Top Ten Colognes for Men


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The Top Ten

Aqua Di Gio - Giorgio Armani
The best smell ever! It is a light smell, LOTS of comments from women. It is NOT a cheap cologne full of water. Even after washing your clothes... you can smell it. GOOD STUFF! PROMISE!
My Girlfriend loves it. This one makes it happen


Being a woman let me tell you this cologne smells good on most men. This scent smells good to every woman I know and if we smell it on you then trust me, it ups your chances. Expensive, but worth it for the higher-quality tail that you will win wearing it
[Newest]Smells really good, strong but not overpowering. Good stuff!

2Le Male - Jean Paul Gaultier
Sex in a bottle. Women love this stuff!
I own this one and its amazing! Many people complimented this and started to love this beautiful scent. It's my second cologne. I've also azzaro chrome which is still very good but Le male is better I think...
Awesome own it trust me... I got compliment from a person who hates me... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... Best time to wear is night party's... Or on A DATE... best fragrance of chanel!
[Newest]Love this on my husband!

3Fierce - Abercrombie
I think it is a very underrated, but yet extremely great fragrance that can compete with other levels of men cologne. I also think that for it's price range(80$ for 3.7oz) is also a very good thing. I think it is much better then other it's most competitors like SoCal by Hollister. And honestly you can be as ugly as a dog, and this will get you women easily!
This one is definitely the best. It's kinda expensive but it smells awesome. Everyone gives me compliments ^_^
This truly is one of the cleanest sexiest smells, depends on your body chem, nice light feel on the body. I met a lady once and she just smiled and I could see the gleam in her eyes, as she looked at me. Smelling yummy is a good thing and this one is a winner.
[Newest]If you don't own this cologne, every time you walk in a Abercrombie store you will instantly get a whiff of this excellent cologne and how good it smells. Its affordable and a must for any collection

4The One by Dolce & Gabbana
Easily a top 3 fragrance. Very smooth sweet scent.

Not sweet as a gourmand yet still sweet. Longevity may be a little sketchy at times. With the proper amount of spray it will last all day.
This is the most amazing smelling cologne I have ever had. My dad gave me it as a gift and after I finished the bottle he gave me I went to the store and bought 4 more just so if I run out, I wont have to go a day without it. This cologne will get ladies practically in your pants. It is truly amazing. If jesus used cologne, I'm sure this would be his choice.
Women truly enjoy this cologne, I always get great feedback and sniffs from the ladies
[Newest]Light smile not bad

51 Million By Paco Rabanne
This cologne is extremely appealing to women. I've had moments where I have been to the strippers, and theyve all sad on my lap because of its amazing smell. Other times were this girl I used to date just licked my neck because she loved the smell laugh out loud. Needless to say, ill be buying one million for a long time.
This stuff is AMAZING! If you've never had the pleasure of it's scent wafting through your nostrils, you've been missing out! Do yourself a favor and get this before it gets too popular, then you can say that you discovered it before everybody else did!
This is actually sick man
[Newest]You know it's good when other males ask what kind of cologne your wearing

6L'Eau D'Issey - Issey Miyake
My personal favorite. The ladies enjoy it. What more do you need than having her want to talk to you more... Just because you smell nice?
Bought this one after reading reviews on the internet... Absolutely beautiful! The fragnance takes you to another world, will definitely suggest this one to anyone who wants to have a signature fragnance.
Was my sig frag for years. Always got compl. I have been trying a lot of new stuff to take its place but no luck so far. I also found that this mixes great with other frags to create your own sent. I use to mix it with blv blue and get tons of comp
[Newest]Pure manliness and instant attraction!

7Cool Water - Davidoff
I'm 65 years old and when I wear Cool Water the young ladies comment on how brilliant it smells. Their boyfriends were then more than obliged to purchase their own. They did not want to be outclassed by the older guys!
The ladies always approve. You cannot go wrong with Cool Waater by Davidoff. Some smoker friends have also said it somehow has an odd fusion with the smell of cigarette smoke and doesn't start to smell bad after a light but instead smells good.
positive comments from women


[Newest]Yes this drives the women wild!

