Top 10 Christian Screamo/Rock Bands


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The Top Ten

The Devil Wears Prada
Man I've been a Christian for as long as I can remember and I would always listen to regular screamo but then I heard of Christian screamo and I got pumped whe I heard about The Devil Wears Prada I love them Praise the lord!
The Devil Wears Prada is the best for sure. All of their band members are extremely talented, and perform great music together. Their drummer uses the double bass to keep in beat with the rhythm guitar, which has a great effect. Plus, the clean vocalasit makes great choruses aside from the screaming. The Devil Wears Prada belongs at the top without a doubt, forget Skillet.
I believe that The Devil Wears Prada is the best Christian rock/screamo band for sure. They are all very talented musicians and they use their talent to share their faith and put a positive message out there through music that a lot of people listen to. Melting faces for Jesus!
[Newest]As I've heard of Assistant to the regional manager... Man! It's the best!

THE BEST OF THE BEST, they have their own style and their music is easy listening

try this song=awake and alive, rebirthing, monster, hero, one real thing, under my skin and live free or let me die, and you will love this band
Skillet is an awesome sounding band. I just love the sound they have. I do think that they need some more screamo in their songs though. I think other than that they sound awesome though. I also like that they have a woman singer in the band too. They are defiantly one of my favorite bands.
One Word, AWESOME! This band makes songs with so good music, guitar riffs are also so cool, I think it truly deserves this spot.
I used to be a metalcore fan but accidentally while searching for more bands, I met up with this band And MAN, That was the best day of my life, A band just so Perfect!
[Newest]Absolutely incredible. Unique sound and great message that can be applied to Christians and non-Christians alike.

Just listen to Breathe in to me or Already over by them... they rocks...


Listen to everything on their "Until We Have Faces" album. Also, "Fight Inside" is amazing. I have all of their songs. They are my inspiration as a drummer and they deserve much more fame than they have. LISTEN TO THEM!


These guys are really awesome. My favorite album of theirs is probably until we have faces. I like their songs feed the machine and hymn for the missing (the first and last song on the album).

Why isn't disciple on this list?
[Newest]Best hard rock band out there. I know they have their slow songs like Hold me now, as you go, hymn for the missing and so on. But they also have some Extreme rock songs like feed the machine, release the panic, death of me, Let go and much more! They totally should be at the top!

4As I Lay Dying
TDWP, AILD and ABR are the best metalcore bands!


As I lay dying has such amazing sound and you can always depend on them for making great music

5August Burns Red
They inspire the struggles and lives of Christians. They seed great courage and power to all of us. The lyrics also give peace to non-Christians too. This band is one of the most unique Christian bands out there. There are many Christian bands for Christians. But this band is a band for both worldly people and christian people
, why is august burns red so low? This band has great lyrical themes and this band has awesome members.
Songs you should check out: white washed, meddler, cutting the ties, composure, truth of a liar, redemption, crusades, mariana's trench, internal canon, and empire.
WHY IS SKILLET SCREAMO? Well, the guitarist and the drummer in skillet sucks.
Love this band! They are one of my favorite bands; I was hooked when I first herd them, and sorry I love skillet but they are not screamo! Meddler is the best song! August burns red, you guys rock don't stop! (^_^)
[Newest]BEST band in this genre -- period.

This band helped make me the vocalist I am today and I know that after my first love committed suicide I wouldn't be alive today if it had not been for "Casting Such a Thin Shadow" and "To Whom it May Concern". Hands down though, "Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Other's Escape" gave me a new hope for my faith. One of the leading bands in Christian metal/screamo/experimental music. This band should be in the top 10 for sure.
Underoath is a band that has so much meaning to each and every song. It was the first screamo band I ever listened to. You can feel the power in each in every lyric spoken. The feature that makes this band so unique is that they strive to change lives through their music; whether it be through rekindling a faith for God, or acknowledging the corruption of the world which can leave us oblivious and enslaved. This band has changed my life.
Under oath is real an amazing band. They get me through a lot and they truly are AMAZING. While I wouldn't call them totally scream,. I mean most of their songs do scream, but lots of words are sung instead of screamed.

