Top Ten Characters from Five Nights at Freddy's

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81Funtime Foxy (Sister Location)

His cheek has the puppets parts

She is so amazing and much detailed

My favourite character from fnaf sister location. - astroshark

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82Bear Animatronic

Don't you mean freddy? Or did you just want to make your list longer and make up stuff.

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83Bare Endoskeleton

What the fudge? Bear endoskeleton don't you mean Freddy endoskeleton!

Do you mean the naked endoskeleton(With is just the endoskeleton.)or did you mean the Freddy endoskeleton?

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84Eyeless Freddy

The second scariest eyeless. First is toy bonnie

85Phantom Freddy

He's a cool animatronic to be around with. I'm just surprised that no one feels sorry for him. He is missing a leg, and an ear.

86Sock Puppet

Find a different character something that's the worst Name ever

Yes it is in the game files but no texture

Show me a picture of this "sock puppet"

That's A Puppets idiot

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87Nightmare Bonnie

I love this guy but springtrap is way better

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88Vincent *Purple Guy*

Vincent: is a murder-hauling toast love psycho path but who could blame him you wave a piece of fresh burned toast In his face and boom he's all crazy

Seriously purple guy must be 2nd because I see everyone likes purple guy

His name isn't Vincent for the last time people!

Don't call him "Vincent". That's not his name!

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89Flumpty Bumpty (ONAF)

I know who this is, the game is called One Night at Flumpty's. A ripoff of Humpty Dumpty, and a fan game of Five Nights at Freddy's. Too many copycats making ripoffs of FNAF.

Does anyone else think they should take down onaf and fnia say yes or no and I think somebody said no fnia

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