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Best city ever lot of quests can be earned and there are really good followers

Most of the first quests you get are from Whiterun. Whiterun probably has the largest population out of all the hold capitals. - Canuck101

Ok this is the best city ever. Its easy to get around, it's where my home is, and my wife also there, my friends the companions also live here, and I also think that it's the best place ever to play werewolf (when you go on a killing spree with beast form and destroy everything. )

It lame and it 0% lame

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Best city ever created in any Elder Scrolls games: with a real background, every NPCs are linked together, many quests... The only city in Skyrim to have two sides too: the "candy" one with honey references everywhere, autumn colours when it's sunny, animated market and a lot of people everywhere in the city... And a darkest one with the thieves guild, the fog, the ratway... Riften is the ultimate Elder Scrolls city!

Personal favourite of my, the way it's structured, the background of it, the mysteries, and most of all, the thieves guild. - LostDream258

There is a lot of crime here and its very often foggy but that's just what makes it more mysterious and cool.

The Rift is the best hold and Riften has some of the best quests.

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While I didn't like the imperial regime solitude is by far the most asstetically pleasing city in skyrim. its just so beautiful

I'm probably the most wanted person in the land in Solitude. They hate me because I murdered someone. How is that a crime? - Lem

It has so many beautiful buildings and nice people. A lot of shops! And a lot of quests!

Solitude, a beautiful city but I get in trouble there very often

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River wood is the best it the first town you play in freely and it is the most beautiful village and you can stay there at the blacksmiths or with the people that own the wood mill or when guards are there sleep in the sleeping bGs and like I said it so beautiful.

A big city for the main quest, also very friendly people, great scenery, and many quests. Riverwood was the first city that I came across in Skyrim (besides Helgen) and it was very welcoming.

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I found that Markarth was the only city to have an atmosphere. There were poor people living in the warrens, forsworn would attack, everybody would be working, it has an amazing investigation quest, which if you complete, a huge sort of civil war breaks out inside the city. Some of the citizens are actually part of a cannibal cult, you can buy war dogs and there are even massive dwemer dungeons in the jarl's keep. Not to mention the huge mountains, waterfalls and unique shrubbery. No other city in Skyrim can compete with Markarth.

It's kind of creepy, but maybe that's what makes it the most interesting city in Skyrim.

It has the house of horrors quest and the taste of death quest some of my favorites

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Falkreath is a beautiful naturery city and the piece of land called lakeview manor that you can buy is fun for you because some times giants,bandits and vampires come along and when you kill them they always have gold and other useful things on them

When you download the mod "Perfect Falkreath", the town turns out to be one of the best in Skyrim. - aldwych94

You can build a house there called lakeview manor and it has a daedras best friend which gets you either a really sick axe, or a mask, plus a dog as a follower

7Dragon Bridge

The scenery around the area is beautiful and the bridge looks really cool. This town is really underrated. - aldwych94


This place is terrible, its confusing, dull and full of annoying people - kempokid

Blood on the ice is like the best quest and it has the second biggest house

Windhelm is average but it has my favorite house Hjerim so that puts it on my top 5. - matthewwilliams2

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Ok who put helgen up here?! This place is where you died why would you put it up here?! And plus the place is ugly and its occupied by bandits... Not my kinda place.

Rorikstead isn't that great. But it sure as hell is better than this place. Anything is better than Helgen in this game. what people.

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11Shor's Stone

Me and Jarl wrinkly-face are best buds. I should buy a plot of land and make my beggar kid move there so I can hang out with my Jarly buddy. - Merilille

14Raven Rock

Raven Rock is cool it got cool mission like the cool blade and the hammer in you can a warrior pet...

Home of most of the Dunmer population of Skyrim, this mining colony features an ebony mine, as well as unique Redoran-themed buildings made of chitin.

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15Imperial City

This is far by the best city we've experienced in the Elder scrolls series. It has shops,gardens,mages and almost 25% of all oblivion quests! It also has that huge arena!

18Darkwater Crossing
20High Reach Keep
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