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The Top Ten

As I Lay Dying
I do love as I lay dying one of my old friends recommended these guys to me I love them because they give a postive masage and I have a shirt by them and I love how they have angles on the shirt and looks like that there's also a picture of a church which is awesome. They are one of my favorite Christian deathcore bands its number one on top of my favorite Christian deathcore bands, although I have a lot of Christian deathcore and metal bands. I ignore the metal bands that have the devil on the cd cover or things that talk about the devil. God comes first always first in my opinion. And I think that every deathcore and metal band should be Christian.
These guys are not a Christian band, they just used saying they was for sales
Amazing band. Very well put together. They never sound boring or get old. Oh, and each new album they put out gets better and better!
Good lyrics, good vocals, good guitar riffs, awesome drum riffs, and awesome passion.

2August Burns Red
Melodic guitar riffs, technical time signatures and sick breakdowns. This is Deathcore at it's finest! They don't succumb to the genre pressure of adding clean vocal chorus' to their songs. The vocals are intense from start to finish and the lyrics are powerfully delivered.

Their 3rd album Constellations absolutely blew my mind. No other Deathcore/Metalcore band comes close.
let's try to look for guys who scream jesus like them :)
can you find someone?
my personally opinion I prefer, For Today.
but isn't the option to vote for them, so I really like ABR too.
love on jesus
august burns red number one
the devil wears prada number two
war of ages number three

3The Devil Wears Prada
In my honest opinion, The Devil Wears Prada is the greatest band there is. I've literally listened to every single one of there songs so I know how they've progressed through the years.
TDWP uses new age sound with great vocals and still represents the best thing about them, their faith in the great Lord Almighty
awesome band that deserves more credit



5Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter carried me through treacherous time in my life. They will forever be in my prayers and thanks.
I just love this band and their albums just get better to

6Impending Doom
I Listen to as I lay dying, oh sleeper, august burns red, devil wears prada, war of ages, demon hunter, sleeping giant, the gun show and texas in july but I enjoy the most impending doom. The vocal is just amazing. The drummer is one of a king. Guitars are sick... I love everything in impending doom. Brook is also sexy ( I'm a girl)

By the way for today is also a awesome christian metalcore. Guitar, vocals and lyrics-all unbelievable amazing...
awesome band! Really know how to play Deathcore, one of the few that actually do if I'm honest their up there with Whitechapel, walking the Cadaver, AS Blood Runs Black, and Carniflex! But what makes it better their Christian! :D They also show that you don't have to be all Anti-Christ, and a devil worshiper to play Deathmetal!
These guys blow Suicide Silence/Whitechapel/All Shall Perish etc. Out of the water...God inspired lyrics also make typical Deathcore garbage look juvenile...Brook Reeves also lets the crowd know in attendance at shiws(Christian or not) that God loves them and has a plan for their lives...
[Newest]Impending Doom. Who knew the heaviest band in existence was Christian

7For Today
I'm from Costa Rica, I just wanted to share my opinion... For Today is the best! Followed by As I lay dying, Sleeping Giant, Impending Doom, The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red.
Mattie Montgomery is a great singer and you can tell he loves God, which I think is the more important thing, he lives what he actually preach and sing. FOR TODAY PLEASE COME TO COSTA RICA!
For Today is top in giving God Glory. Mattie does not pull any punches. They aren't concerned with being number 1 in mans eyes.. Just to praise & worship God.. !

8A Plea For Purging

9War of Ages
A unique band that once you get into will have you completely hooked
Ha a great band out there. Heavy sound i like....

10Haste The Day

The Contenders

11Sleeping Giant
Dude listen to them for real, they are touched by the holy spirit and unlike a lot of "Christian bands" they actually sing about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirt I wish more Christian bands were like this, They are brutal too.

12Betraying the Martyrs
Hi iam kaley bachler I love your music I can't stop playing your music sometimes when I'm going though a hard time your music makes me cry it has a lot of meaning to your music as far as the lyrics fantatsic hope to see you again all of you guys are very talented in my book, I love how your from france always wanted to go there. You victor singing and playing the keys at the same time is hands down you guys make my life with gOd very specail thank you for putting meaning into my life I'm glad your a French christan band
These guys are better than most deathcore bands in general, in my opinion. "Man Made Disaster" left me trembling, even though its not the heaviest song in the genre.


14Oh, Sleeper
More metal influence but great band with legit Christian lyrics

15Keeping Secrets

16I Am King

17Fit for a King
What,19? This band is AMAZING, they deserve to be number 1. Why are they still underground? They should be a best-selling band


18The Chariot

19I, the Breather

20A Thousand Times Repent

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