Top Ten Characters from Five Nights at Freddy's

We've all heard about this popular (and seemingly terrifying) horror game that is soon due for a steam sequel in 2015.
But who is the most bad-ass and awesome animatronic of them all?

The Top Ten

1 Foxy Foxy

I think we can all agree that Foxy is everyone's favourite character. The way he slowly creeps out from his hiding place away from your unsuspecting eyes and the way he jumps out and runs at you like a badass when you least expect.

Um, no we can't all agree. I have always hated Foxy for who people ship him with. And besides, there are millions of people in this World. And unless you've met them all, you don't know that so your statement is not true. - Kryofreeze

People keep saying Foxy is everyone's favorite character. Clearly, you haven't met the other 83% of us who thinks he's okay or completely and utterly overrated. I mean, seriously. "He's a good guy, in the second game he just tries to hug you! " Does that mean the Marionette is trying to hug you too? What about that, huh? Your logic is flawed. Foxy isn't even that different, and the other animatronics did not rip him apart. They are robots possessed by dead children who want to kill you because they think you killed them. HE IS NOT A GOOD GUY. He never did anything special except hide in Pirate Cove and you people put him on the highest pedestal of all. For goodness sake, the Marionette started it all, why do you people like Foxy so much?!

Foxy is my favourite guy because his so brilliant because when foxy is trying to get you but you close the doors and the lights are on but foxy is gonna open the door and beat you but if you even close the lights freddy is gonna beat your ass but the only way is that close the doors then turn the light that's in the right and close the light in the left

Foxy is a good guy no matter what anyone says he just get's very worried for the person who is working on the job for the night

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2 Bonnie Bonnie

I like Bonnie cause I think he is the cutest among all of them. I completely disagree with Scott finding Bonnie to be the creepiest. I pictured him with eyebrows and trust me it will make him look creepier. Sure, maybe he is a bit creepy but him being the creepiest is highly debatable. I mean, compare him to Freddy and Chica, and even Golden Freddy. Freddy can enter your office without any warning. According to ihascupquake, she found Chica to be the creepiest because of that weird glare she gives you. As for Golden Freddy, even with both doors closed he can still enter your office and I found his jumpscare to be the creepiest. Foxy for me was the least creepy but he is not my favorite because he is so overrated and already received too much love. Bonnie also suffered the most because he lost his face and his arm and didn't have a phantom version in fnaf3. He was also the one supposed to have the running animation in the game but it was later on given to Foxy. And if I was Bonnie, I ...more

Bonnie is the only one I like. Chica's mentally insane. Have you seen How to make Five Nights at Freddy's Not Scary 1 and 2? I can't even count how many times she said pizza! Freddy's a bit creepy. Have you heard his laugh sped up? That's just as creepy as hell. Foxy's ugly. Golden Freddy is the scariest one. Bonnie is perfect. He loves music and he's aggressive, just like me. He's probably the only normal one there too. Why can't all the other characters just be normal? Don't ever change, Bonnie!

It doesn't really matter about how insane she was in the How To Make It Not Scary video, it's about how scary Chica is in the game. - GaretTheCarrot

This is what the boy who became Bonnie looked like before he was murdered. He was one of a kind and had white skin, black hair with a purple tint, and pink eyes. He liked snow, winter, guitars, lavender, lavender bunnies (he got mad when his mom told him they do not exist), Bonnie (he had a Bonnie album), and his lavender clothes (while Foxy only had a few pirate costumes and a red suit revealed, and Chica only had a yellow suit, he had all of that plus a lavender bunny suit and snow outfit with a red scarf.) He disliked swimming, summer, dogs, being left alone (when the Purple Sicko lured him into a back room, he hung onto his leg) and hurting his feelings (he was super emotional.). Hugs name was Briananni Harmon and lived to the age of five.

