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21 P.E.K.K.A.

This is my all-time favourite card. Loads of HP and tons of damage. If it gets to the tower, you will probably get the tower down during the game. But she's a girl, Joking - TheHabsFan

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22 Ice Wizard

This Cards Is the most OP card in the game!

23 Minion Horde
24 Lava Hound

Why does it last. I use it and it is really god with a miner. How is the MORTAR higer

25 Miner V 1 Comment
26 Arrows

A very useful card when dealing with hordes like princess,skeleton army,goblins,goblin barrel,spear goblins and pretty much anything else that is low-health troops

27 Mini P.E.K.K.A

I think most of the people here are on crack, this card is beast. 10X better than the PEKKA. I'm in legendary arena with this card, so anyone that is not in legendary arena has no room to speak. If you want to get to legendary arena than here's my deck: Ice Wizard, Prince, Hog Rider, Mini PEKKA, Rage, Arrows, Musketeer, & Skeleton Army. You have to know what your doing in order to use this deck, don't just place the skeleton army at random points or don't put a Mini PEKKA on the other side of the field when you know there's a prince or giant skeleton on the opposite side (That's just common sense.), don't place the Rage on random troops or on low-health troops, don't throw arrows at Princesses, use them on Minion Hordes, etc.

This should be in the top tens because 1. It can take down anything except skeleton army 2. It is more active than a pekka and 3. It does loads of damage

I guess this is good with arena 5 and under

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28 Guards

It counters sparky and has an awesome shield, good with the giant

One of my favorites because it works well with giants and poison spells they have shields and there SKELOTENS haloween spirit

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29 Lumberjack

You guys are sad. The lumberjack can take down any other Melee troop in the game under 5 elixir AND drops a rage spell after death. A 6 elixir value easily, the lumberjack is hands down the best card in clash royale.

He is easily just overpowered he has a rage affect he is very fast his attack speed is the best and does somewhere around 200 damage practicaly a elite barbarian on steroids

30 Archers
31 Giant Skeleton

Was one of my favourite cards when in arena 1-3 now I extremely rarely use the guy I would say 30th rank

32 Musketeer

This is too shocking for me that this so below :( faithful trusty musketeer

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33 Cannon

Even though it got nerfed 5 times in arow it is still very useful - Triceratops

34 Goblin Hut
35 Tombstone
36 Barbarian V 1 Comment
37 Bomber
38 Canon
39 Fire Spirits V 1 Comment
40 Balloon

The balloon is the ultimate comeback card, anyone who says otherwise can eat my socks.

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