cereal ever. What is wrong with people? This cereal should be #1 At Least #3'

16Cocoa Puffs
Cocoa Puffs are AMAZING! PSYCH! This cereal is the worst. How could people say their good, they taste like poop!
choco puffs are so chocolatey!
Tasty cereal chased down with chocolate milk... How can you go wrong

17Count Chocula
This needs to be available all year round. To bring it out only during Halloween is a sin. It's basically like chocolate Lucky Charms with chocolate marshmallows. Love it!
Count Chocula is awesome, wish they had it other than at Halloween!

Love krave. Bet it would be number 1 if it weren't so new. Lot of people haven't tried it yet. Tastes amazing w chocolate milk rather than regular milk. But either way amazing cereal.
This is the best cereal I've ever had in my life, it's so tasty I mean it tastes like heaven in my mouth
Double Chocolate Krave is good in milk or straight out of the box. The amazingness that is Krave Cereal is practically indescribable. It should be so much higher on this list. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is great, but I truly believe that Krave is that much better.
[Newest]Krave is so awesome the chocolate melts in your mouth and goes great with milk

19Cookie Crisp
Cookie crisp is awesome! Love the cookie flavor as fist crunches and then melts I your mouth! It should totally be at least in the top 10!
I have never had the chance to try this (lousy Canadian selection). But I sure want to!



20Golden Grahams
Cap'n Crunch is number one? That's bogus. I'm sorry, but Cap'n Crunch is painful to eat. You can't eat those without getting battle scars on the roof of your mouth afterwards. Golden Grahams is by far the best ever. They're sweet, graham-y goodness. Not to mention, totally painless to eat.
Hands down the most scrumptious can't wait to eat breakfast kind of cereal. The way you get a bite that is a blend between crunchy and soft with the perfect amount of honey makes it the most sweet and satisfying cold cereal on the market. I love Golden Graham's!
I eat at least 3 bowels a day. 1 for breakfast, 1 before bed, and usually a 3rd sometime in the middle of the night if I wake up. You have to eat it fast, because not so good soggy, but with cold cold milk those first few bites especially are blissful. My whole family makes fun of my obsession. I love golden grahams
[Newest]Best cereal out there! Goes so well with orange juice.

I eat two bowls a day. One at breakfast and one after school. I have gone THREE WHOLE DAYS without it and everyday after school and at breakfast I just don't know what to have.
I can survive my whole life just being able to eat these with milk everyday ^-^


There's nothing better than Life. It's a cereal and the very existence of living.
[Newest]Life cereal is awesome!

Pop's are the best! They're not too sugary and not too bland. You could even eat them plain.
Pops should be the winner
I eat Pops every single day! I even eat it at midnight!
[Newest]Mmm, I'm eating some right ow.

23Oreo O's
I miss these come back let's protest Kraft took them away time to take Kraft away dominate
I remember seeing commercials for this when I was younger. When would that have been 2000-2002, maybe?


If they came back I would cry tears of joy. WHY isn't THIS AT THE TOP!?


24Kellogg's Rice Krispies
Really. The true classic, lots of sugar, get them all wet with milk, wait for the snap crackle pop to peak. Just as it peaks, chow down, scraping the bottom of the bowl to pick up sugar. Add banana slices for a wild time.
Like them plain... no sugar! We get enough sugar in our diets. Try with fresh fruit instead.
These are amazing with sugar!
[Newest]With French/ full creamy milk!

25Rice Crispies Treats Cereal
This is the best cereal ever! People if you have never tried it you should! I never knew about this until I saw it in my local store. I tried it and loved it! Please head to your store and pick it up today!
I love how crispy and crunchy it is in your mouth. It also makes the noises it's slogan lives up to when you put milk in it. It also has a good oral texture when it is between crispy and soggy, similar to rice cereals that have the same shape.
anybody who didn't vote for this clearly has never had it! <33 This is by far the most addicting cereal on the planet
[Newest]Yea I can pretty much guarantee that anyone who didn't vote for this either hasn't tried it or doesn't remember it because it's no longer in stores in a lot of places. Including my hometown

Shreddies with honey.. Oh so yummy

27Crunchy Nut
Just started eating it this morning, I love it!

28Sugar Puffs
Where is Golden Nuggets? You guys are mentally ill. Do you know how delicious that is?
Sugar puffs. So sweet.

29Boo Berry
Boo berry rocks and is the best
Boo Berry is so good it should be at least at #12 or 13. The best Halloween cereal in the world! I just love them!
P.S. Franken Berry and Boo Berry taste awesome mixed.