Flyleaf saved my life! If Lacey had given up, I would've too along time ago. :/
Lacey is no longer in flyleaf but when she was this was my favorite band. I didn't like screaming music until I heard Lacey's testimony and then heard her scream. She's still my favorite singer and her screams are the BEST!
This is the bestest loudest band and if you think otherwise you are downright wrong! I LUV FLYLEAF
[Newest]Love flyleaf wished Lacy was still in it though

8Third Day
These guys are awesome. I have seen them in concert and they are great live. I really like their songs otherside and lift up your face. They are upbeat songs, although I wouldn't consider them metal and screamo. By the way why isn't disciple on this list?
Third Day is amazing, but not screamo or anywhere close to it?
I love This band so much Try the song Children of god And you will really like them.

Bless the fall is the best hardcore christian band in my opinion. They're sound is amazing. They're lyrics aren't all that great but they are so unique in the fact that not one of their songs sound the same, well with Beau some of their music does with Craig every sound had its own unique touch to it.
Blessthefall is in my opinion the best screamo band. First of all, they're actually screamo. Some of these bands, like Skillet, are loud sometimes... but aren't really screaming. Second of all, Blessthefall's lyrics are so powerful and inspiring, especially Rise Up from the album His Last Walk. These reasons are why Blessthefall should be ate the top of the list.
Blessthefall expands more than just anyother screamo band, it is a God blessed band that is percise in more in a musical and spiritual value that is far beyond the boundary of any band, I Absoulutley LOVE them...
[Newest]My all time favorite, and they have a great ratio of sing:scream. It's great! Just the way I like!

Not only do these guys totally rock, they are genuine. Listening to The Scars Remain album pulled me back from the edge of oblivion. They are all about getting the message out that God loves broken people. They are probable the most real and unselfish band in Christian Rock today. Saw them Last night in New Castle PA as they invested their whole beings for Gods Glory and to advance His Kingdom in the hearts of young people!
Sadly, lots of Christian rock bands tend to jump to the mainstream scene and go secular. But Disciple is an exception, as they have been 20 YEARS rocking for Jesus - and saving souls for Him!. Kevin Young's testimony is just amazing and I love the fact that every line in their lyrics has a Bible verse explaining it. Totally recommendable as they don't only sound good but they MINISTRATE Jesus through their music. This is not normal to see in a rock band. They should be higher on this list.
These guys are insane. They are really connected with their fan base and have an amazing ministry and love for God. The are one of the few bands out there who have the rare combination of both AMAZING music and an incredible message. I STRONGLY recommend Disciple!

The Contenders

11We Came As Romans
These guys are AMAZING! The Devil Wears Prada, Blessthefall, and We Came As Romans are my top Christian Screamo bands. We Came As Romans' "To Move On Is To Grow" is by far one of their godliest songs and my absolute favorite and I hope it will be yours too. WCAR are great at promoting God and doing what they love. God Bless You!
Ummm these guys aren't a Christian band sadly.

Their guitarist said himself that "there are Christian dudes and non Christian dudes in the band" and "just because our lyrics are positive doesn't mean their Christian"
I really enjoy their music... They one of the best bands to listen to.

I Love Pillar
4-Thousand Foot Krutch
5-Decyfer Down
Pillar are simply the best.. Last Goodbye and Holding On are my fauvorite songs by them.
I wonder how can people like Devil Wears Prada, that band is terrible. Skillet, 12 Stones and Pillar are the best hands down.

they are a great christain band that likes to have fun and enjoi being christains (soul glow activatior is the bomb)
Not exactly metal, but they scream a lot and their music is awesome, so they have my vote. I just wish they'd do harder stuff on this next album.


