Top 10 Best Characters In Ultraman Galaxy

Ultraman galaxy game is in top 10 nowYou favourite ultra might be in here

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1Ultraman Ken

He has the best leader skill for the hole game. It's name is called Lava Blast it deals 4000 damage to all enemies for 3 rounds.

2Ultraman Mebius

It is called Extinguise Force. It grants fire immunity for 4 rounds.


It deals damage to all enemies equal to 370% and revives 1

4Ultraman Belial

It heals 3 cards that have the lowest health including itself.

5Ultraman Neos

It is called Earth Blow it deals 4 times damage to an enemy.

6King Goldras

Triples the double damage for 3 rounds.

7Ultraman Ace

It's name is Tornado. It deals 3 times more nature damage to enemies.

8Alien Hipporito

It's called Volcanic Blow. It deals 2.5 more damage to enemies.

9Rolveger the Second

It is called Fire defense. It reduces all enemies health for 25%


It is called Healing Focus. It turns Ultra symbol and Wild symbols into Recovery symbols

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