Coolest TV Series for Teenage Girls

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1H2O: Just Add Water

LOVE this show! Strong storylines, brilliant animation, and surprisingly rich "mature" humor. Much better than one would expect for a show made to promote Bratz dolls!

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3Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
4Sabrina: The Animated Series
5Alien Surf Girls

Love this show alien surf girls especially Madison. Her character is awesome and her surfing is too. I think it sad her boyfriend drops her for Zoey the alien

6Zoey 101

Are you kidding me?!? All these other shows are for 9 yr olds. Degrassi is the only one that makes sense - mrpotatoheadchernobylstyle

9Hannah Montana
10Austin & Ally

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11Liv and Maddie
12JessieV1 Comment
13Dog With a BlogV1 Comment
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