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41 Lightning Spell

People who do not have th5 do not get a spell factory until you have enough for rage lightning spell sucks

Same here I used to spawn a barb near my enemys clan castle the drop a lightning spell

I usually kill clan castle troops(if there is some? and then send Giants and then drop a lightning spell on the morter or the wizard(which ever is annoying me more)then send everything else it might change when I upgrade my town hall more

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42 Freeze Spell

Freeze spell is nice for stoping those powerful defenses from attacking until u got those pesky little defenses down.

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43 Kleptomaniac

Same thing as a Goblin, but won't give you your loot after battle.

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44 Yeti

Good troop yetis should shoot freeze spells

They are the troops most likely to exist. So they are the boss.

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45 Goblin King

Never used it but I bet it will be able to take a lot of loot from your opponents base.

Should spawn goblins when raged

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46 Cheese

I'm pretty sure cheese is a dairy product not a troop. What would it do? Hop around and smash things.

Easily the best troop in the game. Should he #1 followed by the dragon.

I think dis is best troop is clash of clans easily. Why is dragon on top!?! Chese would beat dragon any day... 11/10 IGN COC EDITION

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47 Builder's Hut

Builders hut isn't a troop. However it is very useful if u want to upgrade more than 2 things at a time.

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48 Dark Barracks

Dark barracks are great they give you better and stronger troops you get it a th7

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49 Reaper

This troop was actually leaked a couple months ago but no one yolk and interst it is basically a barbarian and arcer out together but it's reaping stick has a longer reach than archer arrows. And, wait for it... It only costs 6 DE! What?

It's very nice just so power ful that destroys a Archer tower of Lev 6in one attacvk

50 Daydreamer

Sends troops to fight should be number 5

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51 Hydra

7 headed dragon can destroy mortar max level in 1 hit. When he died he splits into 3 just like golem and lack hound.

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52 Heavy

Has more health than Giants, Springtrap stands no chance. Can be used as meat shield for wizards. Wait! do they even exist in Clash of Clans?

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53 Russia

No idiots why is this on here lol we got s condiment

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54 Healing Spell

Healing spell rocks! Great with hog riders.

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55 Pyromancer

Its like a wizard but instead it shoots out lava!

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57 Centaur
58 Knight Mare

The best of the best tougher than a dragon and faster than a goblin Knight Mare was once struck by lightning and turned from a regular knight to Knight Mare.

Because it's fast and it says it deals a lot of damage

59 Wizard Lord

Have you made new inventions? Farmer Barbarian then Goblin Prince the king Pekka then Prince Wizard Noe Wizard lord

60 Scorcher V 1 Comment
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