Greatest Comedy Movies of All Time

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161Toy Story 2V1 Comment

This should be higher... It was the best comedy movie I've ever seen.. So funny

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163The Mask

If there's a funnier movie in this world I'll never get of the couch again!

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16422 Jump StreetV1 Comment

Could not stop laughing! This is a classic.

Come on, I'm a man and I laughed sooo much. Melissa McCarthy is a pure gold actress!

166Easy A

Love Emma Stone in this! Very funny movie.

167Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice In the HoodV1 Comment
168Kung Fu Hustle
169Back to the Future
170Rat Race

This movie is the funniest movie ever, it will make you wet your pants from laughing!

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This should be in the top ten movies of all time... not comedies. Give this non-English language film a look.

The only film, in my opinion, that rivals The Castle and A Fish Called Wanda.

172It Happened One Night
173How High

Get 'em!
I dont think its the funniest but its just so simple, easygoing, and drama-free - Dania0671

174Raising Arizona
175Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Bad ass movie yo

176The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
177Without a Paddle

This movie made me laugh especially when they were in the cave... can't help but laugh

178Bad SantaV1 Comment
179The Hangover Part II
180Men In Black

How is this not on the first list? I know it's an opinion website but toy story 2 is a kids movie... and most of these are not kids movies

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