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Luxray is a total badass. Just look at it. And it has awesome stats too!

This thing is so cool looking and is so bad ass

LUXRAY is the best, my fave pokemon

Hah! Jolteon is much cooler - JolteonIsAwesome

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Are you guys mad or half asleep. Haxorus and garchomp not in top 10. And you kept gliscor in 7th position. I wanted to vote for charizard but not finding these 2 in top 10 I had to vote for haxorus

, I don't get how this is not on the list. Cool, it's just COOL!

I don't have to say just look at him

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He's such a rogue with the blue fur rather than the boring and expected red or orange. The yellow under belly compliments the blue for so respectively. Is ability to turn it's for mane on and off is maybe it's cooler feature. #1 in my opinion - Tarzan

This guy was my starter since my parents accidentally got crystal instead of red version. His stats are on par with the OG fire starter charizard, and he learns eruption now, and he's got the speed to use it.

Best and coolest Pokemon of all time

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I think he looks really cool and angry

46UmbreonV2 Comments
47PangoroV1 Comment
48GardevoirV1 Comment

Obviously this scarecrow cactus pokemon is stylish creepy and well designed - Charlespry

50GoodraGoodra is a fictional creature in the Pokemon franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Goodra is a Dragon type Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Sliggoo and the final evolved form of Goomy. Classified as the Dragon Pokemon, Goodra is a very slimy, yet affectionate Pokemon, and likes to hug its trainers, more.V1 Comment

My favorite of Giratina-Dialga-Palkia trio! Just BADASS

He is a dragon of time in steel armor holy nuts he rocks

Steel body and it looks like a blue horse dragon

Giratina is way better

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52AegislashAegislash is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Steel/Ghost Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Doublade, and the final evolve form of Honedge. Classified as the Royal Sword Pokemon, it is said to detect innate qualities of leadership. According to legend, anyone more.

I thought this was going to be number one. Just, look at it, it is called the blade Pokemon. If that is not cool, I don't know what is.

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A Mongoose with claws that it uses to cut up anything in its way, with red bloodied battle scars, no wonder this thing ruled in generation 3

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