Top 10 Cities in the Middle East

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Beirut is absolutely the best city in the Middle East.. Hospitality, Nightlife, Beaches, International food... Its the Paris of the Middle east!
I totally agree... A city that is modern and antique at the same time! I simply love the city because it's a city that is very charming. Definitely a city everyone should visit in a lifetime.. Try to be more original and try Beirut instead of Paris!
Lebanese wife... Best food in the region, most beautiful coastline that I've ever seen, gorgeous mountains, and food that will redefine your religious beliefs.
[Newest]Amazing place, party capital of the Middle East, Amazing night clubs, Awesome music...

Truly amazing! Well worth your money! I really wich I could go back soon! The people there are generally quite nice and the cityscape is overwhelming!
It's the very best!
Except that it has the worst postal service in the civilized world.
Dubai is the heaven of middle east

Istanbul is an old city! And does have this days a lot of world wide business companies! In addition that it's have the best climate in middle east, and it's are a nationalities Complex! And we can not deny the nightlife in Istanbul! Also it is the 2nd largest city in the world with 13 million population!, and The best and the modernest transportation linking their parts to each other! And rather than that it's a Complex between East and West, and the more you search the more you get about Istanbul! As Napoleon said, "If the world was a single state, Istanbul were the capital"
Largest city and very nice and safe city and modern city
The city is perfect destination for the culture and history, it was capital city of byzantine and ottoman empire.

4Abu Dhabi
Clean, organized, has unique buildings that can also be world record and people are peaceful and friendly
Will be the most developed city in gcc one day
Loved it here. Very simply it's a living responsable entity that is united

According to a local Bahrani, Manama is "as you like". It's got a nice lived-in feel and is open like Dubai - and much less expensive!
Free place for every one

A truly phenomenal city! I felt right at home, and, blimey, I live quite a distance from Israel.
It is the best
Beautiful. Rich in culture and history

7Sharm el-Sheikh
Relax like you don't have a thing to do.
Nightlife, peacefulness, coral reefs, colourful fish, its simply a beauty given by nature!

Byblos is the most fantastic city in Lebanon. A very good shops, museums...
Byblos is the cradle of alphabet. I invite everybody to visit!

9Kuwait City
Kuwait city is the Middle East's bride.. there are the best malls in the Middle East.. I think The Avenues mall is thae best of the best in the Middle East.. it has also the tallest sclupted tower in the world " ALHAMRA".. The most braethtaking view of the sunset you can enjoy watching in The Kuwait towers.. 1010
Best cities in the world! Its more beautiful than New Jersey! Similar of newyork but in small city
It the best city ever!

Doha is one of the best places to live in. It is safe (al hamdullah), it has lots of shopping, the West Bay is amazing, everything in Doha is just great!. I would recommend you to visit Doha before the year 2022 because that's the year when Qatar is going to host the FIFA World Cup. I hope you visit Doha and love the city, and maybe want to live there!
Most amazing place in terms of safety and hospitality, great malls, beautiful beach, katana and pearl Qatar are must visit places.
Have one of the best corniche in the entire Middle East. I've been to the others, but I happen to it's the best. Most beautiful city lights during Qatar national days
Safe city friendly people will be the most developed city
Very stylish city.. an one of the most developed...

The Contenders

Its really really classy city I love been there and I got chocked I thought ill go to a forgotten city in the middle of the dessert but life over there was overwhelming big streets luxury cars tall towers eveywhere a lot of nice malls it's a city that I wont say no to live in everyday
I love riyadh cause it less expensive than other city in mid east
Big, clean, and more work type of city

Its really amazing city its more opened up than you think and people here are very generous with open mind and big hearts that's chocked me I love jedda everyday more and more they have the greatest malls ever night lifes never die privets island and beach over the weekend, you will never get bored here I love it

It's one of its kind! A must visit place and perfect place to call home... Great nation with great leader... Amazing beaches a lot things to do if you are out door... Cost if lyf is good. Muscat the best city in the gulf.
It's a unique city with beautiful mountains... Less traffic compared to other cities in Middle East
Its easy to say Muscat is your second home it's very clean and peaceful. Specially Omani people's are very friendly and polite with expats!

Top restaurants great nightlife and a study by badoo the world's most 24 hour city

Beautiful, up and coming city!
Clean, Organized, Stable and safe city. Booming nightlife scene as well as a good underground art scene including music, theater and stand-up comedy.
Most secured place in the region and gorgeous as well

Best city in middle east. With excellent Persian food and also modern city where you can relax Iranians call it city of light.
Very modern and clean metropolitan city.the living standards (housing, public transportation, medical facilities, ) in Tehran is way better than other middle eastern cities.
I have heard from lots of people who travelled to Tehran, they fell in love with the city. Another remark was about rich culture and friendly people of Tehran.
[Newest]Tehran was the best in Middle East

17Tel Aviv
No tel aviv should be number one because it is a very beiutiful city the buldings are like in new york. In beirut they crosse!



Its no4 safest place on world amman is very ugly and dirty
Best city in the world!

Tbilisi is an absolutely wonderful place to live. It is extremely inexpensive and the people are very hospitable. I lived there for three years, and after my husband finishes his military service, we will be making Tbilisi our permanent home. They international schools and universities. The food is fresh and inexpensive. I just can't say enough about how amazing this city is.
Not exactly Middle Eastern, but very beautiful nevertheless


Sana'a city has its own charater can not find it in any other city.


Beautiful coastal area with great beaches

Hurgada has awesome view at the red sea and contian very high hotels and resorts it is the best place to go to relax

Awssome city that every one will love...
Famous for many shooing malls..



Iran hamedan city -


Best city in Lebanon



Mashhad has very big shopping center same as padide




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