Top 10 Classic Tom and Jerry Episodes

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The Top Ten

Kitty Foiled
I like this episode


2The Little Orphan

3Solid Seranade

4Pecos Pest

5That's My Mommy
I just LOVE this episode!


6Texas Tom

7Little School Mouse

8A Mouse In the House

9The Flying Sorceress

10Quiet Please!

The Contenders

11Pet Peeve

12Salt Water Tabby

13Flirty Birdy

14Muscle Beach Tom

15Mouse For Sale

16The Million Dollar Cat

17Mouse In Manhattan

18Saturday Evening Puss

19The Two Mouseketeers

20Tot Watchers

21Tom and Chérie

22His Mouse Friday

23Advance and Be Mechanized

24The Milky Waif

25The Truce Hurts

26That's My Pup

27Cat Fishin'

28Safety Second

29Just Ducky

30Southbound Duckling

31Happy Go Ducky

32The Vanishing Duck

33The Flying Cat

34Hatch Up Your Troubles

35Love That Pup

36Mouse From H.U.N.G.E.R

37The A-Tom-Inable Snowman

38Little Quacker

39Mouse Cleaning

40Professor Tom

41Cue Ball Cat

42Casanova Cat

43Touche, Pussy Cat

44The Mouse Comes to Dinner

45Buddies Thicker Than Water

46Sorry Safari


48Busy Buddies

49Barbecue Brawl

50Cat and Dupli-Cat

51Pup On a Picnic

52Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse

53Jerry and the Goldfish

54The Bowling-Alley Cat

55The Duck Doctor

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