You guys are forgetting the best rap group of all time. Outkast. It's either this for Chi-Town.

T. I, B.O. B, young jeezy. Cee lo green, rosco dash, usher, keri hilson, you name it, we GOT IT.

Looking at other peoples lists of Atlanta rappers I can respect It but come on soulja boy? You're really gonna brag about having him?

Atlanta sucks. It took the dark Memphis underground gangsta joints into lame club pop music.

Atlanta is hot right now. Puts out big names consistently. Names with staying power. Atl is winning this rap thing

Atlanta is the rap/hip hop capital of the world... Houston is the fattest city in th world... I think ATL has better rappers. Or atleast thinner ones.

Everybody should already know this ATL have all the best RAPPER

atlanta is where 75% of the rappers came from houston is where maybe 5% came from - diddyk

ATL is witout a doubt # 1... and new orleans # 2... please

Atlanta hands down and their still getting money

Kanye was born in atlanta and T.i is one of the best rappers of all time

ATL produces the most main stream rappers

Atlanta is killing the rap game

ATL Hoe!... But foreal though, NYC and LA should be #1 & #2 ONLY because of population, but their time is up. The Hottest people are in the south and the world knows it!... And Atlanta is the capitol! (or is it "capital")... Yall get the point!... And whoever put Detroit and Houston up there like that must have been on that "girl".

Atlanta has the most rappers of any of the cities.

Way more famous rappers

People Sleep On the City Errbody Listen To Somebody From Atlanta. Ask anybody who they listen to from Atlanta they will tell you at least 5 rappers.

Atlanta has the most good/famous rappers

Killer Mike, Akon, B.O. B, T.I., Big Boi, Youn Jeezy, Waka Flaka, Yeezy was born here! We got Trinidad James, Soulja Boy, Travis Porter, Outkast, Andre 3000, Future, Roscoe Dash, Prynce Cyhi, Cee Lo Green, Kriss Kross, Gucci Mane, Kriss Kross, Lecrae, Lil Jon, Ludacris, Gambino, Even Kanye Was born here!

Kanye was born in atlanta

Having houston and detroit above atl is a joke.

Souija boy and a whole lot of other rappers on this list stink Ciara isn't even a rapper wake up

Ciara u are doing really good singing I bet good keep it up

Yall girly ATL fools don't no real gangsta. ATL is too much of a pretty name to be feared. Yall black bueissness sellout movie actors in crap.

Andre, Big Boi, T.I., and Luda have been at the top of the rap scene for a while. Usher and Cee Lo are killing the music industry (even though they're not technically rappers), the ladies (Ciara, Keri, Janelle, and of course Toni), and the best thing is the up and comers like Future, B.O.B., and 2 Chainz.

Hell, if Soulja Boy wasn't on Atlanta's list they'd probably be number 1