Top 10 Color Combinations


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The Top Ten

Turquoise & Black

2Yellow & Gray

3Blue & Green

4Blue & Purple

5Purple & Gray

6Black & White

7Gray & White

8Red & Black
Fade away from red to black!

9Orange & Brown

10Purple & Black
This especially works with bold purples
Works best with darker purples~

The Contenders

11Blue, White & Silver

12Orange & Blue

13Orange & Purple
I don't know if this is the best combination, but it really speaks to me somehow. Reminds me of Rukia and Ichigo. ^. ^
I don't know why.. But somehow this combination just speaks to me. Maybe it's just because this combination reminds me of Rukia and Ishigo from Bleach Even so it's still my favorite!

14Red & Gold

15Lavender & Silver

16Green & Gold

17Pink & Light Green

18White & Peach

19Turquoise & Brown

20Silver & White

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