Top Ten Best Clash of Clans Strategy


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I have done this stratergy be for and it was the best good for getting cups and if you get a base with a lot of loot 100 persent gowiwi rules

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2Mass Dragons

The perfect clan wars strategy or for pushing cups. - thatnormalguy

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3Giant Healer

This helps me cause I'm only th7. I like to spice some lv3 wiz in there also.

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Hogs can only be stopped by double giant bombs, and clan castle troops

5Chief Pat's Farming Strategy

This works so awesome


Totally the best every good player does this attack

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The only strategy that Titans use. I don't understand how this isn't #1.

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8BarbarcherianV2 Comments
9Hog & Giant Healer
10Dragoons (Dragon+Balloons)

Unstoppables, easy three star strategy, I carry about 9:9 ratio and its awesome and the best - glambert

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11Hog & Valkyrie TeamV1 Comment

Lava hounds take out air defences than nothing but daylight for your minions and balloons

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15Town Hall SnipeV1 Comment
17Mass Balloons

TERRIBlE strategy, ESPECIALLY with th 8 and up. Too many air definitely

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18Drage (Drag+Rage)

Great For Th8 looking to Attack A Th7, Especially with a few lightning spells in there. Should be #2 Behind GoWipe

19Hog Archer

Should be hogiantarcher, so that giants distract the defences, hogs destroy defences and archers cleans out the rest.

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