8Dolce & Gabbana - D&G
A great all time classic! Made in 1994 but still modern enough for today. Women at my office smile when I walk in, enough said
Ellegant, attractive, makes you be noticed whereverer you gou. Appropiate for men who like a strong and powerful smell.
My son sticks to this after trying all the newer Dept store colognes. Including the celebrity lines. He didn't bother any longer. As a woman and mom it smells great.
[Newest]Its fresh manly scent not overpowering but strong fresh clean smell a manly man scent man

9A*Men by Thierry Mugler
Every where I go people say they love my smell... Even the top sellers of AMEN admits its the best smelling cologne, Its a surprise how I don't see this in the top ten. But again am happy because the best products in the world is only known by a few.
Honestly this is the best cologne I've ever tried.. I've got a lot of compliments from women.. The scent never goes away and that's what I like about it. It stays on forever women go crazy about it. Literally you can go months without washing your shirt and the smell will still stay on.
How this wasn't on the list I'd beyond me.

10Hugo - Hugo Boss
Oh yes... My date is likely to get laid for wearing this. Laugh out loud!


Should be ranked #1 best cologne on here with Gio at #2
If you have never smelled this stuff do yourself a favor a find this stuff probably one of the most underrated fragrances of all time I think they even sell this stuff at Walmart now laugh out loud crazy!
Hugo by Hugo Boss is one of the best well-balanced male fragrances of all times and can be worn by any person in anytime-anywhere.
[Newest]Gets the ladies ready already my wife loves the smell of this stuff trust me I'm married lol

The Contenders

11Sean Jean Unforgivable
Amazing, simply amazing. Got this as a gift and instantly all of my friends that had put me in the friend-zone saw me differently, in a much much better way. This cologne is hidden yet strong so your presence is known but you don't outdo your stay.
A great smelling cologne for everyday wear... a very distinct smell that get women to turn their heads
Made one of my first dates not so uncomfortable.. The smell pulled her in to lay on my chest during the movie! Pricey but well worth it.
[Newest]This cologne always get compliments no matter where I'm at! This can easily be an top 3 choice

12Eternity - Calvin Klein
A very crisp smell, but not 'in your face'. It never fails to attract a compliment.
A great fragrance to wear to work - light, citrus smell that develops into a more subtle fragrance by the end of the work-day.
The ultimate perfume. I've owned one since 1991. 8 out of 10 women would recognize it.
Very nice fragrance and not over the top.

13Guilty by Gucci
A balanced fragrance with hints of citrus, alcohol and woody aroma. The smell lingers for a long time and leaves a signature trail behind you!
I wear this every day and I get tons of people who give me hugs, just so they can smell me! Definitely worth the money!
This cologne is one of my favorites & it's not cheap! Well worth every dime spent! I love it so much!

14Emporio Armani - Giorgio Armani
Smells real good, makes my nose buds tingle.
Its a classic that smells great and will get you plenty of compliments

15Armani Code Black
I just love this cologne each time my husband wears it I just want to be close to him it's sweet
This cologne is the best by giorgio armani
My first cologne. I love it, but haven't gotten any comments unless I'm hugging someone :/
[Newest]My favorite. I love it when my husband wears it.

16Obsession For Men - Calvin Klein
Yes, Its been around forever and is the one all other colognes compare to... Mellow and sweet is how I would describe it... A must smell!

17L'homme Yves Saint Laurent by Yves Saint Laurent
I can't think of any other cologne that smells better than YSL. I first test it in Carson's and have been stuck every since then. I can't really describe the smell. It's kind of sweet with a touch of spicy. I highly recommend it and don't see how it's not on this list.
This is personally my all time favorites and my main go to.
They all smell nice this one is my favorite a least for now
[Newest]The best hands down...