I think bonnie is the best because he matches everything I like. Purple is my favorite color, bunnies are my favorite animal, and he plays a guitar! :3 bonnie can be aggressive (like meh) but he loves and cares about his friends. FUN FACT: bonnie and foxy are the closest friends out of all the animectronic s. Even scott left this as part of the storyline. #Scott Rules ANYWAY. I also feel bad for bonnie. He actually deserves a lot. 1 he was originally going to be the one who runs down your hall instead of foxy, 2 he got the worst of it in fnaf 2 when he lost his FACE and arm, 3 FUN FACT bonnie is Scott's favorite character. He found bonnie as the creepiest, do to no eye brows for one. SCOTT,EVEN HAD TO COME OUT TO TELL PEOPLE BONNIE WAS A GUY FOR ALL OF YOU FEMALE BONNIE BELIEVERS. I totally disagree with Scott on bonnie being the creepiest, by the way. that's it.

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3 Golden Freddy Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy is way better than that overrated pile of metal Foxy

Golden Freddy is possessed by the crying child, so why isn't he more popular?

Guys, Golden Freddy, is the most tyrannical of the animatronics. Chica is too weak, Bonnie is too scary, Freddy is too lazy, and Foxy is SO OVERRATED! I love Golden Freddy because he just crashes the game! HAHA!

So, just be aware, the characters do tend to wander a bit. Uh, they're left in some kind of free roaming mode at night. Uh...Something about their servos locking up if they get turned off for too long. Uh, they used to be allowed to walk around during the day too. But then there was The Bite of '87. Yeah. I-It's amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know?

Golden Freddy is the most trolly of them all. And is really cool too.

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4 Freddy Freddy Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

Freddy is the coolest. When your in a pickle with Bonnie or Chica, Freddy will chill up the back. Freddy then hides in the ladies room (I think I can relate with him to that) then he will go into the kitchen, and go down the hallway. He's the coolest and most chilled out animatronic, and in the second game he's a complete badass.

Freddy Fazbear is a wild card. So early in the game his main purpose is to kill you when your power runs out, but later, he will sneak up on you, hiding in the dark spots of the camera. And all you can see is his glaring white eyes. And then he will strike like a boss.

Hah I know right! Before I thought I was the only one who found that Freddy staring at you with those creepy, white eyes (especially in The Restrooms) was scary. - TheAlbinoWolf

Freddy is the cuteist one, and he has 2 jumpscares in the first game, he has his own theme song when the power goes out, he laughs when he moves, Freddy's the cleverest one, he has different versions of him, such as Golden Freddy, Shadow Freddy, Toy Freddy, Withered Freddy, Phantom Freddy, Nightmare Freddy. Bonnie's not cute he's scary and creepy, Foxy's Too OVERRATED, Chica's not a duck, and Freddy is UNDERRATED why? Freddy's my favourite and always will be.

I agree with all of that, and the thing with Chica being a duck-my BFF calls her a duck ALL THE TIME. - WitheredBonnie

I love Freddy. He creeps me out and I love bears. He is the main character along with Mike Schmidt. But I have to say Freddy is one badass.

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5 Chica Chica

Chica is by far the best. True she isn't the fastest and she isn't a stalker who just stands at your door for all eternity, but she's still pretty dangerous. She comes to your door when you least expect it because most people after night two are watching out for Bonnie, Foxy, and Freddy(referring to original game) and then you hear the groans of Chica in your office. I do think that maybe the reason that Toy Chica looks like the way she does is all of the comments about how she isn't feminine enough. But I love Chica for the way she is from day one!

Here is Chica's timeline. As a baby, her pajamas were what a fox mistook for a chick and the whole universe knows what happens after that! Keep in mind her name is Amy. After that, she gets a cupcake. It burns her so much though, she almost dives headfirst into the floor! Then she makes her own cupcakes. However, she almost gets turned into cupcakes herself! At The Pizzeria, Amy gets killed by Purple Sicko. Now she is in Chica.

She's the perfect mix of adorable and scary. She's my favourite animatronic and I love her to death. She may not exactly hide in a cage and randomly sprint to you and murder your face but she's got a good tactic of being there when you least expect it. Like, CHICA is in the kitchen, it's all okay and then she kills you! Plus come on, you stare into your eyes and you feel your stomach twist in knots of fear.

