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1American Flag

The coolest country flag. I think it is the most coolest flag while japan has the stupidest flag and british flag is not like the USA. USA'S flag is much better than british - greetings from india. - kormo

USA's flag is the coolest no doubt about it. It also brings pride and joy to all who see it.

When I look at the American flag, it reminds me of hell and Somalia

Around 1770's The American Flag Had The British Flag where the stars are today - westofohio

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2British Flag

I love this flag you should to its were our founding fathers came from and we are all British in a way cause that's were the usa came from and the usa flag is just a copy of the us flag

I think Espana should have been up there
Espana <3
I love my country like you love yours

3Japanese Flag

It's basic and simple

4Canadian Flag

It's so original and when you actual understand the concept of it, it's pretty interesting!

Bright and beautiful Canadian flag stands more original than other flags

More patriotic than any other flag. And we thought of our nature, our fall. - PizzaGuy

5Russian Flag
6Israeli flag
7Persian Flag
8French flag

There isn't anything good on it. Its like everybody else's flag..

9Turkish Flag

Ona the most unique flags in
The whole world the sign if islam is pretty c00l! - darknessmaster909


10Greek Flag

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11Egyptian Flag

Yah baby we have that EAGLE do you know you like it

12New Zealand Flag

Come on! It's like a modified version of the UK flag. I just don't like the stars on the Australian flag. - DunnaNunnaBatman

I am proud to be a Kiwi.

13Austrailian Flag
14Mexican Flag
15Argentinian Flag
16Sri Lankan Flag

It has a Fking lion holding a sword! Enough said really...

17South African Flag

It even represents the rainbow nation of the country and is truly unique and beautiful

Awesome flag and equally awesome story to go behind each of the 6 colours - Danielsun182

Awesome flag!

From the president of the country of the SSO

Great variety of colours.

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18Bhutan Flag
19Indonesian Flag
20Italian Flag

Even if only one knows how to make tricolor united Italy even though it seems.

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