18Homme Sport - Christian Dior
Just bought this one today and love it already! Several complements in the 1st few hours. Careful how much you use as it is really powerful and can be over whelming.
Bought it and smells define.

19Hugo Red
Verry nice, I like boss every guy should have a Hugo boss in his collection.

20CH Him - Carolina Herrera

21Polo Sport - Ralph Lauren
It is a fresh-clean man fragrance having good longevity and sillage
this smell is like an aphrodisiac!


This is a bottle of Masculinity.. I feel like a cow boy
[Newest]My girlfriend Loves it when I spray this, and then things go on all smooth an magical between us ;) (IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN)

22Boss - Hugo Boss
What can I say? This cologne is BOSS of all smells.

23Hero - Prince Matchabelli

24Gucci Made to Measure
These is one of gucci's best smelling colognes, it's really under rated but it's one of a kind for me!

25The One - Dolce & Gabbana


27Diesel Fuel for Life
Amazing scent! Raspberry and vanilla with a little musk. 2 sprays max women LOVE this smell.

28Polo Blue - Ralph Lauren
Magical unique I feel happy when I put it!
It smell so good ladies love it and man love it where ever I go I get the best complements its freash, lovely
So clean and fresh. Makes you poop your pants.

29Versace Pour Homme
People obviously haven't tried this. Best cologne ever made for men in their 20's. Asked 3 girls at 3 different fragrance stores and they all mentioned this as THE BEST - one mentioned it along with davidoff coolwater and other with polo but Versace PH is the weapon.
Truly underrated and absolutely great smelling. With over 150 different perfumes this in my top 3! Can be worn both in a casual attire or classy suit. Great projection, silage and longevity. A must try. Not to be confused with other versace scents. This is called Homme.
Yeah, coolest smell - both formal and sporty... Similar to chanel allure homme sport

30Hugo Just Different

31Blue Stratos

32Polo Black - Ralph Lauren
This one is awesome, it's a must for any mans collection. You could wear this for a night out or to work for that young urban professional feel and smell.
Polo black has a personality of its own. I can demand attention from the opposite sex when I walk by.
If you are looking for that up town, sophisticated chick in a bar. Splash a little Polo Black on and you will be dropping pantiesso fast a strobe light will be need to see it fall.

33Fahrenheit - Dior
I never cared for any men's fragrances until I smelled Fahrenheit. , I crave the smell now. It's fresh, clean and sexy. I get aroused by the smell. I have smelled many men's fragrances but they all smell the same 2 me, fake and unnatural. Fahrenheit is absolutely amazing!
Want people to run from you? Want them to think you're the only one not in on the joke? Wear this. wear more than one spray of this and risk alienating everyone around you. this is a gasoline/petroleum nightmare that seems to never want to go away. body heat reactivates it, so if you happen to be so smart as to wear before heading to the gym or on a hot day, there will be a 20 foot bubble of nasty surrounding you the entire day. pass.
It smells so good, and it has been around for a long time and people love it, including me. My dad has always wore it and it is also quite strong. Perfect smell.
[Newest]My favorite cologne for 20 years. It doesn't matter what new scents come out, this one stands the test of time.

34Dior Homme Intense
This is definitely a compliment getter. It gives off a lipstick-y vibe, which is the flowery iris, but every time I wear it out, I get noticed every time. It's rich and sophisticated and it lasts forever. Get your nose on it, and buy a bottle when you see one. Don't let this slip through your fingers!
Fantastic scent but hard to find!

35Nautica Voyage
Something about this cologne immediately grabbed my attention. It has top notes of melon, which fade into a nice mellow base. My favorite daytime cologne so far.
Wonderful fresh fragrance without that "cologny" smell... It is bright, aquatic, even fruity. Best fragrance in years, and way better than regular Nautica, which I do not care for.
Very fresh and smell so nice.