Chica's glare is creepy, but she's super weak. I get more Bonnie jumpscares than her. Then, it's her EYES. I mean, LOOK AT 'EM. They look completely apart. And her teeth. Looks like she got a bad teeth fix-up at the dentist. Then, she looks like a duck. Then it's her body. First time I saw her, I thought she was a boy. TOY chica fixed that. - RainbowArtist191

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6 Mangle (New Foxy) Mangle (New Foxy)

Mangle is the most likely candidate for the bite of 87, her jumpscare shows you being bitten around that area, her teeth are pretty sharp, and she has the most interaction with kids during the day. Yeah Foxy is away in Pirate Cove for whatever reason but his jaw IS NOT broken in the first few frames it was closed, yeah Freddy has the hand mark but that could have been from Phone Guy or something else. But other than bite of 87 moving on, I REALLY don't like Foxy but Mangle is an exception. Her design is totally crazy and I always did want a animatronic like this, and even though it was small, I'm happy she came back in five nights 3. In the second game she probably scared me the most, and even though I think Foxy sucks Mangle is an awesome exception. =)

Mangle.. The cause of the bite of 87 listen up to people who think its freddy or foxy yeah freddy has a hand mark but mangle she was torn up! Foxy was deactivated at the time so mangle/Toy foxy did it! And mangle has to be my favorite because sometimes mangle is sitting up on the music box room ceiling and you can just wind the music box freely but when she is gone... The creeps are out to get ya!

Finally. Someone who understands what The Bite of 87's culprit really was. - Doge4lifeGaming

I love my girl so much she's one of my favorite characters I went to Hot Topic and collected most of the mango merchandise I'm a little obsessed but that's not my fault thank you Scott so much I am so I'm about to cry thank you so much for bringing this game to watch bye by the way this is rode foxtail or Alexis I would love to be on anyone's YouTube channel see if they have one or their professional thanks I would love to let you borrow my stuff for an interview or anything like I love wing fnaf songs

Mangle is better than Foxy. One, Mangle is the most creepy to me, with all his or her parts spilling out. Two, she can climb on walls.

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7 Springtrap Springtrap

Springtrap is my favorite, as he is the creepiest of them all appearance-wise, and it drives you insane just looking for him. When the phantoms decide to jumpscare you, it gets your heart beating as you wait for the systems to reboot, as he may be walking to you from the halls, or in the vents, making you think fast to lure him into another room or die trying. The fact that the purple guy died from him is a bonus, as it adds to the storyline, plus its an example of served justice and bitter irony.

I don't know why but I've always liked him, and no it's not because of purple guy... I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who likes him for Springtrap and not purple guy...

I LITERALLY had a nightmare about Springtrap. I dreamed that I was lying in bed, and then I felt pressure on my neck. I opened my eyes and saw that he was on top of me and Choking me! I was scared out of my mind! I remember seeing those eyes staring straight into mine and struggling underneath him. I couldn't move nor breathe! I finally managed to sit up and woke up with my heart pounding. Thanks Scott for making me experience sleep paralysis for the first time in my life!

I personally like springtrap more than foxy. Foxy is just extremely overrated.

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8 New Chica

Markiplier: I didn't even see Chica comin'. And that's not a joke for the internet to enjoy!

Now that it's been confirmed that chica's actually a girly girl - Ad1230

I'm not much of a party person but if toy Chica was there I might enjoy it a little more. She is always the one to scare me. One night (night 1) I decided to keep the mask on the whole time but I ended up taking it off and she jump scared me! I keep on changing my mind (for my favorite character) but I will stay with toy chica this time!

She's so cute! Especially without her beak! She's certainly the hottest of the other animations with hips like that. Badass little thing. Definitely the best!

New Chica is hot. She would be a good couple with Foxy.

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9 Puppet

Mari (it's a nickname me and my friend has given to Marionette) is definitely the most awesome animatronic she is awesome and I just love her. You wait around at 3:am taking at least until 4:am to ward of Withered Bonnie then you hear that faithful tune Pop Goes The Weasel you flick on your flashlight and see this creepy girl rising your face :{

This thing be scarier than Golden Freddy. I lost the game a lot of times because I was turning on the music box. My second favourite after foxy and so I think this fella should be near the top!

