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Best tasting tobacco "hands down"! If anyone thinks Camel can't be beat, then try smoking Marlboro's new flavor, Southern Cut. After trying out Southern Cut, if you still think Camel is better, your taste buds are probably distorted from all of the alcohol you are drinking and/or bud you are smoking. So therefore, it would be a mental persuasion in that case. Definitely not fact! Plus Camel is deceiving most of their customers by saying their tobacco is a Turkish blend, When it turns out that all of their tobacco is grown right here in good ol' America. (and no, the tobacco seeds are not imported either)
Marlboro Reds are my favourite cigarettes in the entire world, not just the taste, but that classic felling when you are smoking one. Although it could be harsh on your throat, its really soothing and great tasting full Marlboro flavour. Light it up, straight away you know that you are smoking Marlboro. "Welcome To Marlboro Country. "
I have been smoking Marlboro cigarettes for my entire "smoking career" (laugh out loud) and they simply do not compare to any other brand, and I've tried 50+ brands. By far, Marlboro is the king among peasants. A must-try for any smoker who's never tried one before. Although everyone's opinion regarding taste, smokeability, preferred nicotine/tar content, price, and overall enjoyment differ, I for one must admit that if Marlboro went out of business and every single one of their packs were gone, I would instantly quit smoking. I mean, if that actually happened I'm sure I would switch to whatever brand came the closest to a Marb, but my stance regarding them is solid and unwavering. To put it simply: I love Marlboro cigarettes because they are "the best of the best of the best". Now let's just forget about how all cigs KILL US ALL SLOWLY! I just love how we all pay to be murdered, but hey, it is what it is, and Marlboro is IT for me. The End (laugh out loud).
I smoke Marlboro red 100's.
After a cigarette I have a nice buzz for about 20 minutes. Also, if you're trying to smoke less you can just take a couple hits and feel satisfied.
The Marlboro is the best brand of cigarette for me that is my opinion for over two years of using it I am very satisfied every time I smoke I really enjoy it honestly I can smoke one pack of 10s a day even it is expensive it makes me happy I try other brand but still I stick to my friend that is Marlboro, they say smoking Marlboro can kill maybe he is my suspect when I am die young.
I have it all the time. Definitely my preferred brand of cigarettes. Marlboro Gold and Marlboro advanced are my personal favorites. All you smokers out there, give it try. I'm sure you'll love it the way I do.
Awesome, love it, Malboro is the best cigarette brand I ever smoked, but goldleaf is also a very good brand, if you ever try those gold leaf which are made by Pakistan Tobacco company you will start thinking to stop marlboro and start gold leaf.
Simply the best cigarette you can buy. They're classic come in a variety of flavors and always satisfy. My favorite is the reds they have a full flavor taste and feel. Also of you get the red 100s a lot of people will refuse to bum one from you because of there reputation as cowboy killers.
Smoking is a lifestyle, and marlboro is the best thing happened to the cigarette world. And that should also be a part of every smoking individual. I love the way it burns and the smoke is perfect, the nicotine composition gives you a head-rush, and that's the kind of smoke I love to puff.
Marlboro is hands down the best cigarette ever. I've been smoking for about 2 years now and I never seem to get enough of Marlboro. amazing, I tell you. I'm a Marlboro Golds smoker. Would love to get the taste of Southern Cuts but sadly they aren't available near me.
Its my favourite one. I usually use marlboro, one thing which always make me crazy is its filter. You would not trust upon me, since I interacted to marlboro I usually smoke 40 to 50 cigarettes daily and I think that its crazy features enhances smoking capacity inside me day by day.
Have been smoking Marlboro since I was fourteen - I'm 38 now. I've been a heavy smoker at times (mostly in my twenties), and other times a pack of cigarettes would last almost a fouthnight. Marlboro is smooth! It tastes and feels good even when you light a second cigarette immediately after you've flicked the first one. Marlboro is an undisputed winner here as far as I'm concerned. Lucky Strike and Camel are the runners-up. Prince, Gauloises and Blue Master along with a few no-brands I've tasted are cigarettes I don't like.
Malboro is always been a delicate cigarette as it is made with fine ingredients with a great taste which other brand cannot possess infact most of the people prefer marlboro throughout the world
I hate all of you dumb smokers! Smoking can give you lung cancer and a whole bunch of other stuff. You can die from smoking. Also, electronic cigarettes are even worse for you than regular cigarettes. They just said the electronic cigarettes are better for you to make more money.
Everything you do in life has some sort of danger, live your life have fun and enjoy. People have been smoking for many years. If it is your time to go, then so be it. Everything you do in life can kill you not just smoking. Keep the health nuts and government out of smokers lives. I might not like how you live your life, but if you are happy I will not comment and stay out.
Marlboro was smoked by James hunt a former formula 1 driver and ferrari had it advertised in its formula 1 car before the ban in cigarette advertising and when people think about cigarettes they think about marlboro
Marlboro for me is the best cigarette id ever smoked of my entire life. If cigarette smoking kills then I think Marlboro will kill me!
I love to smoke Marlboro.
Flip Top as they call it and the Soft Pack (filter kings) from the Philippines.It is the best in the world.
Marlboro is the best tasting cigarette there is nothing comes close to it. All I want to smoke is marlboro. If you want the good smooth taste get marlboro gold they are amazing.
Marlboro is my favorite smoking brand. I usually smoke it with a cup a coffee. I usually buy it online because of Marlboro cheap price and good taste
Always will be and always be the best cigarette in the world. My favorite is Marlboro RED they are best. If I choose between Marlboro or Camel I would chose Marlboro
I think Marlboro is the best! Marlboro reds have enough (not too much) tar to taste, it relieved my stress after a long walk, and every smoker I see has a Marlboro red on their lips most often
First cigarette I had was a red and I never needed to try another. I have, but I'll only pay for a pack of Marlboro Reds. Camels taste like stale dirt and F American spirits😝. Just saying.
By far my favorite brand ever. I started with Marlboro Reds tried some other brands but nothing could come close to Marlboro.
Marlboro lights the best. Benson Gold used to be fantastic but they changed the tobacco back in 1999-2001 when there was a tax rise and are now not as tasty.
These are the best cigarettes ever for real I thought these were the cigarettes that made me immortal for a fact! I will buy more of these cigarettes for sure good luck!