Top 10 Classic Mega Man Games

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1Mega Man 2

I will never forget this game. It's so cool! Perfect graphics, irresistible music, a very high nostalgia cause, very inspiring & creative, strong robot masters, fantastic gameplay and very memorable remdoels! This game is an instant classic. I would recommend this game to everyone and give this game a 100+/100 score.

2Mega Man 3

Mega Man 2 is overrated. Mega Man 3 was classic.

3Mega Man 7

Classic game bad news is its rare

4Mega Man 5
5Mega Man

I don't know why I love megaman one but I think its because of its fresh ideas that are used in almost every megaman game or the amount of time I've put into it. Its not my favourite ( that honor goes to megaman x4 and megaman 3 ) but its still up there and it deserves more praise. - attackonmetroid

It's my favorite because I enjoy everything about it,mega man 2 had that irritating walls boss and 3 had those doc robots

6Mega Man 4
7Mega Man 9

What a comeback for the series! Genius idea to go old school after the disappointment of 7 and 8. 6 was decent but the worst of the NES Mega Mans. 10 was good but not quite as good as 9. Mega Man 9 should be considered the crowning Jewel of the Mega Man series. - stellaryarn

8Mega Man 10
9Mega Man 8
10Mega Man 6

One of the most underrated Mega Man games of all time. People just didn't give this one a chance because it was on old hardware. That doesn't mean that the game will be bad.

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11Mega Man & Bass

Oh the good memories that I had with this game.

12Mega Man V
13Mega Man X2
14Mega Man X4
15Mega Man X
16Mega Man X5
17Mega Man X3
18Mega Man X8
19Mega Man X6
20Mega Man: The Wily Wars
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1. Mega Man 9
2. Mega Man 3
3. Mega Man 2
1. Mega Man 8
2. Mega Man 10
3. Mega Man V
1. Mega Man 7
2. Mega Man 2
3. Mega Man 10

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