36Joop Homme

37Bleu de Chanel
This offer by Chanel is an all around woody aromatic people pleaser and woman are definitely attracted to it!
A great signature scent. And its a pantie dropper.
Great for the day, I love its freshness, but longevity is not long on me.
[Newest]Ver y good small

38Burberry Brit
Very nice but there shouldn't be such a strong smell of pepper.
Very Sophisticated fragrance and pretty long lasting

39Creed Green Irish Tweed
Creed is one of the oldest perfume houses in the world, having started in 1760. They use the best ingredients and create the most unique fragrances. Unfortunately, many of their fragrances are in turn ripped off by second or third rate wannabee's like Sean John, who notoriously ripped off Creed's Millesime Imperial. Davidoff's Cool Water is a complete rip off of Green Irish Tweed, which is much classier.
I've received many compliments when wearing this fragrance, which is quite unusual because honestly, who takes the time to compliment anyone these days?
The scent lasts all day and even I catch a whiff of it from time to time. A real winner.
This is a unisex perfume that changes its smell as it mellows out women LOVE this perfume... yes perfume... not all perfumes are for women
[Newest]Best fragrance on the planet. A gem! ##

40The One Sport - Dolce & Gabbana

41Mont Blanc Starwalker

42D & G Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana
Amazing smell! Very soft, yet alluring.. The sent is intoxicating. There's nothing I love more than a man who smells of light blue.
Smells Amazing, this calogne is an old one but still very popular like the aqua de gio!

43Polo Red - Ralph Lauren
Best ralph lauren scent thus far and that's saying a lot.
Easily the best of the Polo Flankers. energetic, fresh, great gym scent or out running errands scent. lasts and lasts. gorgeous fruit notes. in my person top 10.

44Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Gianni Versace
The absolute best smelling, fresh cologne I have ever used. I have been using this solely for about 2 years now and it never fails to get compliments. This is definitely a top ten cologne.
Criminally underrated and is miles better than Versace Pour Homme. Compliment getter for sure.


46CK One Shock for Him
It is sweet but masculine, very nice thanks to the tobacco. It has a great longevity and projects well.
"its an incredible smell, gives a man a fresh scent, perfect to attract a woman. " ;)
Its very modern sweet sexy and edgy at the same time.. I love it..

47Bond No 9 New Haarlem
It's like walking into a Starbucks... Coffee with something sweeten it up and some cookies or baked goods being well, baked. Definitely gourmand and makes your mouth water up and everyone will notice that you are wearing it at a 8 feet radius.

48Black Night Classic - Marquise Letellier
The Most Affordable on this List, but does the job For me... I Love my Perfume: the Black Knight Original!


49Pi - Givenchy
Pi should be in the top 3 I own 12 different colognes and I but this over polo sport. burrberry Brit. and every other cologne on this list only colognes better then pi is unforgivable and the original polo cologne
Very nice and the women love it. I wear it to work and going out, and always get compliments.
This was a little too floral & feminine for my tastes, was very disappointed...

50Dunhill - Dunhill
I love it. It's for the real man. There's nothing feminine about it at all. It has a strong smell for a strong man. Get it when you're comfortable with yourself. You're definitely making a statement about your security, when you're wearing Dunhill.
Girls always say I smell good when I where it

i call this the "get some cologne", because whenever my husband wears this he is sure to
"get some"
I buy this perfume by an accident. At the first I thought this perfume wont accompany me for so long. But after the first impression of this perfume smell, then I think I love it cause it's smell so good, even my girlfriend love this smell so much.
I consider this a masterpiece although in really humid/hot temps it can turn a bit cloying (sickeningly sweet) so be careful... Probably best for cooler temps even though it's considered a summer scent, because it can cut through just about anything...

