Coolest How to Train Your Dragon Dragons


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Night Fury
Night fury... where can I start? Unlike the other dragons, I THINK that Toothless is the only night fury, and nobody can argue with toothless and his cuteness. It's the most deadly, powerful, brave and literally the king of the dragons. You rock, Toothless!
The Night Fury rocks! And then the fact that it's the only species the Vikings worry about. They probably thought it was this ugly evil dragon, they never expected it to be such a cute and sweet thing!
It's awesome that they made a dragon that sticks out just as much as hiccup. Like if you agree. Deadly madder would have to be my second favorite.
[Newest]Despite all the other awesome dragons if I had to chose one it's got to be toothless he's fast powerful and adorable

2Monstrous Nightmare
If this dragon is terrible, must be better than Night Fury

3Hiddeous Zippleback
I think that are cool because that have 2heads
2 dragon heads sensational

4Deadly Nadder
I just love this dragon as it is just amazing! Plus, it's spikes to go with it, really amazing!
It's poison spikes on its tail make this dragon one of my favorite
I can not deny it's a little tender

5Terribble Terror
I like this because it's very comic dragon




Because of the latge size, I think the "TIMBER"jack suits it very well as a name, because of where it lives: Forests.

10Green Death

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11Whispering Death





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