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1 We Don't Talk Anymore We Don't Talk Anymore

I'm shocked as to why people hate this song so much. Well if ir going thru a bad love life I won't comment :p but otherwise this song is amazing. Like in simple words Chrlie's best! - Ark-M

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2 See You Again See You Again

Lovely song and very moving words

What a voice Charlie puth has...just blows me up each time I heard the song :-)

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3 One Call Away

The most amazing charlie puth song. Man does he have a beautiful voice. The best in my eyes. This is literally the most heartfelt song I've heard. Love you charlie. - Ark-M

This is my second favorite song its related to me

Nice song. Never get bored of listening to it.

Best song ever from this Guy, believe me!

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4 Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye

Even as someone who hates both artists involved... I didn't think of this. Even the production is terrible. It sounded nice at first... then I noticed they put trap percussion and gang vocals in it. It's really awkward, especially when they try to go for soul music. Also, both Marvin Gaye and the BackStreet Boys were trashed in this.

This gets a 0/5. - WonkeyDude98

Reminds me of when my boyfriend and I get it on

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5 Look at Me Now

I like this song. but I wouldn't put it as my 5 on this top ten list, I might put it as my 7 or 8 but not 5

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6 Dangerously Dangerously

This song is my all time favorite song of charlie puth and I always watch this on myx philippines top ten international. Thanks myx

7 Some Type of Love Some Type of Love
8 Suffer Suffer
9 My Gospel My Gospel

Why is this not on the top of the list?

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10 Go Round

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? Does It Feel Does It Feel V 1 Comment
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11 Nothing But Trouble Nothing But Trouble
12 Back to Your Heart
13 Then There's You Then There's You V 1 Comment
14 I Won't Tell a Soul I Won't Tell a Soul
15 Sexy Shades
16 Girls Girls Girls
17 Betty Boop
18 Your Name
19 Man with a Wig
20 Swag Woop!
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1. We Don't Talk Anymore
2. See You Again
3. Marvin Gaye
1. See You Again
2. Marvin Gaye
1. See You Again
2. Look at Me Now
3. One Call Away

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