I made up a story where she is a mother of a kid named Billy her name is Mari short for Maria (and later Marionette) and she brings Billy to Freddy Fazbear's then she loses him and finds him all bloody in a room with purple man. Purple man leaves, letting Mari weep alone for her dead child. Later, she tries to find a mask at Freddy's to cover her tears, finding the perfect one. Putting it on, it perfectly fits her face and hides her tears. But this is the freaky weird part. She can't get the mask OFF. So she's stuck with it on, and it eventually becomes... well, her FACE. She turns into a puppet-like human overtime and cries alone in the pizzeria. But it turns out that her child is alive in the pizzeria as a 'human-atronic' named Balloon Boy. Maybe she has another child who's name is Bella and becomes Ballon Girl. Who knows? Anyway I made up this story I dunno if its real and it just goes well with the song, "Its Been so Long" by The Living Tombstone, I think.

The marionette is an "it" as in the phone guys recorded message. But if you want my personal not confermed by Scott opinion I think "it" is a boy.

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10 Mike Schmidt Mike Schmidt

You, the player. (Yes, his official name is mike) You gotta admit, he is a pretty brave guy, showing up for work all 5 (6? ) Nights in a row, even through he is at extreme risk of death. I mean, come on! This place only pays 120 dollars a week and you have to go through almost getting killed every night.. Mike is a awesome dude.

No wander why radical fans draw pictures of him which tend to be very erotic

He's pretty much risking his life for 120 a week and still gets fired. Brave dude

Mike is so brave. Going there seven, yes I said SEVEN nights for less money every time come on. 21 one days of that?! No way I'd leave screaming

I still like phone guy better. But Mike is cooler than Fritz.

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? Bonnet Bonnet

Bonnet is a girl bonnie that's why I like her

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11 New Bonnie

There is something about this blue Bunny that just connected with me. Something about him just screams, quite literally some times, adorable. Maybe its just me but that death screen where he just leaps at you, looks like he is going to give a very unsettling, awkward hug. He plays the guitar, kills people, and looks cute while doing so, whats not to love.

New Bonnie (Toy Bonnie) is the best because his death screen in the second game shows him eyeless also I love his style. I think he is the best

This bunny has a smile that I can always see! She/he is blue (my favorite color) rosy cheeks makes me want to smile all day! She/he is super ADORABLE! She/he plays a guitar maybe even plays songs that are AMAZING! I wish Bonnie would cuddle me.

I can't be the only one who thought Toy Bonnie was a girl, just look at him! But other than that he is one of my favorites.

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12 Toy Bonnie Toy Bonnie

Toy bonnie is one of those characters that you can't seem to hate well at least for me it is?

Toy bonnie is my favourite character out of them all he is the coolest person out of them all

Look at him he's not a scary little guy he's a cute little guy but he'll kill you

Toy Bonnie's jumpscares are the only ones that don't creep me out; he's the one I WANT to get jumpscared by...

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13 Phone Guy

We. Need. More. Phone. Guy! Like, come on! Everyone thinks he's annoying and mute him, but you never know when he might help you out. Also, the fact that we pretty much experience his death, really sucks. He was one of the first characters to die and he honestly gets no credit for his work.

Plays an interesting role, undeniably odd to creep the shivers up your spine with Scott's voice

Phone guy is the best because he help you in first game then on the 4 night die by golden freddy he is awesome because they fight but then that golden freddy kill him so for that is phone dude so good

PHONE GUY! He always helps me but everybody knows someone needs to die. Too bad, because I needed more tips on the game

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14 Ennard Ennard

SPOILERS: Circus are one of the best video game villains ever. How the hell did you do this to yourself? And who disliked this comment? - DCfnaf

Spoilers You know the fake ending well when he was in the persons house I thought he would be in mine

This thing is straight up creepy

This guy is my favorite character

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15 The Purple Guy

Why does everyone like a psychopathic child murderer? Is child abuse/murder supposed to be entertaining? Do purple guy's fan girls even know who they are in love with? I find it very strange that people like someone who enjoys committing the vilest and most disgusting sin a human can commit.

