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41San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan had the Montreal Expos average attendance go up by 2,000 people! San Juan deserves a baseball team and Montreal.


Birmingham has no MLB team. The closest team is the Atlanta Braves. So people should not have to go all the way to Atlanta all the time for MLB. The Birmingham team should be in the American League.


Memphis should get a team because the people in Memphis go to St. Louis for the Cardinals. If Memphis gets a team, the Innerleague rival would be Nashville. In my opinion the Memphis team should be in the National League and the Nashville team in the American League.

44El Paso

Lol who the hell is the idiot who put this here? Hello? The Diamondbacks play in the heart of Phoenix!

49Jackson, MS
50Georgetown, MA

The Dallas area has a team in Arlington


This idea is just great. For one, half the people in Compton can't afford basic living, let alone extra money for baseball tickets. And imagine a gang just shooting up the entire crowd! This is the worst one the the entire list

53Port Angeles, WA

I don't think hunk this city is marked on a map

54Austin, TX

The people in Austin either go to Dallas for the Rangers and Houston for the Astros. Austin is a pretty big city in my opinion. Some good teams for Austin could be the Austin 35ers, Austin Innvoaters. The stadium could get built off of I-35 or be bulit in Round Rock. So when Austin has a team people do not have to all the way to Dallas or Houston for the Rangers or Astros.

55Mobile, AL

Mobile needs some pro-sports badly. They need MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS. The closest team to Mobile is probally the Atlanta Braves.

56Bristol, TN
57Montgomery, AL

This is the second time it has been on this list

58Moxahala, Ohio

No way. This city is in the middle of a forest!

It is perfect for a small town team

Ok, this one is just plain stupid. I live in Ohio and don't know where Moxahola is!

59Augusta, Maine
60Mexico City

Ok if we are Gonna shere with Canada why can't we share with Mexico

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