If you smell curve original the first time is like you get the feel of your heart releasing a clam energy to a full body relaxation which will start your day with confidence. I would rate this cologne 10/10 because is not too strong and it has just the right balance scent. So smelling a strong cologne from a distance smells "good" because is balance but as soon you get next to him, you will get a headaches but curve on the other hand is way different because you could smell it from a distance and when you get closer to someone that wear/use curve it won't give you any headache.
The origional curve is a mature smell if anyone can but a discriptive word to it... a nice fresh clean smell that is sure to stick with you all day
Best cologne ever... Women love it! It has a great scent and will stick with you all day... Its not overpowering and is a youthful and refreshing
[Newest]Curve Is the Best.. Is not too strong and it has just the right balance scent. So smelling a strong cologne from a distance smells..

53Allure - Chanel

54Chrome by Loris Azzaro
This is a cologne that will get them heads turning, it lasts a good while and I got a case of chrome! Best out there now...
I have this and Chrome Legend, both smell great with lots of complements.
My favorite for a guy!

55CK One by Calvin Klein
It smells so fresh. I get a lot of compliments and even my friends say that what perfume do you use.

56Mont Blanc Legend
Absolutely wonderful. Earned me countless compliments from women.
Awesome fragrance! The girls will love it
Absolutely disgusting. smells like lemon pine sol. seriously. who in their right mind likes this garbage?

57Happy for Men by Clinique
I was a little nervous at first that it would be too feminine, especially being made by Clinique. But it smells so, so good, and I get plenty of compliments on it. Very reasonable priced, and you feel so fresh every time you put it on. I recommend it.
It one of those colognes I have had and have gotten lots of compliments on. Forgot all about this cologne, going to buy a bottle now.
Great clean scent, perfect for the spring and summer. Get compliments almost every time I wear it.

58Kenneth Cole Reaction
My neighbor had this cologne and I'm a older women than him he is just a friend in fact his newly married but he's wears this and I swear I used go next door and visit him just go to the bathroom and put on this cologne I'm with new man for his fathers I'm getting it it TURNS ME ON SO BAD. NO COLOGNE EVER DID THIS TO ME
Kenneth Cole's greatest smelling cologne starts out with a distinct fruity melon smell and matures into a nice fresh scent that lasts all day long
Absolutely delicious on a man.

59Prada for Men
Great smell for men, not effeminate at all.

60Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme
A great night club/dinner date cologne... not to be used every day...
Great cologne! Definite panty dropper!

61Burberry London
Cloth bottle london is awesome. Bummed that most places don't carry it anymore. It gets more compliments from the ladies than half your top 10 list...
Ladies love it, a must have. Should be top 10 of this list.

62Jake - Hollister
I love this scent I always get complements and I buy it again and again. I am happy with how long the scents lasts, it doesn't seem to wear off for a long time.
The ladies love this scent; always a great, long lasting scent with lots of compliments. Couldn't keep her off me--many great nights.
Horrifyingly bad. not much else needs to be said.

63La Nuit de L'homme - Yves Saint Laurent

This helped me get my girl by far one of the best my opinion
Cotton candy in a bottle. lasts forever. combined with Lolita Lempicka Au Mascuilin and you've got one hell of a panty dropper

65Dreamer - Versace
This is a pantie dropper. It works like magic and women love it. This is a go to cologne for any man.
The best cologne ever hands down!
This is a very long lasting and unique scent. It is really a mesmerising perfume

66Old Spice
Old Spice Wolfs Thorn is SO AMAZING! I was a Creed man for YEARS, paying $400 for about til of cologne that smelled unbelievable, but went away within a couple of hours... Then (as a goof.. ) I was convinced by a friend to try "Old Spice Wolfs Thorn"... At first I was like,"Great.. Now I'm gonna smell like my grampa." But to my SUPRISE AND UTTER AWE, Wolfs Thorn smells BEGUILING, SEXY, CLEAN, and BEAUTIFUL! I've literally NEVER HAD SO MANY COMPLIMENTS AND INQUIRIES ON HOW IT SMELLS! (MY HAND TO GOD) this is BY FAR AND AWAY... The best cologne or mens fragrance I've EVER WORN. That's a fact. I get compliments all day long... Even 6,7,8 hours after one spray on my cheeks, neck, and shirt. I'm tellin you fellas, this stuff... Is the truth. You might dismiss my fervor as,"Well... This guy has no taste."... If you say that you'd be a FOOL... I'm the fool though... For paying $400 smackaroos for any Creed cologne... When I could have and should have been buying a MUCH BETTER, even SUPERIOR product for $7 bucks... Made by little Old Spice Wolfs Thorn... Who would have thunk it... But don't take my word for it... Try it for yourself. It will solve your cologne problems... And save you thousands of bucks a year.
Smells like starburst. That's about it. Not a bad smell, but smells cheap

