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German: The most widely spoken language in Europe, most learned language after English in Japan, and- coolest language on earth. And I say that as a Taiwanese!
Sounds I little bit intimidating, but that makes it so cool!
When I hear some Germans speaking German I think they sound really sophisticated.
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They got trunks up in their shrunks like freckin awesome shiet aight!
One of the easiest I have ever learned. Here's my order. Afrikaans, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish
Becuse they have swedish meatballs

Come on, lets be honest... They would beat the germans in WW2 without us :D
The alphabet Is interesting
Hot guys. Enough said.
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I am swedish and I think 1-Arabic 2-french 3-Italian 4-Chinese
I learn Arabic and Arabic is supposed to be the most graceful and hardest language to learn.
I love the fonts for this langue
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What wrong with the votes this language should be tops when not why the bloody hell is every tom dick and harry learning it it a world language admit it or shove it
It sounds so nice! I love English and I'm from Germany by the way :D
Gabriel Franklin

Worlds Unique Language
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It sounds so cool! By just listening to a Japanese song or watching an anime you'll find it amazing and cool!
2 alphabets, and Kanji make it hell of a challenge. That's why I love it.
Japanese IS AWESOME! Enough said
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I have to say that I do think German is pretty cool, but it always sounds like you are coughing. I speak French and German and I think that French is far more beautiful. This makes French expressive, but the only thing I find German useful for expressing is anger. Si on parle français et allemand, on va trouver que le français est plus expressif en tout des situations.

As for comparing French to the other languages, I don't speak them. I can say though that I like the sound of French much better than any of them and I think French deserves the top spot, or at least #2 (it is hard to compete with German).
"Rouge. " I like how in French, the beginning of the word gets ahead of the tongue of the person speaking it. Then, at the end of the word, the tongue catches up to the word.
I speak fluent French and I feel this language is beautiful
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8Scottish Gaelic
Like Irish, but manlier! All those weird pronunciation rules: dh = g, bh = v, th and sh = h; broad and slender vowels changing thesound of surrounding consonants...M... Its better than Fried Chicken.
Awesome grammar, syntax and spelling! A shame it's dying

It sounds so beautiful and unique, and the phonics are very different from English. Also, it feels very soft and dancing on your tongue.
I'm more for Scottish Gaelic but Irish Gaelic is also Heckanarrnarr. I love all the weird grammar rules.
My native language, so of course I believe it is the world's coolest!
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It's both melodic and beautiful. But most important; Norwegian are ' awesome.
Really easy. Enough said

It's a dead language, whenever someone speaks latin it sounds cool and mysterious :3
Latin is beautiful. It was widespread, and the basis for most languages. This basically means that if you learn Latin, learning other languages will be easier.
It's mostly cool because it's dead.

Passionate and to the point. It is what it is, there is no hiding in fancy French or Latin vocabulary (it be silly). No need to make weird noises to sound good, as long as you say something meaningful you are good.
It is the third most spoken language in the world.
Espanol es muy bien
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The sexiest, coolest, most erotic and sensual language in the world!
Ok, let's admit that German is on the top because it has many native speakers...
But it sounds bad for me!
Italian, instead sound melodic and beautiful and I say this as a greek native speaker!
I'm Italian and I love the language


Amazing Language, very melodic, sounds very beautiful when people are not trying to sound like douches... The language can be really tricky for some people to learn as it is belongs to the Uralic language and it's vokab can be completely alien to people.. As well as tricky grammar...

Basically the language of the Vikings! Sounds awesome yet bouncy and firm
Love all the symbolized letters and the way the words sound.

'Cause it's so hard to master

The Portuguese language and a very rich, it has some words and phrases that only those who speak Portuguese can really understand, what this word or phrase means. For example: Saudade, that's the only word that exists only in Portuguese and is considered as an abstract noun. In other languages ​​there are words that express the same idea, but they are regarded as expressions. In Brazilian Portuguese, we have many words of indigenous origin (so the Brazilian Portuguese can be considered an exotic language) For example Abacaxi -> Pineapple (fruit smelling), xará-> (someone who has the same name as you), or Tainá (It is a name that the indigenous language means Star) etc...
And it is also somewhat sensual, who would not want to hear Eu te amo you close your ear? Or Me the um beijo? , me abraca forte or eu estou com saudade de voce,...   Romantic, no? At least charming :)
Portuguese is just beautiful be it from Brazil or Portugal os some African countries. The best is from Portugal though, its original, poetic as Brazilian is more fun and happy.

My native language is Vietnamese and I love it. It defines who I am and where I come from. Besides it's so elegant in its ancient simplicity!
Strange in its own way, but fascinating.

Its a language and its really hard for English learners
I am Armenian and I love the language
Um, that's not a language


I am doing a poster on a language blood line. I think this will be my choice.
Best alphabet ever (hangul) very logical writing system and sounds so nice, kinda soft in tone

Filipino language is cool for me because as an anthropologist I have found out that filipinos have their rich culture and a rich heritage thta persuades me to study them for me that's cool.
Filipino language is cool simply because easy to understand and easy to learn, and Filipinos are hospitable that you can talk to them anytime;anywhere.
Filipino is an amazing language. It is unique and not a lot of people speak the language. I count myself lucky I learnt Filipino at a young age.
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A language full of poetic & idiomatic features. Cool to say & fun to use.
A language which full of love and sweet. When I hear it it touch my heart and I love to hear it.
What a language! After listening you can just feel that it is coming from someone's heart.
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Its just sounds so ancient

The most pleasant, Soothing, attractive, energizing language! "Sirigannadam Gelge"
Hm... It does seem interesting, it might be cool for my curiosity

The absolute best language in my opinion

Jesus spoke it, end of! Anything Jesus does is immediately the coolest of its type!
Jesus Christ spoke Aramaic, enough said.

I love Chinese so much is looks so beautiful
When written down
17% of world population using it!

Hindi sounds so funny and is the coolest language.





It is one of the coolest languages to be used on earth.
It has 15 dialects, out of which all of them are cool!

Why isn't Polish here? Polish is awesome! :D

Its Persian not Farsi in English!









This language is very ancient sounding. It flows really well. It is similar to Finnish in its difficulty in both grammar and vocab. My favorite language!

-Used by military services in the Army.

-Many Americans speak it.

-Sounds unique.

If you've ever seen it, the words are really long and complicated. They put "q" with no "u" by it.

This should be higher on the list!
1. Arabic
2. Navajo
3. Welsh
4. Cantonese
5. Hindi
6. Scottish Gaelic
7. Hungarian
8. Khmer
9. Thai
10. Mandarin
An oppressed language that managed to survive the down-treading and brutal English rule until Owain Glyndwr proved his worth on the battlefield... And now an ancient Celtic language spoken by caltic barbarians lingers in the teeth and lips of the ancient and weary welsh folk.





Difficult to pronounce... But makes miracles in literature...





My ancestors are from here... just thought I might add it


Why it's in 56?
It would be in 0-20!
Turkish peoples canr speak other languages onlt their language

Farsi is a really cool language. When I hear Persian songs and their nice poems I feel so good even if I don't know the meanings I love the way the poems giggle me!

It's a nice sounding language and has an interesting yet hard grammar


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