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German: The most widely spoken language in Europe, most learned language after English in Japan, and- coolest language on earth. And I say that as a Taiwanese!
Sounds I little bit intimidating, but that makes it so cool!
When I hear some Germans speaking German I think they sound really sophisticated.
[Newest]One of my favorite languages. I'm learning it

Russian, even though is extremely difficult to learn, is so interesting with the flexible word order and mysterious sounds. I have been studying for 3 years and feel as if I am just now appreciating the culture and influence the Russian people have made upon the world.
It sounds very cool and is difficult to learn, making it something impressive to know. Additionally, there are plenty of Russian speakers in the world to practice it with, making it something practical, rather than Gaelic and Irish.
Russian is a fab one to learn. It sounds so awesome. Although it is quite a complex language, it definitely is one of the best!
[Newest]I'm Russian and I love how it is so beautiful and has very simple grammar compared to English.

It sounds so cool! By just listening to a Japanese song or watching an anime you'll find it amazing and cool!
2 alphabets, and Kanji make it hell of a challenge. That's why I love it.
Japanese IS AWESOME! Enough said
[Newest]Love the language. I am planning on going to Japan so I am learning the language.

I love Swedish. I used to teach myself Swedish, and then my parents took me to Sweden for a week so I could practice more, and I love the language so much now. Ha en bra dag!
Some of you have never heard Swedish before and are just passing this one by. You guys HAVE to look up someone talking in Swedish. ' amazing.
Swedish is really awesome
[Newest]I love the melody.

I am swedish and I think 1-Arabic 2-french 3-Italian 4-Chinese
Sounds amazing. Arabic has very particular and amazing sounds, and is awesome to hear. My teachers would compliment me about the way it sounds when I speak it.
The words are very beautiful and so pleasing, I wish I could learn it, it's the toughest language in the world, but I like it.


"Rouge. " I like how in French, the beginning of the word gets ahead of the tongue of the person speaking it. Then, at the end of the word, the tongue catches up to the word.
French is the Mona Lisa of languages for it's artistic beauty compels and blows away anyone who once second guessed French as a stupid language in general.
I speak fluent French and I feel this language is beautiful
[Newest]No language can beat this flowery language.

It sounds so beautiful and unique, and the phonics are very different from English. Also, it feels very soft and dancing on your tongue.
Very interesting, immensely growing language. I love it! I highly recommend it.
My native language, so of course I believe it is the world's coolest!

8Scottish Gaelic
I'm so happy to see this here. I love everything Scottish and I think the way it flows, yet is powerful is one of the most fascinatingly beautiful things on the planet.
Awesome grammar, syntax and spelling! A shame it's dying
Like Irish, but manlier! All those weird pronunciation rules: dh = g, bh = v, th and sh = h; broad and slender vowels changing thesound of surrounding consonants...M... Its better than Fried Chicken.

The language looks and sounds great! Modern Hebrew is also very closely related to biblical Hebrew; this means that by learning one (modern Hebrew) you have almost learned the other (biblical Hebrew). It is of course a very flexible language as well.
A beautiful language, the sentence structure is very flexible, you can have " big red balloon, red big balloon, or balloon big red ext. (Spanish speakers will be happy to see Noun before Verb possible, and English Speakers will like it because you can put Verb before Noun. The Language is simple each word is written as it's spelled. (English speakers will love that)
It's the language of the Jews.. the Jews are the coolest.. do the math

Very fast and elegant when spoken; the language of liturgical Greek Orthodox chants.
I feel like if I learn greek I'll know more about the root of things. Quite literally.
Its just sounds so ancient
[Newest]Super Awesome. Old Greek Elite for the win

The Contenders

One of the coolest languages even in China. It has 12 tones for each sound, each tone a word, making it one of the most difficult languages to learn. Everyone in Hong Kong speaks Cantonese.
Compared to the official language in China (Mandarin), Cantonese has a much longer history.

The sexiest, coolest, most erotic and sensual language in the world!
I love Italian so much. It a 'bella' language, and I constantly come out with Italian phrases every day at home. I have been to Italy before (I'm English) and the country is as beautiful as the language. Ciao bella/bello!
I'm Italian and I love the language


[Newest]Mama Mia Mio amore

What wrong with the votes this language should be tops when not why the bloody hell is every tom dick and harry learning it it a world language admit it or shove it
It sounds so nice! I love English and I'm from Germany by the way :D
This language should get #1 place besides almost everyone I the world speaks it


[Newest]There's a reason it's becoming a universal language

It's a dead language, whenever someone speaks latin it sounds cool and mysterious :3
Latin is beautiful. It was widespread, and the basis for most languages. This basically means that if you learn Latin, learning other languages will be easier.
I think Latin is cool because it's something like modified English like Aquarium comes from Aqua, meaning water... Actually a lot of English words comes from Latin
[Newest]Latin sound like something... More than human to speak, though it made by man

Passionate and to the point. It is what it is, there is no hiding in fancy French or Latin vocabulary (it be silly). No need to make weird noises to sound good, as long as you say something meaningful you are good.
I like Spanish because I like Mexican
It is the third most spoken language in the world.
[Newest]Spanish is a diverse language that is pretty awesome.