67Lacoste Essential
A personal favorite, this EVERYONE always wants to wear my sweater/jacket when I have this cologne on. If not the best it's still a must have.
Worth it.
Lacoste colognes all smell pretty much the same. bad. pass.
It is thr best, I wear it on summer, highly effective to attract women, I always recieve complainsnfor using this cologne, even it is a little strong, 2 or 3 sprays shoukd be enough

68Allure Sport by Chanel
This cologne is one of the best. Every time I wear this all the girls smile at me and ask me what cologne am I wearing. Give it a try you wont be disappointed.
Good longevity expensive there are others better ones with lesser price quality is good though.
Damn! It's the best summer fragrance. Chanel allure edition blanche. Trust me, sometimes people I don't know at my work place, stops and ask me what I'm wearing because it smells good!

69Creed Aventus
Masculinity in a bottle!
Expensive... But some of the best things in life are. Blows any fragrance in the top ten list away! Gets the most compliments hands down.
The best ever. Not only a tremendous smell, but unique.
[Newest]The fragrance of success.

70Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for Him 2

71Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior
Classic. Still smells fresh and classy today. Male or female. Still one of the most desirable fragrances.
Distintive, refreshing, very good to wear on hot days and very masculine, clean, there is no other one equal on market this days, itÂ's a shame that soon will be discontinued.
Some say that there are better options now, but I still found it as the best, is refined, refreshing, lasts long enough and very uncomon, it will never be updated

72Terre D'hermes
The Best smell for the older man
This is the best colognes ever and lasts an age
Classic! Smells elegant & clean!

73CK Be by Calvin Klein
I think this one isn't mentioned as people want to keep a secret what they use so it don't get too ubiquitious and want other people smelling like them.
I have smelt it on other people several times, but always to shy to ask. But it was driving me mad trying to discover what the scent was called, and finally asked. I have followed men around wanting to smell them.
Discontinued? They better not had. The body lotion has been though, which is a shame.
CK must bring it back. I don't usually ask strangers what they are wearing but felt a duty to.
I hope they don't discontinue this fresh smelling scent. It is quite unique as it doesn't smell like the others.
But seems to be further down the pecking order as far as calvin klein scents go, but shouldn't be.

74Prada Amber Pour Homme
Very exclusive. Unique soapness. Clean sensation reat sillage and longevety.
Is not for everybody. One of may favorites

75Joop! Jump
Definitely one of the best unrecognized colognes for men. Smells great and lasts a whole day. I can even still smell it on my clothes after a week. 10/10
Most underrated perfume to exist. Buy it and test it out for yourselves. It is incredible. The green one in particular.
You smell for a week because it smells like a fresh hot Karl, dirty Sanchez beat your ass at felching scat-fest.

76Diesel Only the Brave
Fantastic bottle. Amazing fragrance. For men who don't always want to play safe!

77Gucci by Gucci
Have had it for four bottles long, and it keeps on giving, laugh out loud. Going to try the sport version soon.
So many compliments, then I ran out!... Was told it was discontinued... &@$X

78Millesime Imperial by Creed
Should be higher on the list, just on smell and quality alone, top five at least.
Own about 20% of the colognes on this list. Anyone who isn't clueless or broke would have this in their top 5.
Good. no doubt. but go for Ed Hardy Love and Luck which smells very similar at 1/30th the price.

