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21Ty Lawson
22Midna w/ Wolf Link

I WANT MIDNA SO BADLY she would make a very great character her final smash could be like snakes be on the screen and smack everyone around if midna is not in the next game I will go so crazy and be so angry I will go down there and force them to put her in she would be so awesome forget wolf link just midna without wolf link she would so make it into my favorite list of character witch are 1 pikach 2 ganondorf 3 sonic 4 metaknight 5 mr game and watch and 6 luigi but if midna was there she would be my second or third favorite character she really needs to be here I was sad when midna was not in brawl if she is not in the next one I will go on a rampage.

This list is mostly just ridiculous choices! Midna needs to be top ten and Patrick star needs to be off the list! - Mionaro

This would be so awesome but I think I would like edward or alphonse from fullmetal alchemist to be in this game even more.

Best choice... Badass

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Pac man is awesome smash bros is being made at banco pac man should be in

He can use those berries that give him powers that own!

Pac-man is my best capcom character ever. mario, sonic, Megaman and Pac-man are best friends so why he can join

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24Homer SimpsonHomer Jay Simpson is the protagonist of the American animated television series The Simpsons as the patriarch of the eponymous family.

B-donut throw
B down-body slam
B side-call bart naked on a skateboard
B up-how should I no?

Homer should get in and be in every smash game after his debut! Bart could also be added and his special move would be Bartman similar to Wario who has Wario Man

Nobody beats Homer Simpson... Ever

Smash Ball: Raining Donuts

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25Kenneth Faried
26Banjo and Kazooie

Be sure to vote for Banjo and Kazooie on the character request poll on the Smash Bros website! Let's make this a reality!

Along with Banjo and Kazooie, I think more characters from the "Diddy Kong Racing" and "Mario Tennis" games should havebeen included in the Smash Broa series like Conquer (Bad Fur Day), Banjo-Kazooie, Boo. Instead of all these clone character like Young/Toon Link or Fox characters, put in one of these guys.

They'd be a good replacement for Duck Hunt - ShuhBanggg

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27Little Mac

Little Mac is actually confirmed

He was an assistant trophy in brawl so bring him back it would be epic

Yeah, but Why Not Doc Luis! He's Make Great Sense For Smash

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29KumatoraV1 Comment

Shulk And Luke Skywalker Rocks!

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Awesome character who would fit perfectly and represent the growing popularity of Indie games. There are too many sword wielding characters so another gun based character would fit well. Cave Story is a fantastic game that I'm sure Studio Pixel would be pleased to have in Smash Bros. And Quote is the best pick. His moveset would fit perfectly and he would just be brilliant as a new challenger.

32Clayton Kershaw

I think he'd be good because of his keychain sword and he could replace Marth or Ike. For his final smash he can call out donald and goofy and start slashing things everywhere like crazy.

It's sora he already has a movement laid out for him moves like blizzara and strike raid he could use flow motion for his final smash

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Dang! I already voted for Homer Simpson, but I would change my vote to Waluigi.

We need a Mario Party rep, and for all the completioness out there, This will finish the Mario main cast.

They have Wario, why not Waluigi! He could be so fun, but annoying as an opponent.
"Cough cough" Assist Trophy gets on my nerves

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35MewMew is one of the fictional species of creatures from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.V2 Comments

yoshi's boy/girlfriend... many nintendo guides refer to "it" as "he" and not "she. " "it's" a "he/she" or a "shemale"... I'me "sorry" about all "of" "these" "" - munkee_linc97

Birdo should be higher! We need more mario spots. Nobody knows Earthbound, Kid Icarus, or any of these franchises as much as Mario. I'm sure everyone knows birdo because everyone knows Waluigi, when Birdo was in the mario cartoon before Daisy came.

First: Paper Mario, Second: Waligi, Third: Toad, Fourth: Birdo, Fifth: Geno! That's my top 5 Mario characters I Want in super smash bros

No, she is awful

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38Patrick StarPatrick Star is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.

This is impossible. IT'S A CARTOON CHARACTER.

Nevertheless, He Won't Be In Smash Bros At All Cause I HATE HIM!

I want to patrick in super smash bros brawl

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39PalutenaV2 Comments

If he becomes playable, I will die happy.

I love that boss, I play as him all the time in Hyrule Warriors. No, seriously he's pretty much the only character I'll play as now.

David Bowie-esque villain from Skyward Sword? What's not to like!?

He ROCKS AT FIGHTING if he's in super smash bros, So Sakarai, Add him now please.

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