Sounds really unique! A lot of "sh" sounds, but that's what makes it sound cool in my opinion.
Polish is not so hard to learn, contrary to popular belief. Also, it's beautiful!


Super complicated (and therefore cool-sounding) pronunciation.

Romanian sounds pretty cool. In my opinion, it sounds better than Italian.
Romanian is a very beautiful sounding language
I don't like Romanian I prefer Italian

My opinion is: Finnish is the best and coolest language in the world, mostly because the words are written and pronounced exactly the same. And - SURPRISE SURPRISE - Finnish is my native language!
I would really LOVE to learn Finnish but it's hard to find resources since it's not really a language that people LEARN... Especially online. It really sounds beautiful!
Amazing Language, very melodic, sounds very beautiful when people are not trying to sound like douches... The language can be really tricky for some people to learn as it is belongs to the Uralic language and it's vokab can be completely alien to people.. As well as tricky grammar...

The Portuguese language and a very rich, it has some words and phrases that only those who speak Portuguese can really understand, what this word or phrase means. For example: Saudade, that's the only word that exists only in Portuguese and is considered as an abstract noun. In other languages ​​there are words that express the same idea, but they are regarded as expressions. In Brazilian Portuguese, we have many words of indigenous origin (so the Brazilian Portuguese can be considered an exotic language) For example Abacaxi -> Pineapple (fruit smelling), xará-> (someone who has the same name as you), or Tainá (It is a name that the indigenous language means Star) etc...
And it is also somewhat sensual, who would not want to hear Eu te amo you close your ear? Or Me the um beijo? , me abraca forte or eu estou com saudade de voce,...   Romantic, no? At least charming :)
Portuguese is just beautiful be it from Brazil or Portugal os some African countries. The best is from Portugal though, its original, poetic as Brazilian is more fun and happy.

I know both Danish and Swedish, and I always used to think it sounded so stupid and child-like. But after living in Norway for a few months, and getting some exposure of the language it sounds really cute. Definitely the easiest out of Scandinavian languages for native English speakers in terms of pronunciation. It's also sort of like the in between Scandinavian language, since Norwegian is understood by both Danes and Swedes,.
It's both melodic and beautiful. But most important; Norwegian are ' awesome.
Really easy. Enough said

So sophisticated, pure and beautiful.
It sounds so funny to me, since I speak both English and German - very child-like!
Double vowels! Written Dutch looks awesome!
[Newest]German sounds better, sorry...

I say simple - as for me the most beautiful language in the world. Great songs
Probably the most beautiful and tuneful language in the whole world!
Ukranian is the best I am in Ukraine right now I love to speak


Turkish language is not only beautiful but also very well-structured. It has a unique vowel harmony. Which makes it very poetic. It's a little hard, I'll give you that one. It's a language of 2000 years of history.
Damn awesome language! It should be in the TOP 10 at least!
Why it's in 56?
It would be in 0-20!
[Newest]Awesome language with long history, logical and beautiful

Basically the language of the Vikings! Sounds awesome yet bouncy and firm
Archaic and hard to pronounce words. Very beautiful language, especially when sung.
Love all the symbolized letters and the way the words sound.

Filipino language is cool simply because easy to understand and easy to learn, and Filipinos are hospitable that you can talk to them anytime;anywhere.
Filipino language is cool for me because as an anthropologist I have found out that filipinos have their rich culture and a rich heritage thta persuades me to study them for me that's cool.
Filipino is an amazing language. It is unique and not a lot of people speak the language. I count myself lucky I learnt Filipino at a young age.

'Cause it's so hard to master

The coolest language in the world
I think it's the most luvable of all.
The pronunciation of it is so easy to as I have been told.
I have two Italian friends who r speakin it for a year and say that they are by the natives that they sound almost native like.
I would love to learn German too.

PS: Persian and Farsi are the same language. Only different names in English.

This should be higher on the list!
1. Arabic
2. Navajo
3. Welsh
4. Cantonese
5. Hindi
6. Scottish Gaelic
7. Hungarian
8. Khmer
9. Thai
10. Mandarin
A very ancient and beautiful sounding language. This should be at the top! Probably the most popular Celtic language.
I love welsh it sounds very beautiful and is fun to pronounce

My native language is Vietnamese and I love it. It defines who I am and where I come from. Besides it's so elegant in its ancient simplicity!
Strange in its own way, but fascinating.

