Best Units In Command and Conquer Red Alert 3

These are the strongest, the best and also the fan-favorite units from Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3. NO UPRISING UNITS and NO BUILDINGS/DEFENSES.

The Top Ten

1 Apocalypse Tank

The classic Apocalypse tank is back, now with stronger armaments but without the anti-air turret.

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2 Shogun Battleship

If you can build naval units, this battleship could wreck bases from a long distance. Just back it up with anti-air units.

3 Kirov Airship

Unlimited ammo for bombing bases from the sky. Just be patient with its speed, though.

Kirov Airship mass attack, is just awesome base destruction

4 Yuriko Omega

This infantry unit can be small, but deadly. It can destroy even Apocalypse Tanks.

A matchless dead sexy, who can bring down bases in matter of seconds..

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5 Spy

Can bribe even the strongest units of the game. You can save 3000 credits just by bribing an enemy Shogun Battleship instead of making one.

6 Akula Submarine

The best underwater unit to destroy even the best ships.

7 Century Bomber

Another strong and fast bomber, but always go back to the airfield for more ammo.

8 Assault Destroyer

A great and heavy unit when on land. Also great against bases.

9 Aircraft Carrier

A more practical way to destroy bases from afar. Also pretty much faster than the Shogun Battleship

10 Bullfrog

The best anti-aircraft unit, can go on both land and water.

The Contenders

11 Hydrofoil

The strongest anti air unit in the game with the ability.

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