Top Ten Classic Songs We'd Like to Hear Current Artists Cover

As great as the classics are, sometimes it's enlightening to hear a fresh perspective. When adding songs, please use this format: Title - Current Artists (Original Artist).

Thank you to PositronWildhawk, with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating on this list.

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1Because - Animal Collective (The Beatles)

AnCo would do a stunning version of this, in my opinion. Their harmonies are even better than the Beatles, and they would add a pinch of weirdness, transforming a great song into an incredible song. - PetSounds

2People Are Strange - Royksopp (The Doors)

Royksopp really have a talent for everything. It would definitely show in this! - PositronWildhawk

3Ashes to Ashes - Massive Attack (David Bowie)

Bowie's original is excellent, but Massive Attack would turn it into a trip-hop masterpiece. - PetSounds

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4The Sound of Silence - Fleet Foxes (Simon and Garfunkel)

The Sound of Silence has also been covered by Disturbed

FF would do a more down-tempo, progressive version, with more harmony. - PetSounds

5Roxanne - Morgan Page (The Police)

MP did an excellent cover of Message In A Bottle, and it got me thinking, he could do this to good effect. - PositronWildhawk

6Everybody Hurts - Moby (R.E.M.)

Nice cover of this. What a masterpiece! - DynastiNoble

7Sunshine Superman - Temples (Donovan)

Donovan's version lacks an edge, which Temples' lo-fi retro sound would provide. - PetSounds

8California Girls - Blind Guardian (The Beach Boys)

They already covered Surfin' U.S.A. and Barbara Ann, so why not California Girls, too? It's a great song.
I really loved the previous renditions by Blind Guardian because The Beach Boys songs sounded refreshed and current.
Blind Guardian is an excellent band that was influenced by The Beach Boys vocal harmonies in their original recordings. - Metal_Treasure

9Highway Star - Primal Fear (Deep Purple)

Primal Fear already covered Deep Purple's "Speedking" and it was awesome. Now I know the singer can scream not worse than Ian Gillan, the guitarists can handle the solo (which is not an easy solo), and their sick drummer would speed it up for the better.

I really wanna hear Highway Star done in modern metal style with all the extras of current recording technology. Primal Fear also showcase a great production, resulting in their crystal clear sound.
Give a listen to their version of 'Speedking' and their original song 'Strike', and be convinced. - Metal_Treasure

10Bird of Prey - Blind Guardian (Uriah Heep)

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?Nights in White Satin - Jackie Evancho (Moody Blues)
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11Stairway to Heaven - Blind Guardian (Led Zeppelin)

Blind Guardian original stuff is epic and complex, so I'm sure they can do the best cover of this iconic song.
I also have in mind a Led Zep cover that the singer did with his 2nd band, and this cover is the best available:
Demons & Wizards - Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover) - Metal_Treasure

12Does Your Mother Know - Edguy (Abba)

This ABBA song is so playful and energetic.
The singer of Edguy already covered an ABBA song with his 2nd band and he sounded great.
Check out:
Avantasia - Lay All Your Love On Me (ABBA cover). - Metal_Treasure

13Kashmir - Iced Earth (Led Zeppelin)

This riff just needs Jon Schaffer's touch! And Matt Barlow's huge voice would take this song to a whole another level of epicness.
Iced Earth - Damien. - Metal_Treasure

14Damien Jurado - Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan)

Dylan's original, while undoubtedly a classic, tends to grate after a while. I'd like to hear Jurado perform it in the style of his Caught in the Trees album. - PetSounds

15Communication Breakdown - Wolfmother (Led Zeppelin)

I can't imagine a better cover version of this song because the voice of Andrew Stockdale reminds of Robert Plant a lot (the closest I've ever heard). Give a listen to 'Woman' by Wolfmother and you will agree that Andrew could be called Robert Plant Jr. - Metal_Treasure

16Sympathy - Northern Kings (Uriah Heep)

The beautiful, expressive and powerful tenor voice of Jarkko Ahola would sound amazing on this song. - Metal_Treasure

17Armin van Buuren - Blue Monday (New Order)

Maybe with a similar intro to Hold On To Me. - PositronWildhawk

18While My Guitar Gently Weeps - OneRepublic (The Beatles)

This Would Be Good - BeatlesFan1964

19Bye Bye Bye - Royksopp (*nsync)
20Coma Black - The Dillinger Escape Plan (Marilyn Manson)

Why because Gil is in Manson's band now?

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1. Because - Animal Collective (The Beatles)
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3. California Girls - Blind Guardian (The Beach Boys)
1. Because - Animal Collective (The Beatles)
2. Ashes to Ashes - Massive Attack (David Bowie)
3. People Are Strange - Royksopp (The Doors)



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