30Cocoa Krispies
chocolatey and crunhcy. its better then any other chocolate cereals, plus how is raisan bran above this?? ewwww


I LOVE COCOA KRISPIES! It's the cereal my my mom buys for my brother when he visits but he never eats it because he doesn't eat breakfast so I end up eating it and I love it! ♥
M = Chocolate and Cocoa Krispies are fastest way to deliver that flavor! Snap, Crackle and Pop - Plus it ends with chocolate milk.
[Newest]It tastes like heaven in my mouth

It's got just the mildest bit of sweetness combined with a melt-in-your-mouth effect... Very good. Although I could never figure out what on earth that mascot was supposed to be... You'd think it would be a bee.


Not even that good.

32Franken Berry
Infinitely better than lucky charms. The cereal is actually good opposed to lucky charms, and the marshmallows are more satisfying. I used to love lucky charms, but believe me, this uncommon cereal is immeasurably better.
The best. Needs to be all year round
Franken Berry RULES! If you haven't tasted it you should. Because it's the best Halloween cereal EVER!

33Kashi GOLEAN
BEST CEREAL EVER! I love this so much I want to cry milk all day and feed my hamster chocolate.
Laugh out loud that is the best ever
It amazing and healthy!

34Cinnamon Grahams

35Honey Smacks
People have no idea how great this cereal is... My son and I eat about 3 boxes a week! All I ask is to just try it. It brought back so many childhood memories. I promise you will love it! We are a cereal family and have tried just about all cereals, but this takes the Gold.
Sugar Bear is homer erotic. Dig 'em will get in his ass.
Lovely, can't stop having it every day. By far the best cereal made by Kellogg's
[Newest]How is this not 1! Or at least top 10

36Honey Nut Chex

37Special K Forest Berries
It's just so nice!

Easily the best I don't know what people are thinking try this stuff seriously
Probably would sell better if the box was'nt obviously lighter than other choices on the shelf... but crunch; sugar; and flavor YES. Stuffed cheerios.
Such a hidden gem. I'll finish a box in one night.

39Special K Oats and Honey

40Cocoa Pebbles

41Coco Puffs
Coco puffs are badass. They can beat anything because they turn white milk into chocolate milk.
Y'all are so high. Have you no childhood... Or taste buds this stuff is the dank how tf is it 34 but trick is 11 all of you are nasty people nobody's tryina have some fruity a** cereal

42Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries
AMAZING cereal but they don't sell it in Canada anymore :( Sometimes I drive across the border to Buffalo to get it.

43Sultana Bran

Is there really a cereal called Milo?! Come on!


45Coco Rocks
Coco rocks should be much higher!
They are amazing, should be top 5

This cereal is made with lots of love...from pot heads! Thank god for them. The world has finally seen the light

47Chocolate Lucky Charms
This is the best cereal ever with whole grain oats and marshmallow so delicious especially the marshmallows which is awesome. They're magically delicious
So good you guys are crazy putting grape it's before this this should be #1

48Chocolate Chex
This is one of the best cereals I've ever had. Actually I'm eating it right now

49Golden Crisp
I was going to vote for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but then I scrolled down and saw Golden Crisp and remembered how good and addicting it is! I could eat endless bowls of this everyday! (even though my family would get mad after I ate the entire box before they even had any)
Sugar crisp in canada. Delicious yummy sweetness. Crunchy and toasted.
To say cheerios is above this is retarded, golden crisp/honey smacks are the best! Only cereal that comes close is capn crunch

Yahoo! Go Aussie!
Weet-Bix is the best! (sorry, but Weet-Bix is Autralian only. But Aussie does not have Cap'n Crunch But it sounds Great! )


Come on Aussie Come on! Come on!
Where's the love for the weetabix! It may be simple but the taste is great and you add almost anything!
[Newest]Weet-Bix is New Zealand too
Yum yum

51Cap'n Crunch's Oops! All Berries

I have this at least 4 times a week

Its amazing, tastes like cinnabon, but dose not taste weird like most cereals that come from another food are like, such as waffle cereals. Its the best! Try it.
Cinnabon isn't no. 1because it isn't as popular as captain crunch. If it were, then this cereal would mop the floor with any of them.
This is the best cereal you guys are crazy 51 what it should be number 1

54Frosted Cheerios

55Special K 5 Grains
It tastes sweet, and has so many different things in there. If only the box was a little larger I'd buy it all the time!


