Greatest College Football Coaches of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Bear Bryant

Bear Bryant won 6 national championships. Nick Saban will probably win 8 or 9 before he retires.

Perhaps the greatest coach at three schools (Kentucky, A&M, and Bama). - tribe95

2 Knute Rockne

The gold standard for coaching now and forever. - tribe95

3 Bobby Bowden

Only two titles, but the consistency of FSU from the late 80s to the early 2000s is unmatched. - tribe95

4 Dr. Tom Osborne

Was scrutinized for years for bowl choking, but length of tenure, consistent finishes of Huskers in upper echelon of college football make him worthy of inclusion. - tribe95

5 Pop Warner

Built exceptional teams at several schools, most notably Carlisle, Pittsburgh, Cornell, and Stanford. - tribe95

6 Woody Hayes

The embodiment of Buckeye football can lay claim to many, many successful years. - tribe95

7 Fielding Yost

Built Michigan into football factory it is today, won several national titles. - tribe95

8 Joe Paterno

Legacy is now in question, but he had Penn State consistent winners from Nixon to Obama administrations. - tribe95

9 Frank Leahy

All he did was win, both at Notre Dame (four titles) and Boston College. - tribe95

10 Howard Jones

Oft-forgotten, won national titles with three schools (Yale, Iowa, and USC) - tribe95

The Contenders

11 Bo Schembechler
12 Nick Saban
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