Top Ten Coolest Names in Baseball History


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1Coco Crisp

I mentioned the name Coco Crisp in an e mail, and my younger cousin was reading over my shoulder and asked, " Is that a kind of cereal sponsoring something? Or is that the name of the guy who created coco puffs? " I laughed hysterically, and explained it was a baseball player's name and she replied, " Who names their son CoCo? "

2Babe Ruth
3Billy Beane
4Ty Cobb
5Bucky Dent
6Chipper Jones

Chip Chipper Jones greatest name EVER

7Carlton Fisk
8Pie TraynorV1 Comment
9Rusty Kuntz

I have a Rusty Kuntz Rookie, and autograph.

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10Boone Logan

The Contenders

11Willy Mays
12Boof Bonser

Cmon, boof? How can u vote against boof?greatest name ever

13Catfish Hunter
14Nap Lajoie
15Jarrod Saltalamacchia
16R.A. Dickey
17Rickey Henderson
18Carl Yastrzemski
19Kazuo Matsui
20Yasiel Puig
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