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Although I think Roxas dual wielding oblivion and oath keeper makes them that much cooler :3

Oblivion is epic and twice as cool cause you can use it when you go into master or final ( Can't remember which) Form as sora. Keyblade is amazing! - Animeartist23

Oblivion and Oathkeeper both ranked next to each other... Roxas' keyblades! They made him look AWESOME when he dual wields.

One of Roxas's keyblades. - Alpha101

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Just so awesome looking. (plus it increases your magic unlike oblivion... and I love magic)

Oathkeeper and Oblivion make a good pairing. I love the meaning of the "Oathkeeper" itself (which is "to keep a promise", yea? ) plus it's used by Roxas in 358/2 Days-- maybe it's just me who thinks too much but I think the Oathkeeper represents the promise which Roxas made for Xion, and I believe this keyblade deserves the best background story.

3Young Xehanort
4Master Xehanort
5Way to the Dawn

Riku's first key blade in Dream Drop.

The keyblade that shows light(angel wings) and darkness(demon wings) who doesn't want a little bit of both? Also it's Riku's keyblade and Riku is awesome!

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Why does Vanitas and Sora look the same!

8the X~Blade

Hows is this not the ist one I love the desighn on it and even though it didn't really last during its arrival its the most coolest keyblade in the game

9Star Seeker
10Kingdom Key

Gotta go with classics. And if I am not mistaken, I believe that Xehanort and Vanitas aren't Keyblades :3

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11Kingdom Key D

EarthShaker? Ends of the Earth?

13Two Become One
14Ultima Weapon

This is the best keyblade on kingdom hearts way better than oblivion but oblivion is the 2nd best - XxwileyxX38

15Mickeys Keyblade

The kingdom key, but gold. who doesn't want that?

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16DivewingV1 Comment
17No Name (Young Xehanort)
18One-Winged Angel
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