Yeah! We should all love the guy who started the story! After all, whats better than a story about haunted killing machines and little crying kids getting murdered and stuffed into suits RIGHT?!? Seriously fangirls, would you like this guy in real life? "He isn't real! Stop complaining! " Well, if that's how you think you shouldn't be defending or liking him either. And those of you who think its cool to love a psychopath, I don't even have to say it. Kids your age aren't mature enough to understand.

I hate this guy but sometimes LOVE HIM! He started all this scandal because of murdering the kids. He should be more popular than all the characters. Also, he's a murderer, so I think he takes a bath in blood and body parts. Did I mention he paints himself in purple paint? Or not because I have no idea why does he look purple.

This guy is innocent. He is NOT the bad guy. I mean he started the whole thing!

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16 Fan

At first, I was thinking about voting for Mationette, but when I got down here, I realized that this is the only true option.

In each game, there is a whole host of new characters. In the first game is the originals, second game gives us the withers and toys, third game gives us Springtrap and the phantoms, while the fourth gives us the Nightmares. While Golden Freddy has been here all along, throwing hallucinations at us, no one has truly stood up for us like the fan.

The fan has been there for each and every game, and it is always standing up for us. It has been there with us through thick and thin, and has never let us down (unless you count the power outages in FNAF1, but let's be honest, that's our fault). The fan has been there, helping us stay calm, cool, and collected throughout our daunting trials, even to the point of keeping us sane in the third game. No one has stood up for us like that, not even the Phone Guy, who didn't even show up in the fourth game ...more

This amazing propeller of air is your only friend. It doesn't kill you, and is always with you. It hangs around and is the only thing that's always been there for all four games. It just helplessly watches as Freddy and his friends rip you apart and shove you into a suit. It keeps you cool as you sweat due to panic as you try your hardest to avoid death. It's just so peaceful. Just sitting there, serving as a reminder not everything electronic is evil. Although I don't think the fan counts as a character, it's still your only friend in the nightmares of Fazbear Entertaniment

Let's be honest, the fan is the one thing that has been with you for all 4 games. Not only is it the only electronic thing in every game that doesn't kill you, but it's also something to make sure you're not alone. Not even the monitor can argue with that the monitor only shows pictures on who's gonna kill ya first, and didn't even visit you in FNAF 4.
Plus, the fan is very underrated! Who needs the ripped up Foxy or the "Hey I'm in a box! " Marionette? We have a fan, it's time to bring Fan to the top. Poor fan, no one ever loved him...

LOL GUYS LOL!.do know that the game is really based around the fan?. lol ima vote u fan ALL HAIL FAN!.

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17 Withered Foxy

Every time he's in the hallway-It immediately twists my stomach. - WitheredBonnie

When he's in the hallway you gotta keep on flashing the light at him every now and then to repel them away.

He is cool because he will just appear

Big bellies again

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18 Marionette Puppet Marionette Puppet

Though he may be annoying within the game, you have to admit he's pretty creepy (which makes him amazing). Honestly, he's so mysterious and freaky and adds a great element to the game

You already have the Puppet as number 8. You think nobody would notice?

Marionette Puppet is the same as Puppet

Puppet appeared twice mangle appeared twice Bonnies appeared twice toy bonnie appeared twice foxy appeared twice

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19 Circus Baby Circus Baby

Beautiful without evil, I love her

I LOVE BABY that's all I have to say

Circus Baba is already on the list in the 70s

I love baby so much and I love her voice but I love the bidybabs voice better

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20 Mangle Mangle

A) Mangle didn't cause the Bite of 87, as you couldn't see her if she was biting your frontal lobe, and the toys were scrapped due to glitches, and a bite was never mentioned. B) I'm personally shocked that Mangle got beaten on this list by a few overrated characters in my opinion. Mangle is so kawaii... How did she not get number 1? ;-; Oh. Foxy is the fan favorite. That explains everything...

Mangle caused The Bite of '87 as when she jump scares you she bites your frontal lobe off

You already said Mangle as number 6. You think nobody would notice?

She/he is already on the list!

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