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The prince SUCKS. The prince is only good if your opponent is a noob and uses the royal giant (The prince will kill the royal giant easily and then go attack your opponent's tower,) The prince can be countered so easily with cheap troops, it costs 5 elixir and does not have that much health. It may seem good in arenas 1-5 but he is so easily stopped. The mini pekka is a lot better when used properly

When first starting the game, the prince might seem great but in arena 6 and above he sucks.

Understand that the prince is an epic card and EPIC CARDS ARE 20 TIMES MORE RARE THAN RARE CARDS. When starting off, common and rare cards' level will be quite even to prince's level but its practically impossible to get prince to lv 3 before you reach the point where the prince just sucks

When your below 1500 trophies this card is good. But when you get above 2000 this card is super easy to counter. Shouldn't be number one. Sparky should be number one definitely - TheHabsFan

Easy to be countered, unless you play it with support card and have a big elixir advantage. Not the best.

Prince are bad than skeleton armies and witches. THE ARE SUCKS!

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This is a horrible card. Super easy to counter. Not much health. And it costs six - TheHabsFan

Its really hard to get X-bow to target your opponent's tower. it can be used to snipe a bomb tower or inferno tower but mortar in cheaper. In my opinion this should be number two on the list as worst cards

I got to agree with you. it's the worst unless used right or the other guy isn't trying

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3Baby Dragon

This card is not horrible, but it isn't the best. It has moderate everything but once up to arena 6 to 9 it's pretty useless if not played correctly

Baby dragon is an AWESOME card in lower arenas and still good in higher arenas only when used properly.

If you can counter a push with a baby dragon and some other troops, and have the baby dragon not take any damage after countering, you can place a tank in front of him then start your own push using the troops you countered your opponent's push with

This guy can be an awesome airborne tank which is very helpful against hordes or giants. Combine this with a (Mini-) P.E.K.K.A. behind it and the tower is done for.

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A level one witch summons level 6 skeletons. Deploy her to counter a prince, after that the witch will still survive and would only take one hit from a prince, no you can deploy a giant in front of her after countering the prince

This woman is not bad as it seems. When played wise, together with hordes or something like that, this can be very useful. Also, never underestimate her Skeletons she spawns, they can be very nasty.

The witch is so good but underrated. the witch's skeletons can do a lot of damage if nothing is shooting it. When play properly you can use the witch for both defense and offense, and it you can get a witch to stay alive after stopping your opponent's attack, you can stick a giant (or giant skeleton)in front of it, that's how some people got to arena 6 as a level one, yo

She is hot like my mom

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This card is pretty great for lower arenas, but if you kill the troops behind it quickly, almost anything could counter it. Though its still pretty great, but its brother -Royal Giant- beats him to it.

Try to counter prince with witch, witch survives, stick giant in front of witch. Then watch what happens to your opponents tower.

Really good card. Good for using it like a wall and putting troops behind it and does good damage to the towers - TheHabsFan

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Definitely not the most effective, but also my favorite. I use Golem, Princess, Wizard, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Fireball, and the pump.

In my opinion Golem SUUCKS, but I keep getting golem from chests, I could almost get it to level 3 but I never want a level 3 golem

I've never lost against a golem and iv played them 7 times. It doesn't deserve to be 7th - TheHabsFan

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7Dark Prince

The dark prince is good with the prince because if troops like skeleton army's come in the dark prince will destroy

Much mor ersatz or than the price, and is cheaper. Offers less performance though.

Dark prince is usually pretty bad but it can be used quite well - TheHabsFan


This is a horrible card so easy to counter. It should be in the top ten worst cards - TheHabsFan


No doubt that sparky and princess are the most effective cards. The only easy way to destroy the Sparky is using Minion Horde. Prince is just good for arena 1,2,3,4 and every good player knows that X-Bow is almost the "Worst" card in the game. (Skeletons are even more useful)

Sparky sucks. Zap is a simple easy too recharge his charge, and you can surround sparky with skeletons, as it will need to use 3 shots (the Sparky's radius is not that large) a simple Goblins Zap, Mini PEKKA zap, Zap Megaminion can all take this card out. Sparky is the world legendary. Ice Wiz and Miner are the best, in terms of usability.

Sparky is legendary and does a lot of damage. - DynamicDuo

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10Three Musketeers

To much elixir and easy to counter usually - TheHabsFan

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This is my all-time favourite card. Loads of HP and tons of damage. If it gets to the tower, you will probably get the tower down during the game. But she's a girl, Joking - TheHabsFan

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12Hog RiderV3 Comments
13Minion Horde

Should be number 1-5 on this list, so good

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A very useful card when dealing with hordes like princess,skeleton army,goblins,goblin barrel,spear goblins and pretty much anything else that is low-health troops


It counters sparky and has an awesome shield, good with the giant

One of my favorites because it works well with giants and poison spells they have shields and there SKELOTENS haloween spirit

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18Lava Hound

Why does it last. I use it and it is really god with a miner. How is the MORTAR higer

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