Greatest Comedy Movies of All Time

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101 Police Academy Police Academy V 2 Comments
102 Idiocracy Idiocracy

This was such a funny movie, to be honest. A guilty pleasure! - MontyPython

104 Mike Bassett: England Manager Mike Bassett: England Manager
105 The Cottage The Cottage
106 Rush Hour Rush Hour

By far the best comedian movie by any Asian

When Jackie was hanging in last seen and Carter say hold on for about an hour and I am going to bring an ambulance. Haha

This should be in the top ten. this movie is so funny

V 1 Comment
107 Revenge of the Nerds Revenge of the Nerds
108 Zombieland Zombieland

This should be higher... It was the best comedy movie I've ever seen.. So funny

V 3 Comments
109 Uncle Buck Uncle Buck

You should see the toast. I couldn't even get it through the door! Should be in at least top 10! Come on people!.R.I. P one and only John Candy!

110 Mrs. Doubtfire Mrs. Doubtfire

Amazing all you had to do is put Robin Williams and you know that movie will be good.

Funny When Her Boobs Lit On Fire

111 American Psycho American Psycho V 1 Comment
112 Clueless Clueless
113 Ted 2 Ted 2 V 1 Comment
114 The Grand Budapest Hotel The Grand Budapest Hotel
115 Johnny English Johnny English

He knows no fear He knows nothing!

Watching Rowal atkinson is just fun
Best comedy movie of the decade

One of the best English comedies ever made with fantastic cast and supporting characters.
Should be in the top 25 comedies for the 00's! - Listmanager39

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116 Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Very entertaining and funny. Elvira is an adorable character. I adore her sense of humor. Great film! - AtlasUniverse

Awesome... Cassandra is the best with her boobies...

V 2 Comments
117 Meet the Fockers Meet the Fockers
118 Austin Powers in Goldmember Austin Powers in Goldmember

The first two were satire gold. This is... Not

V 1 Comment
119 Freddy Got Fingered Freddy Got Fingered

This is actually a great film. Horrendously underrated. - xandermartin98

120 Hot Rod Hot Rod V 1 Comment
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