i love this group they're just so creative


14I am Terrified
This is my all time favorite band ever. I Am Terrified is an amazing Christian screamo band, possibly one of the best, if not THE best. Heaven Knocking, Hell Rising is my favorite song of theirs. All of their songs have such a powerful message in them. I hear people talk down about Christian screamo all the time, saying you never know what they're really saying and it's demonic and everything. God loves it when his children sing his praises, whether it's through screamo or a simple, soft toned song!
This band is actually a local band to me, I'm so glad to see how well known they have become over the years they are extremely talented and also have an amazing message in there songs.
Now this is a REAL REAL Christian screamo band they actually have a Christian messege and praise God in their songs listen to Falling on Everlasting great song speaking of the Lord's greatness!

15For Today
Amazing band. Look up psalm of son and seraphim they are really great songs but I would recommend all of their albums to you all
Devastator on their album Breaker is an insanely good song. Also recently they came out with a new ablum called Immortal which is my favorite album of theirs. These guys make intense songs with awesome lyrics and I'd recommend them to anybody.
"These guys have brought me closer to God more than anything else! These guys make me wanna evangalize 24/7! The Lord is totally glorified though this band!
[Newest]Every song is perfect

16Wolves at the Gate
This band should be at the number one spot! Not only are they a Christian Metalcore band, but they also evangelize most of the time during their concerts. Skillet and Red aren't even screamo bands.
Best band ever... If you like The Devil Wears Prada then you will love WATG. The song oh the depths and herald... Never mind the entire CD is amazing check them out
Saw them and the singer that plays guitar talked to me about God for at least 20 or 30 minutes & it was amazing he took that time out for me, God bless Wolves At The Gate.
[Newest]These guys are all out! From the first song I loved them and my love grows fonder!

17Thousand Foot Krutch
I'm atheist, but I really love this band
They are just plain... AWESOME!
Hands down best band

dawn's voice is amazing with a really wide range... They have some screamo elements(done by guitarist) in their first album... Powerful and anthemic...


This music is AWESOME! You can rock out to some great music and feel uplifted at the same time. It's a true gift to hear this music.
I love fireflight! She is an awesome singer.

19Demon Hunter
I'm not saying there the best, but there song Driving Nails is quite a life savor. I was in but to cut my own throat and I listened to that song and it changed the way I look at things.
Really good. I've beenn through so much stuff. Another to look up is brian welch. He is my role model. Stay christan...
They should easily be the best
[Newest]I love demon hunter


21Protest for Pluto
Protest For Pluto has a unique style and sound using hard hitting and power driven songs with rock roots like "Freedom, "Chosen Me", and "It Doesn't Matter", plus a dynamic and very energetic rock stage show. PFP's energy and emotion rips through their song writing showing their heart for God in songs like "Salvation's Gates", "Your Breath I'm Living On", and "Reach Out". The mission of Protest For Pluto is to spread the word of God through their music, rock out for the masses, and to be the true warriors of Rock n' Roll.


I saw them perform this weekend at a show - WOW can they ROCK a STAGE! Their lyrics are strong and meaningful. The guitar riffs are amazing. The drummer is not only great to watch, but has a unique style of playing. WATCH out... These guys will be KILLING the scene SOON!
somewhat unheard of young band... but not for long!

2212 Stones

23Tenth Avenue North
Good theology... great music. Lets go Tenth Avenue North!


They are awesome! Have great lyrics and great meanings, if you're looking for gospel and amazing lyrics not screamo but they are awesome!
They are a good band but they aren't anywhere near metal or screamo
[Newest]Very powerful 'No man is an island, ' what a great song.


Simply the best band of all the above ones. What's up to you guys vote for this.

If you don't believe me then lesten to this is your life or meant to live.

Vote for thiss

26Oh, Sleeper
Oh, Sleeper is one of the first screaming metal bands I listened to (and saw live) back when I didn't really like metal music all that much. Back then, I couldn't understand what all these screaming bands were saying, but one of my friends just absolutely loved this band and their "Son of the Morning" album which had just come out. After seeing them live, I straightaway bought their album, looked up the lyrics, and listened away, and now they're one of my favorite metal bands.

