Greatest Comedy Movies of All Time

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301The Circus

Any movie with the lovable "Tramp" Charlie Chaplin! The Kid, The Gold Rush and City Lights! Duh?! Who better person to portray comedy with heartbreaking sentimentality than the inimitable Charlie Chaplin! A classic is always a classic!

302The Man Who Knew to Little
303The Love GuruV1 Comment
305Meet Dave
306Le Dîner de Cons
307The Heat

How is this not higher up! Hilarious movie! - u_maddox_bro

308The Hollywood Knights
309Money TalksV1 Comment
310Wild Hogs
311She's Out of My League

Totally love this movie! Has parts everybody can relate to.

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312Pitch Perfect

Is there any words to describe this movie?

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313Parental GuidanceV1 Comment
315Let's Go to Prison

Watched this movie 3 times and is absolutely hilarious. One of the best!

316Bachelor Party

One of Tom Hanks' first films, possibly the first. Very hilarious, funny story.

317Weird Science

One of my all time favorite comedies. Anthony Michael Hall, & Kelly LeBroch? Robert Downey Jr is very young, and Bill Paxton. Hilarious!. Gimmie the keys! Gimmie the keys! Laugh out loud The grandparents frozen in the closet!

318Hot Shots!

How can anyone forget Charlie sheen at his best.

So hilarious once I laughed for hours

319Dude, Where's My Car?

Ashton Kutcher = worst actor ever

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320Spies Like UsV1 Comment
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