79Paco Rabanne One Million

80Clive Christian No. 1
A mere $2,350 buys you a 30ml handmade lead-crystal bottle of No. 1 Pure Perfume, complete with a single natural white brilliant cut diamond in its gold collar.... What's so special about it? Its scent changes every year. This is due to the inclusion of only the rarest (and finest) ingredients, and consequently their inaccessibility over time. This certain cologne is number 10 because of its price...

81Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche
I love this scent... I don't care how old it is.. If an man is wearing this, it drives me crazy!
Still a classic and a real man's smell. Top stuff
This is incredible smelling! The best...

82Lucky Brand Lucky You
A classic smell. If you're looking for a fresh scent look no further. A cheap cologne can go a long way and believe it or not... Lucky mixes very well with other colognes espescially Unforgivable
Delicious! This scent turns my head and opens my nose every time I smell it on a man walking past me! Makes me want to trail behind him to stay downwind of it
This stuff has a sweet fragrance yet its not crazy all up in your face region

83Swiss Army - Swiss Army
Es un perfume clásico he informal ala vez.

84Bvlgari BVL
Women + gay men, you will need to beat them off

85Usher UR
A nice night club/dinner scent to be worn on special occasions...
Very fresh scent, when I go to wpork in the morning. Thumbs up!

86Calvin - Calvin Klein
You could never go wrong with this classic! A cologne that could be worn at anytime, going to anyplace, for just about any occasion, work or play, this cologne will last! -use it before you leave in the morning, work until dark, never go home and stay out partying all night, and finally arrive back home around noon the following day, -even with the cigarette smoke filled clothes you are wearing, -still, the overpowering scent of this great smelling cologne would come through, -probably the reason that it was discontinued, it was just too good!
They need to bring this one back. I'll buy this one at whatever price it is. This sent says it all. Buy A.25 oz on eBay or at a fragrance store and see or smell for yourself. Please Calvin reissue the cologne again. Some of us appreciate quality when we smell it.

Bought it last year and love it. Need more like it.
The beast of all powerhouse frags. My number one favorite!
Best fragrance ever. I promise.
[Newest]Very Powerful 1 bottle last me 5 years

88Gucci Guilty Intense

89Break Line - Hollister Co.

90Z Zegna - Ermenegildo Zegna
Been hit on from ladies 20-70 yrs of age, all wanting to know what I was wearing. I think it's a light fresh smell that's makes you feel amazing when wearing it... so underrated!
One of the truly nice aquatics out there. slightly different. edgy but just barely. safe but not too safe. a modern masterpiece, for what it is...

91Givenchy Play
Trust Me This Cologne Made A Lot Of Girls Get Wet Cause They Smelled It!
Clean, yet subtle smell. Great to wear to the office and ladies love it.
My Absolute Favorite cologne on my husband. It's so SEXY!

92Kenneth Cole Black
Masculine, I find the girls and the boys love it! How can you go wrong? 10/10
This cologne is the best ever it smell unbelieveable one of the best man colonge ever make

93Derek Jeter Driven
Avon outdid themselves with this gem... a cheap cologne but it stays with you all day and women can't get enough of it.... If you're looking for a great smelling cologne for a good price look no further
Love it! Unlike many other types of cologne, the smell stays with you ALL day!

94Curve Soul

95Free - Calvin Klein

96Colonia Essenza - Acqua di Parma

97Bobby Jones Cologne by Bobby Jones
Women w women walk up to me and ask what cologne that is it's foolish for some perfume maker not to bring that cologne back

98Black Xs by Paco Rabanne

99Realm by Erox

100Blue Jeans - Versace
Wore this when I was 14 one of the best male frags out their
Flowery, headache in a bottle. no guy should ever wear this garbage. unless you're dating a 90 year old lady who likes garbage like this.

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This list was created 7 years, 227 days ago and has been voted on over 4,000 times. This top ten list contains 149 items, has been remixed 7 times.

Updated Monday, April 20, 2015

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