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41The Cupcake

The cupcake looks yummy but I would take the eyes out first

At the end of the fifth call he's blinking-pretty scary

His name is Carl and I think he's the cutest one :3

I mean hello come on the cupcake is so cute!

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Nightmare is really an intresting character. Nightmare only exists because of the Kid, he is not known to any other being on the planet except for the FNaF4 child he does not exist outside of this boy's mind
(except for us... *gulp*)

He does not have set characteristics like Chica, Fredbear, Foxy etc. Who are featured as interactive characters at there respective pizzerias.

Nightmare is the customised being that specifically targets this boy and is characteristics are determined by the Boy.

He does not exist outside of the Boy's dreams. He is a character that the boy (unwillingly) created. He is his personal Nightmare.

Heck he does an amazing job at it though. No denying that, Nightmare is fantastic!

Nightmare is probably my third or fourth favorite character

Nightmare mostly scares my the most even just looking at him in the hull way ps #creepy.

This thing is a God's technically Satan because it's the embodiment of evil. - DCfnaf

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43Phantom Balloon Boy

*hears his name then screams and runs away*

I'm REALLY sorry but HE GIVES ME THE CREEPS! FUNKY MONKEYS! BAH! I mean it! He just like golden freddy but like a normal death animation! This makes the normally adorable balloon boy the scariest animatronic. I MEAN IT! fishy meme

-sees horror attraction burn down. literaly teleports everyone out. sees pbb.- NOPE. -teleports him inside so he can burn in hell- NOPENOPENOPE.

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44Nightmare Foxy

He is not scary just like the original foxy

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45Phantom Mangle

I HATE MANGLE#NO MORE MANGLE 4 LIFE! Oh and person who say mangle boy. Well mangle she. Oh and did I mention I HATE MANGLE!

He's cool because he's the underdog

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46Balloon Girl

She's under the desk but won't do any harm

Switch it to 25! The balloon boy is in 57!

Just a little creepy. Also a little cute

She's real not a hallucination.

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47Shadow Bonnie

Hey guys just to say when I was making five nights at Freddy's 2 it had an error in it I did nothing until it stopped and then When I finished the game I played it before it came out when I look in the parts and service room on night 3 there was shawdow bonnie but I did not make did someone hack my account or did the error make it Its your turn to find out and if smike saw this good job on finding secrets I knew about and I don't know about

There are animatronics hallucinations, where is the bare endoskeleton

It's actually shadow Chica and not shadow bonnie, I mean look at its teeth!

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48Circus Baby

Circus Baba is already on the list in the 70s

Beautiful without evil, I love her

I LOVE BABY that's all I have to say

Who are you talking about

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49Old Freddy

Old Freddy is my number one characters because I like it how he is in your office and he stares into your soul, his death screen is interesting, because in the end of the jumpscare the background is black, and also he doesn't bother me much while I have to deal with any of the other animatronics. HE'S AWESOME!

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50Funtime Freddy (Sister Location)

I say that Funtime freddy is awesome

I don't know why I like this character so much. I mean, look at him. He is awesome! - BonnieRules

Everyday, I come here and post about Funtime Freddy. Strange... - BonnieRules

I am also voting for Bon-Bon. - BonnieRules

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Spoilers You know the fake ending well when he was in the persons house I thought he would be in mine

SPOILERS: Circus are one of the best video game villains ever. How the hell did you do this to yourself? - DCfnaf

This thing is straight up creepy

This guy is my favorite character

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I like nightmarionne because he's got the best scary-looking body {oh by the way nightmarionne/ the nightmare puppet is a girl if you don't believe me look it up about it's gender;]

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53Fritz Smith

The go, den Bonnie is now named spring trap!

Spring trap is a possible name for Marionette (puppet)

He is my favorite be cause I scared Freddy to death and he didn't kill me

The one that nobody knows about.
(look at the pink slip at the end of Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and his name will be there. )
There is almost no information about him. He's just that mysterious.

Fritz smith is the phone guy. - Captaincrunch2015

54Nightmare CupcakeV3 Comments
55Ballora (Sister Location)

Why does anyone like her? She is just plain creepy. You're turning her into an overrated. Give a reason why you like her. - BonnieRules

She always closes her eyes, so I assume that she always feels sleepy (just like me). She closes them even she is dancing in the trailer. by the way, I am a sleepyhead. If you ask me to describe her with 2 adjectives, I will say creepy and sleepy.

Ballora's just... Creepy! I mean, she's a cool animatronic, but ballerinas don't usually have their eyes closed.. It kinda scares me some times, but not always. I don't care what others think about her. Shes like the rest of the animatronics, but just takes the creepiest spot of them all in my opinion.

I love ballora and I'm so good at drawing her and I just love voice and all

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56Scott Cawthon

I we all should be thankful for him to make the game and put this effort into the story behind it!

Thank you for this game Scott Cawthon it is awesome!

He is NOT a character in the game. - MinecraftHater

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57Phantom Bonnie

Phantom Bonnie Is In The Game But Is Never Seen Because You See The Future Of After The Fire And Bonnie died

There is no phatom bonnie dummy the name is called springtrap

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58Nightmare Balloon Boy

He's still my soul mate...but much creepier!

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59Phantom Puppet

Phantom marionette is soon cool she just looks in your eyes and doesn'the do any thing at all

60Nightmare Mangle

The second head look's wired the eye looks like it's going to pop out any minute but I still think nightmare mangle is cool and amazing

Nightmare mangle is my favorite because her plushie is so adorable, and she in my opinion is the most dangerous of them all because when she is in your closet she makes static noises and blocks any audio cues.

Nightmare Mangle is awesome! Mangle was already my fave, and NM Mangle's jumpscare is freaky awesome! :D

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