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1Like Water for Chocolate

It isn't only rap but an essence of black music. A delightful mix of funk, soul, jazz and rap with the soulquarians (mainly the legendary J. Dilla) behind the production. The album that placed him a place among critics and gave a solid fanbase. The lyrics are top notch especially the vivid storytelling and conscious content. - classick


The album that put Chicago on the map. Dope punchlines and the beginning of the 'thinking' common (although not the dominant force in this one). This album showed the amazing potential he had. The production by No I.D. on this album is regarded as his greatest in his career. A masterpiece of sampled traditional boom bap rap. - classick


Common's first album with Kanye on the boards. His music distinctly becomes soul based like kanye's first two albums. Lyricism is still on top. - classick

4Finding Forever
5The Dreamer/The Believer

No I.D.'s return after Resurrection. Hard boom bap production again with some modern touches. - classick

6One Day It'll All Make Sense
7Nobody's Smiling
8Electric Circus
9Can I Borrow a Dollar?
10Universal Mind Control
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1. Like Water for Chocolate
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