Top Ten Colour Codes for Wolf Online

Hey I'm also a huge fan of wolf online and know a bunch of colour codes. I don't know the rainbow code apparently it's a hack and not a code. Note* This also works for life of black tiger and themepark rider.

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1Aqua Blueish Name:11ffda

Really worked! I thanks you guys for all the help I can get!
Like me on wolf online named pup!

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2Light Green:00ff00

Hey guys why is the pink color code the same as the light green color code?

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3Royal Blue:0000ffV2 Comments
4Purple Violety: 8a2be2

An easier color I made is 7e00ff its like a darkish neon purple I can't describe it but check it out!


I love black and I think it would look cool

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I love these color codes! There really great and pretty colors
to use for your wolf's name. Great choices for Wolf Online,
wolf color codes are great for everyone. I don't know why
I didn't think of these before I started up playing
Wolf Online! Thank you for picking these beautiful colors.
Such a great help to know how and where to find these
codes for this AWESOME game Wolf Online! THANK YOU
for Wolf Online! I'll use these codes forever and never stop
using them.

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7Rainbow Color Code

Really good code it makes your text to type in rainbow colors,go to youtube search up sweetwolf,how to get rainbow color code then copy the code,paste when you type in chat you can change the letters,hope you enjoy!

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8Tan:ffcc6V3 Comments
9Red:ff0000V2 Comments

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I find it a very pretty awesome color code thanks so much for telling it

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12Neon Green: 2efe64

Great color code check out rainbow color code at youtube my name is sweet wolf

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13Maroon:800000V1 Comment
14Mint:00FFBFV1 Comment
15Pink 00ff00
16Pink 00ff00

I am a fan to and I am BloodMoonF on the game and one time I was a BloodMoonF with pink without red.

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17Cyan:00FFFFV1 Comment
19Hot Pink:FF00FFV2 Comments
20Cranberry Red:610B21
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