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81 Vincent *Purple Guy*

Seriously purple guy must be 2nd because I see everyone likes purple guy

Vincent: is a murder-hauling toast love psycho path but who could blame him you wave a piece of fresh burned toast In his face and boom he's all crazy

His name isn't Vincent for the last time people!

Don't call him "Vincent". That's not his name!

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82 Bunny Paper Plate
83 Spring Bonnie

I know he's golden but there really is no such thing as golden bonnie

It's actually a girl don't agree find spring bonnie in the fnaf world wallpaper and she has long eyelashes and that presents that she is girl!

It's not a girl since Bonnie is a popular character and they wouldn't change his gender. - DCfnaf

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84 Lolbit Lolbit

Is lolbit a animatronic who accidently bit some one and the victim laugh. Was he/her work at the prize corner

Okay maybe she did bite someone but the laugh part is wrong but I'm sure he or she worked at the prize corner.

Considering the kinds of creatures that lurk in FNaF world.

She (To me Lolbit is a female) is pretty brave in the fact where she decides to set up shop. And she must be pretty tough to, if shes going to be attacked by enemies non-stop. That gal's gotta defend her stock. She must do a good job, I wouldn't mind having her as a playable character.

Where she sells Block 50,20 and 5 bytes though is my favorite one. That far in a mine!? that's awesome.

I love lob it whenever I sell stuff I always feel like her

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85 New Mangle V 6 Comments
86 Bidybab Bidybab

Why is she at the bottom? She's certainly not the worst character! - DCfnaf

87 Bare Endoskeleton

What the fudge? Bear endoskeleton don't you mean Freddy endoskeleton!

Do you mean the naked endoskeleton(With is just the endoskeleton.)or did you mean the Freddy endoskeleton?

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88 Eyeless Freddy

The second scariest eyeless. First is toy bonnie

89 Phantom Freddy

He's a cool animatronic to be around with. I'm just surprised that no one feels sorry for him. He is missing a leg, and an ear.

90 Nightmare Bonnie Nightmare Bonnie

I love this guy but springtrap is way better

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91 Flumpty Bumpty (ONAF)

I know who this is, the game is called One Night at Flumpty's. A ripoff of Humpty Dumpty, and a fan game of Five Nights at Freddy's. Too many copycats making ripoffs of FNAF.

Does anyone else think they should take down onaf and fnia say yes or no and I think somebody said no fnia

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92 Electrobab Electrobab
93 Yenndo Yenndo

He's a huge Easter egg, but if he didn't exist, Golden Freddy mode would be a breeze. - DCfnaf

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94 Minireena Minireena

Minireenas in the custom night are like an audience. Because they laugh at you, for some reason. When you're making a YouTube video, you try to be funny and then the Minireenas laugh at you.

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