56Waffle Crisp
This IS the best cereal. How is it number 54? It is the best-tasting cereal on Earth!
Its like eating a whole bowl of waffles and syrup. Just incredible!
It tastes so delicious and it tasts like real waffles!
[Newest]Best Cereal of all time! Hands down!

57Fortified Oat Flakes
Every time I'm in the cereal aisle I always search for them
Wish they would bring them back
It was my favorite cereal
[Newest]I miss them too. :-(

58Multi Grain Cheerios

59S'mores Grahams
So good! Whenever I would go on vacation to North Carolina, I would stock up on this cereal because I could never find it at home. I still can't find it and I miss them!


I love this cereal but I can't find them anywhere but the second I get ten boxes and eat it in a week this cereal rocks

60Corn Pops
Sweet and airy and delicious
Pops... I gotta have mah pops...


Top 5 along with Shredded Wheat, Shreddies, Raisin Bran, Kellog's Special K. Come on America... too much cancer and other health issues... time to smarten up!

62Nature Valley - Cinnamon
Start with half a cup of the cereal, then add a layer of broken up pieces of regular crunchy Nature Valley cinnamon granola bars. Then top that with another half cup of the cereal. Pour in a slightly cup of milk and use a spoon to make sure all the ceral is submerged or wet. Let sit for 1 hour. Eat starting with the top half, then finish off with the bottom half and remaining milk. Heavenly. Um, umm , ummm ,ummmmmm goooooooooodddddddd...........

63Cinnamon Life
Coworkers say this cereal is as old as the pioneers. If true, I'd say they ate well! Close second to Reese's Puffs and barely ahead of Peanut Butter Crunch.
I love this taste little taste of cinnamon every time you have it I love it
Best tasting milk after

64Berry Berry Kix

65Koala Crisp
Really delicious and crunchy, and it turns the milk to chocolate milk!

66Quaker Oatmeal Squares
The cinnamon kind are the best. I don't know why it is now harder to find than the other.

67Golden Nuggets
Not available in the USA - unfottunately

68Raisin Bran Crunch Extra
Love love LOVE this cereal way better than the regular raisin bran

69Frosted Toast Crunch
Sort of like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, But way better!
It tastes better then cinnamon toast crunch with its wonderful frost

70Nesquik Cereal
Good cereal, I love it so so much!
Tasty even in apsence of milk


72Grape Nuts
Good and crunchy. I put blueberries and honey on mine and pop it in the microwave.
Yuck! Gross! Why is this here? It sucks!
I miss my Grape Nut Flakes

73Cinnamon Marshmallow Scooby-Doo Cereal
This was the best cereal that I have had in a very long time. Y'all should try it.

74Shredded Wheat
Good fiber and very filling.

75Blueberry Morning
I love it. It's tough to find out on the shelves but the crunch, the bite and the nutrition was all there ever needs to be in a cereal. This is perfection in my mouth. I'd marry it if I could.
Why is this not here?!

76Spider-Man Cereal
This is around *circa 96 at the time of the cartoon on fox, it was great! Marshmallows and cereal and it was all frosted!

77Cinnamon Chex
These are also awesome as a snack at night. And better for you too!


79Froot Loops Marshmallow
So sweet & so fruity, like heaven in your mouth
Froot loops with marshmallow is the bom b

80Shredded Wheat: Wheat 'n' Bran

81Cuetara Choco Flakes

82Marshmallow Mateys

Come on that's my favourite, it's so tasty! It's not too unhealthy, it's sweet and crunchy, you can eat it wet with milk or dry and you can have it for breakfast and snack. Come on guys, don't forget Nutrigrain.

Crunchy, healthy, filling, and mildly sweet. I eat it dry, mixed with yogurt, and even sprinkled into ice cream. As well as with milk of course.


86Vanilla Chex
So sweet and tastes amazing!
I lovee vanilla chex

87Ghostbusters Cereal

88Nestle Fitnesse

89Alpen Raspberry and Apple

90YogActive Junior - Choco Hazelnut Pillows

91Mini Max

92Buzz Blasts
Best cereal ever hands down

93Hunny B's

94Crunchy Nut Clusters
Best Taste in the World!

95Ready Brek

96Sultana Bran Buds

97Sugar Crisp

Really old cereal, can only be special ordered now, it's very good!

99Vanilla and Almond Special K

100Curiously Cinnamon
This stuff tastes amazing! How is it so low!?

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