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Philippines is so corrupt' the other good officials in the latter cannot do what they supposed to do because they were afraid to the other corrupt, bad, demons and money face officials of this government!

I hope the time will come that good people will dominate the politics of the Philippines in order to help the residents of this country to have a better life and education and also the shelter to dwell in.

Many people didn't have jobs because they were not able to finish their studies. Because of this problem many Filipino in the other country or the (OFW) Overseas Filipino Workers work so hard in order to sustain the needs of their families but the sad is, they actually bullied by the other country men because of the status of their life and work.

Thank You!

All of the politicians here in the Philippines are good in corruption they just prioritized their personal interest to the money of their people before they serve, lots of infrastructures are under construction for 30 years...

Corruption in politics has been the top major problem as to why the philippines economy and problems (poor people, no jobs, health, etc) seems to slowly or never be solutioned. The politics in the philippines are run by corrupt family dynasty that has forever been running the country. Besides the corrupt politicians the people also has no self discipline whatsoever thus adding to the fuel of corruption in the country. I just really hope since of The Presidents election of Pres. Aquino who gradually open and dig all of the corruption of the country to the citizens eyes that all of the people will realize and take action against such heinous crime.

ONE MORE THING: WHOEVER SAID WE shouldn't HAVE LAWS; If we didn't have laws, we wouldn't be on this list. You know why? Because we wouldn't last a year without a SINGLE law, Sherlock. Ever heard of "Anarchy"? Go search it up. It's what would happen if we didn't have laws.

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Indonesia is one of the most corrupt country in the world today. Which is the third most corrupt country in the world. Who can beat us? Laugh out loud '
I love how we can act so stupid together, and not care what anyone thinks! Shame on you.

It's not just the government, it's the security and most of the local mentality bribe and get half of what you asked for, add more and get almost 90% of the job done. Government who are being asked to do something good for the public, would always ask you back: "what's in it for me? ". This country has been sneaky about corruption and no local has really spoken about the issue until recently where it's getting worst- as they are used to the system being the way it is.

Example: 12 year old rides a motorbike without a lisence or a helmet- police comes not to lecture about the dangers of not having a helmet etc, they wait and raid until they get "uang rokok" ("coffee/ cigar/ pocket money"). This is normal or usual for islands in Indonesia such as Bali (most touristic island in the country).

Indonesia have really good law my ass! Good government system my ass! Good leader and gov officials my ass! Actually they are just BS all the way from top to bottom

The king of corruptor - Wahyudi

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I was quiet shocked when I knew that Malaysia is among the Top 5 most corrupted country in Asia. But when I think twice, it's quite true. People are getting more poor and sick especially those at the lower-class. Even you have a excellent college degree & years of valuable experiences, the government will just give you poor salary. Therefore, most young Malaysians will just choose to go overseas because salary offered is much higher. Just to give you a example (A waiter in US will earns RM24 per hour / RM70,000 per year BUT a waiter in Malaysia earns RM3 per hour / RM9,000 per year) THINK ABOUT THAT! So if Malaysia government really want to avoid more 'brain drain' to happens, start giving us higher salary & TAKE ACTION!

Rich are getting richer, middle class remain the same and the poor remains hardcore poor

Media in malaysia less free and equal confined kingdom... So corruption is still yet to be seen with visible

Because to many bribe and abuse of power, and corrupt

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Indian Government can't do anything for its people.

All money goes to politicians. A country of mukesh ambani and slumdogs

Yeah! India deserve it after all this country is the mother of politics!

We need to say no corruption.

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As a Chinese who have been 3 generations living outside China, I will never forgive the communist government for destroying the Chinese reputation moral value. China was once prosperous nation with high living standards, healthy social culture, and capable of inventing things that people use around the world. Those days are gone and any Chinese in People's Republic of China are suffering moral decline due to censorship and the other stuffs the governments did. Many Chinese who are living in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines hate it when people think they came from the People's Republic of China, simply because they don't feel like they're the Chinese from mainland China.

Poor people. Projects a good international image where in fact its reputation and credibility is far worse than any Asian countries. All it cares is money. It's very greedy to the point that it will destroy the mother earth and sell poisonous foods just to get money. Corrupt and humanity is not in its vocabulary.

The land of fake and inferiorly made products. Mainland Chinese think they are better than everybody else, but when they go to other countries they are exposed as nothing more than semi-uncivilized barbarians.

I wish there was no corruption in the world. Then China would be much better as a country. In real communism, everyone is equal, and everyone does a part.

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In The Asia O. O? Whatever the title it is mispelled..
Syria is the most corrupted country in asia.. Everyday almost like 50~60 people dies due to the wars their between 2 armies... I don, t know why people should die there :'( even they aren, t guilty.. They die because of mistakes by governments.. - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof


It's ridiculous appearing on the 10th place as it deserves to be the first...!

Most corrupt country in Asia cannot be the last

10North Korea

No one gets in or out of North Korea. The people have no contact with the outside world, and they have some very harsh prison camps. The nuclear missile program definitely says something about the conditions there. - Qazsound

North Korea is the number one corrupt in Asia why since the birth of the child they corrupt their minds brain wash every citizen.

This list is weird, North Korea should be number 1. Uzbekistan should be number 2 and then Turkmenistan should be number 3.

Surprised it's not number one...

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PAKISTAN is my dear home land I love my country and I can only pray for the progress and prosperity to my
Country because there are all corrupt leaders who doesn't care anyone else they just only want money and nothing else but in. The they have. To go in their graves than what will they doo?

Pakistan is very beautiful country and very nice people.

Homeland Of Terrorism, They Hide Big Terrorists Like Osama Bin laden... Enough Said

Most corrupt country in south Asia

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Pay as you go system! From the lowest form of Government up the top, every one have to pad the paper works with cash (prefer brand new U.S. currencies).


Corruption is high in thailand, bad press is not welcome. Here you can pay your way out for everything

I am from Thailand but I think corruption is very high by the government.

2001-2014 bad times for us...

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18Sri Lanka

Most of the politicions in the ruling party are ruthless, uneducated, dictator like, stealing money, and so on and so forth. Country is in debt for China. We, the people of this country are paying for all that as taxes.

Earlier comment is right. Most politicians are corrupt and top leaders have stolen half the countries wealth. Nobody wants these people punished.


Corruption is in the air. Police, politicians, prime minister every single person in this country is corrupted. Rich people doesn't pay taxes, most of the people are in poverty, sometime Bangladesh behaves like Korea... I was there for 6 yrs and it was like hell on earth...

Our corruption in destroying our potentiality & specially our leaders always allow thingsSometime I feel very ashamed of my country & think why I am a citizen of this country a small & poor country

They only want money


Lived in Kuwait for 4 years and this country is the most corrupt country in Asia if not the world

I don't think so. Although I know nothing hahaa

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