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101 Motley Crue (Carnival of Sins 2005)

A spectacular circus gone bad set under a huge tent with a mischievous midget, seductive aerialists and demonic clowns.

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102 K.S.Chithra (Muskat 2009)
103 K.S.Chithra (L.A. 2008)
104 Megadeth (That One Night - Live in Buenos Aires)
105 The Eagles (Melbourne 2005)

Heard of Hotel California/Desperado before I saw this concert. After I saw it I suddenly became a die-hard fan of Eagles! And especially Joe Walsh. Like Glenn Frey says it; Joe is an interesting bunch of guys! But about the concert; Technically perfect, audio/video:10/10 (yes, the bluray is the best I have ever seen, unbelievable that it is recorded in 2004/2005), the solos, all of them singing. A definite MUST WATCH

Bluray: Top notch video/audio quality, perfect technical performance and extremly good setlist with the best solo songs from the time they were split up (14 years! )
Those of you that love the Eagles, Don Henley, Glenn Frey or specially Joe Walsh, this is a crazy concert you will watch many many times. Just like me.

106 Breaking Benjamin (Stabler Arena 2007)
107 Paramore (The Final Riot! Live In Chicago 2008) V 1 Comment
108 Green Day (Jaded in Chicago, 1994)

They we're so high that night, it was unbelievable. Classic Green Day. - Tristan1975R5

109 Xzibit - Thank You (David Letterman 2006)

Most heartfelt performance of a rap song I've ever scene. - DJ_critikaL

110 Ted Nugent (California Jam 2 1978)
111 James Brown (The Apollo Theater 1962)
112 Michael Jackson (Wembley 1988) V 1 Comment
113 Nightwish - End of An Era Nightwish - End of An Era

If its symphonic metal you are the best especially when you had tarja

114 Oasis (Knebworth 1996)

One of the best and biggest bands ever and this concert had the highest demand for a concert in the UK ever, with over 2.5million people applying, and they played to 250,000 people over the two nights, one of the greatest performances ever

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115 Green Day (iHeartRadio Music Festival 2012)
116 Usher (MTV Music Awards 2004)
117 Green Day (Live at the Bowl 2005)
118 Elton John (Sydney Entertainment Centre 2006)
119 Slipknot (Download Festival, Germany 2010)

2010? Don't you mean 2009? They never played live in 2010. - NikBrusk

One of the best live shows ever, hands down.
Don't mess with slipknot XP

120 Metallica: S&M - With The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra 1999

I've seen videos of this concert and it's quite the concert!

One of the greatest concerts of all time

Metallica always pushing the limit

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