Seriously, these guys just have a very creative vibe compared to some of the other metal bands out there, which is something I really appreciate.

Some of my favorite songs are Commissioned By Kings, Reveries of Flight, and The Conscience Speaks.
Oh, Sleeper has some really great music. A lot of their songs tell stories such as "Hush Yael". I really encourage everyone to look them up and I am 99.879% sure that you will really like them. If not than I will take the blame for wasting your time!
This band is easily the BEST Christian screamo bands. Most of the bands on this list are not even screamo bands.
Micah kinard, the lead vocalist of Oh Sleeper, has an amazing voice and scream. Oh sleeper beautifully combine poetry (lyrics) and rough sounding music to portray true feeling through their music. With three albums, two full concept albums (which are sequals) and a partial concept ablum, they tell a story of the atrocitys Satan is capable of, the sin mankind is capable of, and they explore the different attributes of god such as his love and forgiveness, and even his wrath and jugement.
[Newest]Best of all time, period.

27Stellar Kart
I love them!.. Their songs are more of worship for GOD but still rocks!
"a love song" the best
With the pray" we shine" jesus loves you"...
Yeah really awesome

So dynamic in the entirety of their history. They have seen much better days, but I can assure you they have not ended. I have never seen such a quality of vocal harmony and the meshing of screamo in any other band to this date. Their newest album has it's shining moments, but their best work is behind them unfortunately. Thank God that music is timeless
The harmony, the lyrics, everything about this band is amazing. They've been my favorite band for the past six years, and will continue to be. They have the perfect blend of hard-hitting and soft-touching music.
My favorite band of all time. Amazing vocals, and he music as a whole really speaks to men in ways no other band has. Love every album!

They're still going after being together for so long. They should go higher in the rankings...
I grew up listning to these guys. I do believe they are in MTV's Hall of Fame. Reborn is the best song and their heaviest no doubt. they have a great sound. Love Michael Sweet and Oz Fox

The songs have real meaning and are not just pointless songs. If you listen to the lyrics they will mean something.
Best band on the list, great range of songs, powerful lyrics.
Listen to courage, stand in the rain, beauty from pain
their songs are true and have helped me through some really hard times
[Newest]I've been listening to there music since 1999 they are amazing

31War of Ages
Just heard about his metal core band and I love it!
Great live! Each relase is consistant well done and better than the prior which is hard to say for most bands.

Theocracy... Where do I start? Powerful, uplifting progressive power metal, complete with the deepest, most introspective and inspiring lyrics I've ever heard from ANY band. Matt Smith is a musical and lyrical genius.
They are way better then 29th. They should at least be in the... Top 10 of Christian Metal bands. Vote for THEOCRACY. Theocracy rules! Great band even if you like Long songs
Fast paced... great lyrics... incredible melodies and solos... down to heart Christians. Theocracy is the bomb!


33Norma Jean
Best hardcore band I have ever heard. I used to never want to listen to them because I thought their name was based off of somebody's grandmother or something, but it's meaning is "patterns of grace and mercy". I think it's latin. They are really rough, but their melodies are all different and they are extremely passionate. Distance to planets, innocent bystanders, and murphy was an optimist are good songs to sample if you've never heard of them. I would go so far to say that they are as good as under oath, just a slightly harder style.
IS THIS A JOKE!?!?! Norma Jean is the king of Christian hard rock with Project 86. Those two have been around for much longer than a lot of these bands
Uh, wow. These guys are easy the best hardcore Christian outfit out there, with The Devil Wears Prada, and the now-defunct The Chariot in tow. Converge-like intensity but with a positive message and going-for-the-juggular delivery. Brutal and awesome.


