Top Ten Chaotic Overworlders

A top ten of my favorite tribe in Perim (All creature names and concepts go to their original creatures Chaotic is a tm of 4 kids entertainment and Bandai entertainment)

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I love overworlders especially Maxxor the best creature that tom always play in the animation. Go overworld! Boo underworld ):.

Maxxor is the Overworld leader. He diserves to be on the top of this list for this reason and that he has high stats energy and an awesome concept art

Maxxor is stronger than chaor its even proven on season 2 episode 7 when he said I wont let you off easily like last time

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2Tangeth Toborn

He is the selfless feline warrior with high stats and energy. The Overworld is full of selfless warriors but Tangeth gave his life to save Perim

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I like Najarin so much that I wish I could transform become him.

He is one of the first and possibly oldest Overworlders in Perim. He has high wisdom and his later incarnates have 3 muges.


I agree with everything that is said about heptadd right there I think he's awesome

Heptadd is an awesome creature as he has all four elements and is great in multi tribe decjs

Heptadd is a powerful Overworlder with potential to work in any deck. He can use any mugic from any tribe which can set up powerful combos and can use all four elements. In short Heptadd is awesome

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She is the technical first lady of the Overworld as her flavor text makes reference to a past relationship between Maxxor and herself. Also her stats and energy are well rounded.

Intress is a great character AND a great card. Arguably one of the best cards around. It's very rare that the two combine.

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Maxxor's ancestor has mostly the same stats as Maxxor and is able to use more attacks like scouts strike because of his status.

7Frafdo The Hero

This incarnate of the original Frafdo has increased stats and the possibility of having 100 energy. This card can be a key card in a come from behind deck.

8Tartareck PSI Overloader

This brainwashed Tartareck has massive courage and wisdom and can be a key card in Marrilian decks.


This card has rounded and high stats and can also use fire and air elements


This card resembles an armored beetle and can use three elements. It also has high stats and energy.

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