Best language. It had this uncanny ability to also focus on the points. ò

Really beautiful language, sophisticated, romantic. Hungarian could be a fashion language haha. I'm voting while it is #32, and it is currently ridiculously underrated.
The absolute best language in my opinion
Most different and sophisticated sounding language. Romantic, and musical
[Newest]Unique Language in Europe!

Its a language and its really hard for English learners
It's exceptionally beautiful when sung.
I am Armenian and I love the language

A language full of poetic & idiomatic features. Cool to say & fun to use.
A language which full of love and sweet. When I hear it it touch my heart and I love to hear it.
What a language! After listening you can just feel that it is coming from someone's heart.
[Newest]One of the most spoken languages in the world.

Traditional Chinese looks beautiful when written down, Simplified Chinese simply looks bad.
The. Best. Language. Ever.
I love Chinese so much is looks so beautiful
When written down

Tamil has been there more than 6000 years.
It is one of the coolest languages to be used on earth.
It has 15 dialects, out of which all of them are cool!

Hm... It does seem interesting, it might be cool for my curiosity
The most pleasant, Soothing, attractive, energizing language! "Sirigannadam Gelge"

Hindi is a great language
Hindi sounds so funny and is the coolest language.

It's easiest language I've ever learnt

The Most Expressive Language I've Ever Heard. Every Expression, Every Feeling & Every Emotion Can Be Explained In Words Exactly The Way You Want.

Jesus spoke it, end of! Anything Jesus does is immediately the coolest of its type!
Jesus Christ spoke Aramaic, enough said.

It is one of the oldest of all the Slavic languages and knowing Serbian makes it easier to understand the other Slavic languages since all of them share words, structure, or both with Serbian.

Xhosa is amazing! I one day wish to go to South Africa and learn it, but my oh my it does sound complex
Search it on youtube! The language is spoken with clicks inserted and is very complicated.
Africans languages are always amazing to pronounce and enjoy the flow

It sound like robot

Related to nothing else on earth, related languages were spoken by Europeans LONG before Latin/Germanic languages. I'd love to learn it!
K's, X's, and Z's all over the place, so it looks and sounds absolutely awesome!

It's so unique and every time I hear it it sounds like a mix of Russian and Chinese.
Throat singing = completely boss



-Used by military services in the Army.

-Many Americans speak it.

-Sounds unique.

I am learning Esperanto and I love it so so so so much! Mi amas Esperanton!

If you've ever seen it, the words are really long and complicated. They put "q" with no "u" by it.


Croatian is the same language as Bosnian and Serbian, the different names have more to do with politics than linguistics. But in my opinion the standard Croatian accent sounds a lot nicer than the Serbian accent.

This language is very ancient sounding. It flows really well. It is similar to Finnish in its difficulty in both grammar and vocab. My favorite language!


My ancestors are from here... just thought I might add it

Because it's the best!

One of the easiest non indo-European languages, in terms of sound, to learn. I think it sounds nicer than other more popular Asian languages, like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


60American Sign Language
No phonetics (obviously), but after learning the language from a deaf friend I feel that the hand movements are very fluid and beautiful to watch. The language of hands


I love Samoan language it's so common and easy to learn


I don't speak much Hawaiian, but it's lovely to listen to, and I think more people should definitely speak it. Aloha!

Difficult to pronounce... But makes miracles in literature...



A pretty difficult Caucasian language.

I am learning Khmer. It is very hard to write, and especially reading. But the speaking part is AWESOME! Should be in top 15!

Love Lithuanian. One of my favorite languages after Russian and Romanian.
This is one of the oldest languages, but people still speaks.




Everything sounds funny in Yoruba


Awesome unique language, and it has a very hospitable and friendly culture and long history. Plus people are so patriotic there it's great

A language originated in the agriculture and beauty of Punjab (located in India).

Farsi is a really cool language. When I hear Persian songs and their nice poems I feel so good even if I don't know the meanings I love the way the poems giggle me!

Bulgarian is a beautiful language, I speak English, French, Spanish and also study German, but my native one is Bulgarian!
It's a nice sounding language and has an interesting yet hard grammar

This language is gorgeous in its pronunciation and grammar. I'm an American English speaker and my grandma taught me Swahili. It was her favorite language.

It's my first language and I love it. I also do love English, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese so I tried to learn them all, and I find that English is very brilliant and efficient as I can speak with people all around the world, and Japanese is very smoothing and sound so cute, but Chinese and Korean have some kinds of feeling, I guess? Their words are full of meanings. I really like to write 'Love' in Chinese character after one of my Chinese friends taught me its character is a combination of roof and friend (Please correct me if I'm wrong). And I love my language because, maybe because I am a native speaker, but I find it beautiful whenever I read or write poems and novels.
I am doing a poster on a language blood line. I think this will be my choice.
Best alphabet ever (hangul) very logical writing system and sounds so nice, kinda soft in tone

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