35Close Your Eyes

36Relient K
One of the most amazing bands I have heard in my entire life. very few beat it. but its not really scream or hard core

37Memphis May Fire
I love the references to scripture in their songs and also how Matty will actually preach at their concerts. Amazing band, great faith.
Memphis may fire is good because they give a positive message to there listeners and fans. And it also has some awesome singing.
Memphis may fire is the best of all bands and should be number 1 and it's even more awesome that they are Christian their lyrics and voals and everything is so amazing and their bible references and everything is amazing
[Newest]I love Memphis May fire and how not ashamed at all matty is! I love them! 🙌❤️

38Before Their Eyes
Nice voice and amazing lyriccz

-ryan evangelista

39These Hearts

40Nine Lashes
By far my favorite Christian rock band ever! If you like Red, 12 Stones, Ashes Remain or TFK then you'll love Nine Lashes. My favorite songs are Anthem of the Lonely, Write it down, Get Back and Our Darkest Day.
I love nine lashes. They rock!
Love anthem for the lonely

41Impending Doom
This smaller Screamo band has great songs, they're blunt and true. I'd suggest Murderer and Doomsday.
The most brutal christain band ever. Check out Murderer if to want to hear them

42Fit for a King

43Rise Against
Rise Against is no Christian or contemporary. I mean listen to "Make It Stop (September's Children)" Rise Against is a self-esteem raiser, no doubt, but they speak of poverty and how the system calls themselves the minority. That's my opinion. Just saying. Not trying to offend anyone.

44Icon for Hire
Icon for hire is absolutely amazing, I've met them a few times and they are seriously the best. There music is so great. LOVE THEM
I LOVE Icon For Hire! They're one of the best bands out there!

45Haste the Day
By far my favorite screamo band. Perfect mix of screaming and singing

46Love and Death
Brian Head Welch's band, amazing! Also Brians solo debut album save me from myself is great! August Burns read are I think my favourite


48A Bullet for a Pretty Boy
They are so good! I listento them all the time :D they do a new singer, but they still sound awesome

Anywhere from screaming out every word with a mess of heavy sounds in the background to slow worship with a clean piano, this group of Jesus freaks is sure to rock your socks off and praise God while doing it!

50Texas In July
Best vocalist when it comes to screams all around with the keyboards this band is the best Christian band for sure

Give them a chance, lyrically and spiritually amazing!

52The Seeking

Best live show I have ever seen. Roger lee havens is one of my top singers ever


55Inhale Exhale

A nice Christian rock band, one of my favorites bands

Look up Youth Of The Nation, That song is a lifesaver and is pure and simple, amazing

58The Chariot
I hope you all rest in peace. I hope you all find what you're looking for. But if that is all you got, there's got to be more.
The Chariot is one of the best Christian screamo bands ever! If you've never heard them you needa listen to them.

59Being As an Ocean
Awesome sound, incredible passion for their music and faith, and outstanding lyrics that have lifted my Christian faith off the rocks
Teenage son loves screamo music and I was pleased to hear him talk up the positive lyrics in this bands music.

60Kids In the Way

61Disciple Thirteen

62For All Eternity
They are throughly a god mucian... Just try to listen their music andread there lyrics god bless... Hope you enjoy

63I, the Breather

64Abandon All Ships

65I Prayed for An Afterlife

66Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

67A Feast for Kings

68Into the Flood
They have one album, Vices, and it is GOLDEN. They are probably the best up and coming screamo Christian bands I've ever heard

My favorite for sure. Befire bieng saved I used to listen to silverstein a lot and onced I was saved and found spoken I was so excited to find a band like them.

70The Crucified

71Project 86
One of my favorite bands. You guys should check out the Wait for the Siren Album and listen to Fall, Goliath, Fall. They are really good.

72Resurrection Band
They are the godfathers of heavy metal
Rocking since 1972

73The Almost

74Nameless Fades

Skillet is mad awesome especially that song rise that's my top song
New album "New Bodies" is AMAZING

76Jacob's Bible
The newest upcoming band that is taking over the Christian rock realm! New CD coming out in 2017.

77The Naked Wise Men
An exotic trio that is only performing in Capella

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