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81 Transparent

Great Christian Rapper! His song One way is great!

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82 Radikal Hughes
83 Bryann Trejo

I'm shocked that kingdom music isn't on this list. Bryann trejo and Keith Wallace bring another level of real.

This guy keeps it so real. His music speaks to the streets and sinners that are running from God when they need him most. He doesn't mind giving God true praise through his lyrics either.B.T. definitely needs to be higher on this list.

84 Mahogany Jones

Another Female Christian Rapper that just praises god while she raps!

85 Young Chozen

Easily has the top 5 flow of all, great voice, amazing lyrics, LIT

Are you guys crazy! Blake Young is a BEAST! So Good!

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86 I.C. Jonez

No one can really out rap this cat and preach at the same time trust me..his stuff is not surger coated

87 Salvation

Salvation is another dope MC from North Carolina that happens to love telling people about Jesus.

88 Tre9 V 1 Comment
89 Army
90 Kidd

Kidd is SO TOTALLY going to be the next Trip Lee. But honestly, what little I got to hear from his latest album wasn't that impressive to me. But Class In Session is DOPE & free, as well as his arguably best songs ever Young Disciples.

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91 T Haddy

I miss you T Haddy, what happened?

92 Alex Faith

He should be up there

He should at least be top 20 not this

This is not right

93 Richie Righteous
94 Dre Da Flame

Awesome rapper always in the Word love it

95 B.I.G Shadow

Songs like daddy, Red Shoes and if it was you. Real music.

96 Big Mic Muzik
97 C.Woods
98 I Am Chris Carter

Has a strong buzz on the underground
Check him out on YouTube "I Am Chris Carter- Do You Believe In God"

This guy is new and his music goes hard deep he will be the next Tupac of gospel rap no doubt

99 Uncle Reece

Wish he would come out with more stuff, because he would definitely be top 10!

He's awesome amazing I'm his biggest fan

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100 Lil Prophet
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